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(File A56-7W briefing)

A street in Paris

(bells tolling)

The Dove: We could have survived for a week on a square of chocolate as rich as those, Colonel. What? You remember Dachau, don't you, Kruger?

Kruger: My name is Hans Dauber.

The Dove: Keep your hands by your sides. I intend to return you to Israel for trial. But if I must, I will kill you here and now.

Kruger: You are making a terrible mistake.

The Dove: If so, I will apologize. And the State of Israel will buy you a new bag of chocolate.

Kruger: Who are you?

The Dove: Lebow. Harry Lebow. But perhaps you know me better as The Dove.


The Dove: Uh....

On board Airwolf

Hawke: Check oxygen and pressurization.

Dominic: We're at 4,000 feet. What have you got against regular air?

Hawke: We're goin' up.

Dominic: Oh, how far?

Hawke: We'll find out.

Dominic: Oh--oh. Oxygen and pressure, okay.

Dominic: Goin' up. 10, 15, 20, 25. We're at 30,000 already.

Hawke: I need full power.

Dominic: Turbos. 50,000. 55, 60.

Hawke: Am I at full power?

Dominic: 103%

Dominic: 80. 84,000. Hey, look, it's night time out.

Hawke: I need full turbo power.

Dominic: This thing's almost a spaceship. She wasn't built to be a spaceship. We're gonna flounder. 86,000. 84,000, 80, 75.

Hawke: We gotta get back down to some thicker air.

(alarm buzzing)

Dominic: This cockpit is lit up like Broadway.

Hawke: Call out when we get to 40,000.

Dominic: Why?

Hawke: We use the turbos again then.

Dominic: Is that the only way to get back control?

Hawke: Yep, it's the only way.

Dominic: Coming down. 50, 48, 45. Coming in on 40. 40,000.

Hawke: Turbos.

Dominic: Turbos.

Dominic: 30. 20. 10. We're going in, String. 5, 4, 3, 2....

Hawke: Re-engage rotors.

Dominic: Re-engage rotors.

Dominic: Now would you like to tell me why we did that?

Hawke: I just wanted to see if it could be done.

In the Wolf's Lair

Dominic: Yeah, you're a beauty. You hit the heights today, didn't you, sweetheart, huh? (laughs) Yeah.

Hawke: Hey, quiet.

Dominic: What is it?

Hawke: Somebody's here.

Sarah: Your senses [guns cocking] are even more acute than they're reported to be, Mr. Hawke.

Hawke: So is my aim. Step into the light.

Sarah: Of course.

Sarah: Just please remember, we are in the Valley of the Gods, not the Valley of Death. I'm alone. I'm not armed, and I'm really not very dangerous.

Hawke: Search her.

Sarah: Fine.

Dominic: Uh, well, uh

Sarah: Where would you like to begin, Mr. Santini? Well, uh Yes?

Dominic: Uh, come on.

Hawke: Who are you?

Sarah: I'm Sarah Lebow.

Hawke: How did you get here?

Sarah: I flew in like a dove.

Dominic: Well, what is it you want?

Sarah: I want justice.

Dominic: Whose?

Sarah: The Bible's. (gasps)

Hawke: Excuse me, my hands are cold.

Hawke: I've never been big on meting out biblical justice.

Sarah: That's all right. The State of Israel will do that for you. But I need you, and your machine here, to bring a sadistic killer to trial. Oh, and you, too, of course, Mr. Santini, I.... I'd be most happy if you would also come along.

Dominic: Oh, thank you. And just where is it that you are welcoming me to go along to?

Sarah: To Paraguay. That's where Helmut Kruger is hiding.

Hawke: Never heard of him.

Sarah: Perhaps the name Hans Dauber?

Dominic: Yeah, I heard of him. He supplies half the Third World with arms.

Sarah: Yes, but he is also Col. Helmut Kruger who ran an extermination squad at Dachau.

