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Airwolf over the ocean

Hawke: Are we on course.

Dominic: Which course? The one we bounced off a second ago? Or the one we're bouncing around on? Or the one we're about to slam into now!

Hawke: National weather, this is Special Survey 3. On a heading of 056 over Palo St. Martin. Hurricane Kim is unstable, winds 100 knots. [???] 340 at 8000. Do you read?

(radio) Special Survey 3, loud and clear. You guys come on in. We got the toddy's hot.

Hawke: A big thanks. We're a little late for a wet.

(radio) Hey you guys do a great job on these emergencies. How come we never see you?

Dominic: Cos we're too modest to accept. Out.


Santini Air

Caitlin: (on the phone) Mum, I said I'm coming. No I told you I'm coming alone. Mum, I'm sorry, there is no Mr. Right just yet. No, it's not daddy's fault for teaching me how to fly.

Caitlin: Mum, a lot of girls fly. Who? The flying nun, Wonder Woman, Peter Pan.

Caitlin: Okay I know Peter Pan was a boy but Sandy Duncan played him. I'll be there, all right.

Caitlin: Mum, I know I can have a baby with a helicopter. Okay? Good bye.

Hawke: Cait, the plane leaves in an hour.

Caitlin: You know what, I think its real unfair for me to walk out on my job for some personal event.

Hawke: Personal? Your sister's getting married.

Caitlin: Well whose fault is that?

Hawke: You check the Ranger, I'll get her dressed. Figuratively speaking.

Inside LAX terminal

Designer: I always see my own girls off to a fashion show. Regardless of where it is. After all they're my rags and I want them hung from my bones. Voila!

(announcement) Attention, all passengers on Transpacific Airlines Flight 322 for Portland [???] Seattle...

Johnson: What do you think, Ingrid, what does your crystal ball say?

Kendal: Oh, we're a small airline. But after you get finished telling those bankers in Dallas what for, we'll be a big airline.

Johnson: All we need is a hundred million.

Kendal: Edward, they say airports are a place where people say things because they are forced to say them quickly.

Johnson: Oh, yeah?

Kendal: And I....

Johnson: Huh?

Kendal: Well I....

Johnson: This a momentous occasion. Ingrid Kendal is at a loss for words.

Kendal: Well I um.... I just wanted to say I know you'll get the money. If anybody can.

Johnson: You're very good for me, Ingrid, I don't know what I'd do without you.

Kendal: You'll need to find out.

Caitlin: Will you stop shoving me!

Dominic: You'll miss your plane.

Caitlin: Wouldn't that be too bad.

Hawke: Caitlin, you're going to that wedding.

Dominic: Yeah.

Caitlin: I don't know why I have to go to Texas to be told what's wrong with me. I could stay at Santini Air.

(metal detector beeps)

Security officer: Empty your pockets please.

(beeps again)

(Transpacific Airlines Flight 188 to Honolulu, departing Gate 9.) Caitlin: Hey! You do and I'll bit.

Security officer: What are these things?

Hawke: Wedding presents. She's a Texan.

Caitlin: Oh come on guys, don't make me go.

Hawke: Ar, you'll love it.

Dominic: Sure, you just take care.

(Stewardess making announcement) Welcome everyone, we have good news for you. Our weather is improving. Please follow me.

Dominic: Okay here.

Caitlin: Thanks. Okay.

Dominic: Bye. Bye bye.

Caitlin: Excuse me.

Dominic: Bye bye.

Caitlin: Bye bye.

Flight 093 cabin

(Stewardess) First class? Straight around to the front. This way, please.

Mark (Soccer player): Not bad.

Caitlin: Um, excuse me.

Mark> Oh any time. What's your name?

Caitlin: Could you move?

Mark> What's the rush? We're both going to get there at the same time. My name's Mark.

Caitlin: Do you know karate?

Mark> What?

Caitlin: I get free samples. Thanks.

Caitlin: Oh, I'm sorry.

Mrs. Smith> That's all right, dear.

Caitlin: I'm here. Oh. See I'm going to my sister's wedding and I've got knick-knacks for just about everybody who has ever heard of me ever since I was born.

(Mrs. Smith laughs)

Stewardess: Is this your first flight, honey.

Hergos: Excuse me.

Stewardess: You're kind of last minute don't you think.

Hergos > I got to check the microwave for a leak. I just work here.

Stewardess: Your seat's right up this way, sweetheart.

