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Plot synopsis

Ex-U.S. General Sandower, an extremist, has established a launch pad and support facility at an abandoned desert mining complex. He plans to launch his own personal nuclear missile toward Moscow, with the help of a small private army and launch crew he has organized. As Sandower begins his brief countdown to lift-off, Hawke must use Airwolf to abort the start of World War III. Unfortunately, Hawke's sole aide is a fumbling drunk with a fear of flying. They roar toward the site in Airwolf, hoping desperately to destroy the missile before it gets too far away to be stopped.[1]

Episode summary

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Dom thinks that they do not use Airwolf enough, and asks Hawke if they can do regular maintenance flights. When they touch down at Santini Air, Everett says that he received a call from Angie's bar. Dom's friend Eddie is drunk again. Eddie is in the bar, and talking to himself about UFO's. Some other bar customers are looking at him, and he picks a fight with the. Hawke and Dom arrive and take him back to the caravan in the desert where he lives, and put him to bed, then leave. Late that night, Eddie is woken up by a strange sound, which turns out to be some kind of UFO outside the caravan. Even though he tries to hide and run away, the UFO shoots next to him and he I hit. He is taken to hospital and Dom takes him some magazines. Eddie tries to explain what he saw to Dominic, but his heart rate goes dangerously high and Dominic is escorted out.

At Santini Air, Dom is trying to persuade Hawke to check out the desert where Eddie said that he saw the thing. Hawke agrees to look over the desert but only as a favour to Dominic. They search the area around Eddie's cabin with Infra-red, thermal and standard cameras, and copy it onto a DVD. Heading back to the Lair, Dom agrees to talk to Eddie about the UFO's again ("Lecture number one hundred and eleven"). Dom arrives at Eddie's trailer at night time, and gives him the talk. Suddenly, they both hear a whoosing sound, and there is a UFO outside.

Story locations

Aircraft seen

  • Airwolf
  • Hughes 369D - belonging to General Sandower's private army
  • F-4 Phantom - seen during a flashback in Hawke's mind to the Vietnam war

Firearms seen

  • Ruger AC556K - used by some of General Sandower's troops. Hawke captures one and uses it during their escape.
  • M16 - used by some of General Sandower's troops. Dominic captures one and uses it during their escape. Also by US troops during flashback to Vietnam War.
  • M60 machine gun - mounted on a jeep belonging to General Sandower's private army.
  • M1911A1 - Hawke fires during one of his flashbacks to the Vietnam War.

Professional recognition

  • Emmy® Nomination: Outstanding Film Sound Editing for a Series - 1985
Barney Cabral, ADR Editor; Gene Corso, Sound Editor; Gene Gillette, Music Editor; Donlee Jorgensen, Sound Editor; Gary Mundheim, Sound Editor; John Newlan, Sound Editor; Michael D. Wilhoit, Supervising Sound Editor; Ascher Yates, Sound Editor [2]

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