Hawke: Whoever he is, kidnapping a man from a neutral country is not my normal line of business.

Sarah:It was my father's line of business until Helmut Kruger killed him.

Hawke: Sorry.

Sarah: That's all right. I'm not here for your sympathy.

Dominic: Excuse me, but, why us? I mean, there are hundreds of bounty hunters out there you could use.

Sarah: Look, Kruger literally lives in a fortress. He is well-armed, he is well-protected, and the government does nothing. I need Airwolf. I need Airwolf to get me in there and to bring him out.

Hawke:How do you even know about it? I guess I am my father's daughter. I've been his researcher ever since he discovered that I could type. Together we brought-- we brought 23 Nazi war criminals to trial.

Hawke: And how many of them did you personally capture?

Sarah: None.

Hawke: That's what I thought. Come on, we will go get Airwolf another lair.

Sarah: No, please wait.Look, I found Airwolf. Perhaps I can help you find your brother, St. John.

Hawke's cabin

Archangel: Codenamed The Dove. I liked him.

Marella: He was, uh, killed in Paris three months ago.

Hawke: What killed him?

Archangel: A six-inch blade and a lifestyle.

Marella: He was very charming, very effective, unlike some creatures I know.

Hawke: So, you knew Lebow, too, huh?

Marella: Everybody in the business knew him.

Hawke: I never heard of him.

Marella: Well, that's because you're not really in the business.

Hawke: So you call flying Airwolf for the Firm not in the business.

Archangel: Of course, you're very effective in the field. I'd trust you with anything, once the action starts.

Hawke: I don't need a testimonial.

Archangel: You know me. I always start out nice.

Hawke: So, what's your point?

Archangel: You're unbending, Hawke, unswerving. You think there's a right and wrong, and that the right should always win. Not so. There's gray and beige. There's a lot of almost and compromise, political maneuvering and intrigue. The people who do that are in the business.

Hawke: You still haven't made your point.

Archangel: Forget about helping Sarah Lebow. Let this Kruger thing go.

Hawke: She knows where Airwolf is. Doesn't that concern you?

Marella: We'll arrange a new hiding place for Airwolf.

Hawke: Then you'll know where Airwolf is.

Marella: Yes.

Hawke: No, thanks.

Archangel: Hawke, I don't want you to go after Kruger.

Hawke: Why?

Archangel: It could create difficulties.

Hawke: Are you tied in with him?

Archangel: Like I said, not everything is black-and-white.

Hawke: I go after Kruger, I go against you.

Archangel: Nothing personal.

Hawke: Yeah. Never is.

(door closes)

Kruger estate,Paraguay

Kruger: This wine is very good.

Minter: We're all ready, sir.

Kruger: Good. Gentlemen, if you glance into the courtyard here, you will see the latest American surface-to-air missile system. Codename: Thor. It is unique, in that its four simuItaneously fired missiles have both heat-seeking as well as radar-targeting systems. Two missiles cover the higher aItitude and two the lower. And the penetrating aircraft might be able to evade one, or two, or even three missiles, but, never four, which makes Thor the uItimate defense weapon at $10 million only a unit.

Buyer: I've heard such claims before. I'm not going to invest millions in claims.

Kruger: We're not expecting you to. I've prepared a demonstration.

Buyer: Ah, yes, a pleasant lunch, excellent wine, and now we watch as you blow up a radio-controlled drone.

Kruger: I would never insuIt your intelligence or your purchasing power with drones. (jet aircraft flies over)

MinteMarella: Prepare to fire the missiles. Three, two, one, fire.

Buyer: Are you trying to tell me there is a pilot in that plane?

Kruger: One of the very best of the West German Luftwaffe.

Buer; Why would a man do such a thing?

Kruger: Obviously, because he feels he can win against Thor. And if he can, I will give him $1 million.

Buyer: He's evaded the upper missiles.

Kruger: Now he's simply being forced into the track of the lower.