(aircraft taxis)

Stewardess: Welcome to Flight 093 to Dallas. Your captain has requested that your seatbelts be fastened, and that all seat backs and trays be in an upright position prepared for take off. Please extinguish all smoking materials until the captain has turned off the no smoking sign.

Stewardess: Please watch the flight attendant at the front of your cabin as she points out the emergency exits which are located at the front and rear of the cabin areas.

Stewardess: If there is a sudden drop in cabin pressure, an oxygen mask will fall from the ceiling above your seat. Place the mask over your nose and mouth, bring the strap over your head and tighten it. Breathe normally.

Stewardess: Your life vest is located in a container under your seat. Place the vest over your head. Tighten by pulling the two straps as shown.

Stewardess: We hope you enjoy your flight to Dallas. We look forward to serving you.

(aircraft takes off)

Inside LAX terminal

Dominic: You know how break dancing came about? Huh? Some kid tried to steal hub caps off a moving car.


Dominic: But, that doesn't take away from you doing your taxes.

Hawke: Hah. Anyway they never even call me.

Dominic: String, we have the same accountant and he says you're going to go to jail if you don't file.

Hawke: A lot of people don't.

Dominic: And he's flying up special accountant just to save your neck.

Hawke: Special huh?

Dominic: Somebody good with puzzles

(Dominic laughs).

Flight 093 cabin

Caitlin: I expect to be a mother one day. I hope to be a good one. Do all mothers and daughters argue so much?

Mrs. Smith: Oh it's part of life, I guess.

Caitlin: I just don't know what upsets her. I mean I don't know what's wrong with me.

Mrs. Smith: You seem very nice.

Caitlin: See, she's always throwing my sister in my face. She says we're so different but I really don't see where. You see my sister went to school. And I went to school. My sister dated lots of guys but then so did I. My sister works for an insurance company and I'm working.

Mrs. Smith: Well I guess we're all the same. I didn't sleep till my own daughters were married. Just what is it you do, dear?

Caitlin: Oh, I'm a helicopter pilot.

Mrs. Smith: Oh!

Caitlin: Well I mean it's no big deal. I er fly movie stunts, do crop dusting, border hops, that kind of thing.

Mrs. Smith: Oh!

Hijacker: Let's go.

Stewardess: (announcement) There has been some concern about hurricane Kim but so far so good. The storm is exhausting itself out at sea. We expect a comfortable flight.

Hijacker: Okay, everybody, stay calm.

(cockpit crew) Hey what's going on?

Hawke's cabin

Laurie: I'm in accounting because it's a neat, organised profession. Direct, actually very uncomplicated. One and one always makes two.

Hawke: Why are you crossing that out.

Laurie: Dry cleaning your personal clothes is not a business deduction.

Hawke: He was a client. He er regurgitated on my pants when we hit an air pocket.

Laurie: Well, you clean your suits anyway.

Hawke: I wouldn't even wear suits if Dom didn't insist on it.

Laurie: All the rest of the time you fly in the nude? You must be very popular in some quarters.

Hawke: So what about these?

Laurie: Erm, I need the stubs. But you know, I really don't need them right now. I need a break. Could I have something to drink?

Hawke: Coffee, tea, juice?

Laurie: Vodka?

Hawke: Sorry you had to get stuck doing these taxes on such short notice.

Laurie: Well, Santini and my boss are friends. I saw you in the office one day, so I volunteered.

(helicopter approaching)

Hawke: Just tourists. They fly over. They'll be gone.

Laurie: Ah this is a lovely place.

Hawke: Thank you.

Laurie: Thanks. Kind of a hideaway?

(door opens)

Dominic: String! Hey String! Where are you? String?

Laurie: Hi.

Flight 093 cockpit

(blow torch welding sounds)

Hijacker: Go down to 700 feet. Take a heading of 190.

Captain: You know you're going to kill us all.

Hijacker: At 50 mil, it's one hell of a crap shoot.

(ATC on radio) Flight 093 your signal is weak....

Hijacker: Okay, take out the radio.

(breaking glass)


Controller: Flight 093 come in please. Flight 093 come in please. It's no use. He's off my scope.

Flight 093 cabin

Mrs. Smith: Oh my, aren't those waves large!

Caitlin: We're too low. Fasten your seat belts. Fasten your seat belts. Put it on!

Stewardess: Captain. Captain? Bobby, what's going on?

Hijacker: (on P.A.) Ladies and gentlemen, we'd like to announce this is a hijacking. Relax, enjoy your experience, and pray that your ransom is paid. For now, buckle up. We're about to land on the water. Okay everybody, just stay calm.

(plane ditches on the ocean. Water rushes in. Screams.)