Buyer: He's evaded the third.

Kruger: Yes, but....


Kruger: Well, gentlemen, if you would care to start your bidding, Mr. Minter will be happy to record your offers.

Minter: Please, gentlemen, step right over this way.

Wolf's Lair

Sarah: Why so glum, Mr. Hawke?

Hawke: I'm just not big on carrying passengers.

Sarah: But, Mr. Hawke, I'm excellent company. I sing, I play the guitar. I can show you points of interest during the flight. Thank you.

Hawke: Such as?

Sarah: There are two munitions centers right here, in your own country. In Texas, to be exact. Now, the deed holders have American names but the real owner is Kruger.

Dominic: Yeah, I heard a TV commentator do about an hour on that guy. He's got quite an operation.

Sarah: He could create a war, and then supply both sides with weapons.

Hawke: So, is it Kruger you really want or the weapons he's storing?

Sarah: No, only Kruger.

Hawke: Why doesn't your government just send in a commando team to take him out?

Sarah: Because we cannot afford an international incident.

Hawke: You'll probably get blamed anyway.

Sarah: Finger-pointing, that's normal. All our flights are monitored. And they won't be able to prove anything.

Dominic: Hey, you've worked this out pretty well, but what if we fail?

Sarah: Well, if we fail, then no one will know, will they?

Dominic: (laughs) That's your answer?

Sarah: That's my answer. Well, I figured we might as well look on the bright side of things, eh?

Dominic: How come I don't like what you're doin', but I'm enjoying it?

Sarah: Because, very much like my father, you have a zest for laughter, Mr. Santini.

Dominic: (laughs)

Hawke's cabin

Marella: Tet's still here.

Archangel: Doesn't mean anything. Hawke leaves him alone for weeks at a time.

Marella: Oh, who feeds him? He feeds himseIf.

Archangel: He's gonna do it, isn't he?

Marella: I'm afraid so.

Archangel: Damn it. Kruger is sitting on one of the most sophisticated weapons systems in the world. And Hawke is gonna go up against it.

Marella: We could warn him.

Archangel: No, we can't.

Marella: Maybe just a little?

On board Airwolf

Sarah: This is the most amazing flight I've ever been on. A squadron of these could rule the Middle East.

Well, she's one of a kind.

Sarah: I know. That's why we're here together.

Hawke: How's our course?

Dominic: Still south. We'll be off the coast of Baja, Mexico, in about, uh, 20 minutes.

Hawke: We'll fly low till we turn inland for that fuel pickup.


Dominic: Aha, $100, I know who that is.

Hawke: No bet.

Hawke: Morning, Michael. How's the fishing?

(Archangel and Marella speak from Hawke's cabin) Archangel: I advised you to stay clear of this thing. You headed for Paraguay?

Hawke: I'll listen, you talk.

Archangel: It's not too late to turn back and let me handle this thing.

Hawke: How?

Archangel: It's on a need-to-know basis.

Marella: (whispering) I can't run a finder beam on a one-word response.

Archangel: You're forcing my hand. I don't wanna line up against you. I think you know that.

Hawke: Yeah.

Archangel: Then turn back. There's too much involved. You're headed into an international incident that I won't be able to help you with.

Hawke: Well, maybe if you would filled me in.

Archangel: You have no need to know.

Hawke: Take care, Michael.

Archangel: You, too.

Marella: This is Priority One. We need an F-15 immediately and a series of mid-air refuels.

On board Airwolf

Sarah: I want to thank you.

Hawke: For what? I haven't done anything yet.

Sarah: But you kept your word.

Hawke: I expect you will.

Sarah: Umm-hmm. Do you know anything about my family, I mean, other than what Archangel told you?

Hawke: Not much. I don't wanna know any more than I do.

Sarah: Why? Are you afraid that someday you might weep at my funeral?

Hawke: No, I wasn't planning on it.

Sarah: Well, are you planning on smiling anytime in the near future? Because if so, I'll have any medical attention you should need (Dominic laughing) in case your skin should crack, or your ears should fall off.

(Hawke laughs)

Dominic: Uh, excuse me, was that static or, uh, should I get the bandages ready?

Sarah: He laughed, Dominic. His lips moved and, yes, I even saw some teeth. Oh, and Dominic, I believe that he has a dimple.

(Sarah and Dominic laughing)

Hawke: You're sitting in the ejection seat. Don't tempt me.

Dominic: Don't let him bluff you, Sarah.

Hawke: You haven't got any intention at all of letting me have any peace, do you?

Sarah: Absolutely not.

Kruger estate

Minter: This El Salvador group wants to know if we'll accept English pounds instead of US currency.

Kruger: Discount it at 10% below the lowest money exchange quotes.

Minter: I already told them 15%. We're negotiating right now at the 12% level.

Kruger: Then you can have half of everything above 12%. A bonus.

Minter: Right this way, gentlemen. As I was telling you, this compound goes back to 1879, originally constructed by the Paloma family, when they immigrated from Spain. This, at one time, was the wine cellar, but as you see, it's been converted to an ordnance supply facility.

Kruger: Do you know what you are seeing here?

B/ Your stockpile.

Kruger: Not quite a stockpile. The ability to determine the future of the world.

B/ Colonel, your ego is amazing. Certainly, you have an extensive arsenal here, one of the largest and the most sophisticated I've ever seen, (laughing) but you cannot compete with the major powers of the world.

Kruger: I don't compete with them. They compete with each other. I'm a middleman, an arranger. They develop, I sell, and collect a percentage.

B/ I still do not see your point.

Kruger: What if I did not sell this defense system to you? What if I sold it to your cousins on your eastern borders instead?

B/ (words in Arabic)

Kruger: You see, I determine which side gains the advantage, which side wins. Look at what six Exocet missiles nearly did to the British Navy in the Falklands.If I had sold Argentina a dozen (laughs)

On board Airwolf

Hawke: How close are we, Dom?

Dominic: Less than 10 miles.

Hawke: Let's go in for a low-level scan.

Sarah: How much can you spot with your scanners?

Hawke: Uh, weapons, personnel, general building locations. Start the scan, forward area, left to right.

Dominic: Got it. We're approaching some buildings. Hey! Our beams are coming back scrambled.

Hawke: Nobody knows our frequencies, except.... I'm going in for a closer look.

Dominic: You want the searchlights?

Hawke: When I call for them.

Hawke: Now.

Sarah: That's Kruger.

Hawke: And Archangel.

(flare gun)

Dominic: Flare.


Sarah: Go back.

Hawke: I can't. I'm not fighting.

Sarah: But he's fighting you.

Hawke: Dom, give me turbos.

Dominic: Turbos.

Hawke: Check to see if we're being radar scanned.

Dominic: Checking.

Sarah: Hawke, we could have got him.

Hawke: I can't shoot Archangel.

Sarah: I could have.

Airwolf on the ground

Sarah: This is insanity. You are giving Kruger time to prepare. We should be attacking that fortress instead of staying here sipping tea.

Dominic: Uh, coffee.

Sarah: Whatever.

Hawke: I thought you wanted Kruger to stand trial for his crimes.

Sarah: You know I do.

Hawke: Well, going in with AirwoIf's guns blazing is not the way to accomplish that.

Sarah: It's not getting Kruger out of here into Israel alive that's troubling you, is it? It's going up against Archangel. What is it? What's this hold he has over you?

Hawke: I thought it was the other way around.

Sarah: Look, I know that AirwoIf belonged to the Firm before you took it. But whatever Archangel has going with Kruger is far more important than even AirwoIf, or he wouldn't have given Kruger our scanning frequencies. Look, we could have been blown out of the sky last night.

Hawke: Those weapons they fired at AirwoIf last night wouldn't penetrate it. Archangel knew that.

Sarah: Perhaps. But Archangel would kill you if he had to.

Hawke: So would you.

Dominic: Nobody's dead, and nobody has to die.

Sarah: You are naive, Dominic.

Dominic: Oh, no, I am not.

Sarah: Really? What? You have a plan?

Dominic: No. But I am sure the spotless wonder has.

Sarah: Obviously, to keep Kruger out of my hands.

Dominic: Oh, at one time maybe, but not now.

Dominic: See, Archangel knows that String is here. He also knows that our boy doesn't give up once he sets his mind onto something.

Sarah: Well, then what do we do?

Dominic: Exactly what we have been doing. Wait for Archangel to call.

Sarah: Why didn't you tell me?

Hawke: You didn't ask.

Kruger's estate

Kruger: You could have warned me about that helicopter.

Archangel: I gave you their scanning frequencies.

Kruger: You didn't tell me that it was as fast as a jet and armor-plated.

Archangel: Must have slipped my mind.

Kruger: Don't you get smart with me.

Archangel: Nor you with me. AirwoIf is important to the Firm. I won't have it shot down.

Kruger: And me?

Archangel: You are important, too.

Kruger: You seem to have forgotten that.

Archangel: If I had, you would be on AirwoIf right now on your way to Israel.

Kruger: I could kill you.

Archangel: Of course. But then, where would you get Thor missiles to sell?

Kruger: You are not the only supplier of missiles in the world, Archangel.

Archangel: No, but I am the only one who can supply you with systems as sophisticated as Thor.

Kruger: What do you propose?

Archangel: I'll need a vehicle.

Kruger: To do what?

Archangel: Rendezvous with AirwoIf. Call them off.

Kruger: Very well. But if you can't, I shall have to seek them out and destroy it.

Archangel: Give me 24 hours.

Kruger: Not one minute more, hmm?

Minter: He looks disturbed.

Kruger: He has good reason to be. He is trying to call off that helicopter.

Minter: Can he do that?

Kruger: I don't know. But it doesn't matter. I will use him to lead our air force friends to it. Have a beacon installed in his jeep, and be sure that it's on a frequency that the helicopter can't detect.

Minter: Yes, sir.

Kruger: And, Minter, hold back a Thor unit on tomorrow's shipment.

Minter: That's a loss of $10 million, Colonel. Three of it, pure profit.

Kruger: My dear friend, money is useless if you are dead.

Minter: Yes, sir.

At Airwolf

(Archangel calls Airwolf on the radio) Archangel: Hawke, give me a location. It's time for us to have a face-to-face. Hawke, do you read me? Hawke? Do you read me? [whirring]

(Airwolf pops up)

Hawke: See anything?

Dominic: Nothing for 10 clicks. He's alone, String.

Hawke: You stay on the scope.

Dominic: I'm not going anywhere.

Sarah: Well, I have not seen you since I was a little girl.

Archangel: A very beautiful little girl. I was sorry to hear about your father.

Sarah: Thank you. The wars have not been gentle with you.

Archangel: I can do the last haIf of my life on one eye.

Sarah: (laughs) The eye patch is most charming, after all, it is almost a national symbol in my country. But the cane, the cane makes you look as if you are asking for sympathy.

Archangel: Hmm.

Sarah: [Sarah laughing] You are as stubborn as Hawke.

Archangel: Go home, Sarah, and take Sir Galahad here with you.

Sarah: Kruger killed my father. I am not going back to Israel without him.

Sarah: You said he would come with a plan.

Hawke: He did. Didn't you, Michael?

Archangel: The only plan I have, you all are ruining.

Sarah: What is more important than bringing a butcher like Kruger to justice?

Archangel: Saving lives, many lives. Most of them in your country.

Dominic: (on speaker) We got company, coming in fast from the north.

Archangel: I knew I couldn't trust that Nazi.

Hawke: You keep her here.

Sarah: Wait!

Dominic: I got a pair of Phantoms, twenty miles out and closing fast.

Hawke: What's their armament?

Dominic: Sparrows. I sure hate going against American-buiIt planes and missiles.

Hawke: Well, that might be just what saves us.

(Airwolf lifts off)

On board Airwolf, in the air

Dominic: They're on the deck and coming fast.

Hawke: Check the frequency our Sparrows are set to and jam them.

Dominic: Yeah, but what if theirs are set on a different frequency?

Hawke: Then we're in trouble.

Dominic: They've launched their missiles. Jamming, I hope. They are still closing.

Hawke: Vary the frequency slightly.

Dominic: Hey, String, I think these missiles are locked on each other.

(Missiles explode)

(Airwolf fires a missile. Phantom explodes.)

(Airwolf fires a second missile. Second Phantom explodes.)

Dominic: It's funny. If those missiles hadn't been American, we'd have had it. Nice goin', String.

Hawke: Yep.

Kruger estate

Kruger: So, he destroyed the interceptors, huh?

Minter: Yes, sir.

Kruger: Incredible. I wonder what Archangel would want for such a weapon, hmm?

Minter: Archangel, he is obviously running with them now.

Kruger: Yes, you're quite right. I could never trust him.

Minter: That helicopter, it will come back now, won't it?

Kruger: I certainly hope so. Even in little pieces I could find something of value.

At Airwolf on the ground

Archangel: You can't go zooming into a foreign country and attack the residence of one of their nationals, no matter who he is.

Hawke: Unless, I'm on a mission for the Firm.

Archangel: Damn it, Hawke, there are innocent people in there.

Sarah: In the middle of a munitions bunker?

Archangel: You will all be killed.

Dominic: Ah, he cares.

Hawke: What's gonna kill us, Michael?

Archangel: Kruger has Thor missiles.

Dominic: Why, that's the hottest air-missile system in the US arsenal.

Sarah: The government doesn't even allow its allies to have them. How could Kruger get a hold of such weapons?

Hawke: Michael arranged it. Didn't you, Michael?

Archangel: Yeah, sort of. You put a weapon system like that in the hands of a man like Kruger?

Sarah: Who are his buyers?

Archangel: Iranians.

Hawke: I don't think he deserved that.

Sarah: He deserves to be shot.

Hawke: I've got an idea he deserves a medal for ingenuity. If they didn't buy from Kruger, they'd have to buy from the Russians. And Russian missiles would be a whole lot harder to defend against.

Sarah: I don't understand. There is no defense against a Thor system.

Dominic: There is, if you know its operating frequencies.

Archangel: Thor operates on randomly selected, constantly changing frequencies. There's no way on earth to jam them.

Hawke: So, you built in a seIf-destruct system.

Archangel: Since you've figured it out, there's no loss in telling. It's an integral part of the guidance system. All an American or Israeli plane has to do is punch a button on a little black box.

Dominic: (laughs) You put the hottest missile system in the world into the hands of people who can't use them.

Archangel: They won't know that until it's too late.

Dominic: Ah, I've gotta hand it to you, Mike. Now that's brilliant.

Archangel: Thank you.

Sarah: So, we can go in after Kruger. He cannot stop us.

Archangel: He'd be a fool if he didn't hold back at least one Thor unit to defend himseIf against you.

Dominic: So what? All you have to do is push the button on that little black box.

Archangel: Which we don't have.

Hawke: We just might not need it.

Kruger estate

Minter: The money has been transferred to your Swiss account, $100 million.

Kruger: That's very good.

Minter: Colonel, you told me yourseIf, money is no good if you're dead. Please. Let's leave now. Let's get out of here before the helicopter comes back.

Kruger: Aren't you in the least bit curious how he defends himseIf against the indefensible?

Minter: No.

Kruger: You are a coward?

Minter: Yes.

Kruger: At least you are honest. I like that quality about you.

Minter: Well, then you will let me go? No.

(Kruger plays the piano)

At Airwolf

Sarah: Look, I have to go in after Kruger.

Hawke: Archangel will do that.

Sarah: Kruger didn't kill Archangel's father. He killed mine.

Hawke: I thought you wanted him to stand trial.

Sarah: I do.

Hawke: You want revenge. You want to kill him face-to-face.

Sarah: How would you know?

Hawke: Because I've been there. I've done it. I wouldn't want you to live with that or die trying.

Sarah: I'm not going to die.

Hawke: Don't ever say that. And don't promise what you can't keep.

Sarah: What woman did?

Hawke: All of them.

Kruger estate

Kruger: He's coming.

Archangel's jeep

Archangel: We're a little ahead of schedule.

Sarah: Well, do you intend to park here and take up sunbathing?

Archangel: Yes. For about three minutes.

Sarah: You're beginning to sound like Hawke.

Archangel: (laughs) No one has ever accused me of that before. I am not sure whether that's a curse or a compliment.

Sarah: I don't know either. I'll have to think about that.

Archangel: No, don't. You'd only be wasting more of your time and you've already wasted the most wonderful part of your life.

Sarah: What about my father? Did he waste his life, too? He had his cause. He had his purpose.

Archangel: Yes, he did. But things occurred that gave him no choice. Hawke has no choice, either.

Sarah: Until he finds his brother. Then, uh, it's all over.

Archangel: Maybe. You are not going any further. This is where you get out.

Sarah: Sure.

Archangel: You're not going.

[Sarah takes out a gun]

Archangel: Isn't that a bit ridiculous? You're not going to shoot me.

[Sarah takes aim and fires]

Archangel: Ow! You shot me!

Sarah: I just nicked you.

[Archangel feels his ear. Surprise, surprise, it's bleeding.]

Sarah: But if you don't hand over those keys, I' ll nick something more vital.

Archangel: You actually shot me!

Sarah: The keys, please.

[Archangel moves forward]

Sarah: From right there. Thank you.

[Sarah drives off]

Kruger estate

Kruger: He makes it too easy. Fire at will.

Minter: Fire the missiles!

Dominic: Here they come, all four at once. 20,000.

Hawke: Give me two Sun Bursts.

(two missiles explode)

Minter: He's got two down.

Kruger: But the two most deadly to go.

Dominic: We got a pair on our tail closing fast.

(Airwolf launches missile. Thor missile explodes.)

Dominic: You got them.

Hawke: I got one.

Minter: There's only one left!

Kruger: But there is no way to escape it.

Dominic: We got 10 seconds, String. Seven seconds. Five seconds. Two.

(Airwolf fires 3 rockets)

(Last Thor missile hits the ground)

Sarah: Kruger!

Sarah: (In Hebrew) Aiyn tahat aiyn (an eye for an eye), Kruger.

Hawke: (to himself) Don't do it, Sarah. Don't do it.

(Sarah fires)

Sarah: If it doesn't heal by the trial, you can tell everyone it was a dueling scar.

Hawke's cabin

Marella: If you keep this up, sir, the Firm's gonna have to clone parts of you.

Archangel: You like your job, Marella?

Dominic: Oh, I--I still can't figure out how it happened. I mean, by the time you got to the fortress the shooting had stopped.

Archangel: Well, uh, you see it was like this. We were, I, uh--

Sarah: Well, Dominic, it--it was my fauIt. You see, he asked me to get out and I wouldn't go and, uh, it gave a sniper enough time to get a shot at us.

Marella: A sniper? I could have sworn these are powder burns.

Archangel: Would anybody like another drink?

Dominic: Hey, for once, you're talking my language.

Marella: Thank you.

Sarah: Hello, boy.

Hawke: You shot his ear?

Sarah: He just wouldn't take me seriously.

(Hawke and Sarah laugh)

Archangel: What's so funny?

(all laugh)