Girl: Mummy, mummy.

Caitlin: It's all right. It's okay.

Stewardess: Take it easy.

Mrs. Smith: We're sinking.

Model> We're sinking!

(plane sinks. Hits the seabed)

At a harbor

(man on radio) Investigators in the Los Angeles area are looking into the strange disappearance and subsequent ransom demand of Flight 093 from LAX bound for Dallas, a plane carrying 156 passengers, among them the airline's president. Search operations are underway. Next, Barney Cabral on sports....

Hergos: They're down.

Joskins: We did it. Oh yeah!


Flight 093 cabin

Caitlin: It's going to be fine. It's all right. Help is coming.

Passenger> My daughter....

Caitlin: Everything's okay.

Caitlin: Hey, hey, hey, hey. You were going to give a hand out there.

Stewardess: I'm scared.

Caitlin: I'm scared. Now you can't be because that's not your job.

Stewardess: Okay.

Caitlin: Okay.

Stewardess: Everyone please. Please, don't panic. We are all right. You can be sure that rescue operations are already underway.

Johnson: She's right. This plane can maintain it's integrity indefinitely underwater.

Passenger (Peabody): What do you know?

Johnson: My name is Johnson, sir. I'm vice-president of this airline.

Peabody> We don't need lies!

Caitlin: Hey, we don't need a party pooper. Right?

Caitlin: Come on guys, do I have to sing we're all in this together?

Johnson: Thanks.

(background voice) Pain in my leg. I can't move.

Hergos' boat

(Sonar sounds)


Joskins: Here, we got it!

Flight 093 cabin

Passenger: This leg.... I can't.... It won't stop bleeding.

Caitlin: Can somebody help us?

Caitlin: Is there a doctor on board?

Stewardess: I'll get the first aid kit.

Caitlin: Hey you, come here, come here. You're elected. I need your thumb. Good, good, good, Right there.

Mark: Right there?

Caitlin: Yeah, you okay?

Mark: Yeah, I'm all right. Thanks.


Marks: I've got something I want you to hear.

(tape plays) We're not greedy men. One 747 and a hundred or so assorted American citizens, man, woman and child. Fifty million for the package. Prepare the money, any denominations, wait for our next call. Play it straight or they're dead.

Hawke: Tony, thanks for letting us in.

Marks: No problem. Guys just keep a low profile, all right?

ATC Representative: What really has us up a tree is that fact that even a downed plane can be spotted by satellite. This plane is gone. Vanished.

Dominic: How about an abandoned airstrip? Could it be camouflaged?

ATC Representative: There're just so many airstrips enroute large enough to handle a plane that size.

Kendal: Why are we talking? It has to be down somewhere by now. It could take days to raise the money. We better start.

Hawke: You are going to pay?

Kendal: What's our choice? You want to get cute now? And play FBI with a bunch of who knows what kind of lunatics?

Hawke: You pay. You'll probably never see those people again. Hey.

Kendal: You're right, of course.

Hawke: You know I have a friend on that plane too.

Kendal: We've been together 11 years. I fell in love with him the day we met. But I never told him. He was married, had children. When his wife died, I cried too. And I told myself, Ingrid, it's been a respectable amount of time. Now you'll tell him. But I never did.

Flight 093 cockpit

(cockpit crew) Hey don't blow that window, you'll drown us all!

Flight 093 cabin

(explosion heard. Screams.)

Peabody> We're filling up!

Stewardess: We won't fill up.

Johnson: No, no, no. We're pressurized.

Peabody> Well look at it. We're breaking apart.

Caitlin: Will you shut up!

On Hergos' boat

(hijackers surface. Shouts.) Hey we did it!

Hergos: There!

(cheers) (a Piper Cub aircraft approaches)

Hergos: Oh no.

Joskins: May be he'll go away, huh?

Hergos: Can't let it. Not when all the evidence against us is buried on the bottom.

(Hergos fires Redeye missile) (Piper Cub explodes) (Hijackers in the water cheer)

Hergos: Thanks.

(machine gun fire)

Hergos: Now nobody knows.


Marks: Just got some bad news.

Dominic: Oh?

Marks: The storm's swinging north. If it gets any closer, we'll have to call the search planes back in.

Dominic: Not a trace. Nothing to check out. Nobody even has a hunch. Where the devil could it be?

Marks> Come on, let's go.

Hawke: Listen. They may have to call off the search, but we don't.

Dominic: Hey, our baby doesn't mind a little rough weather. Not with Caitlin out there.

Flight 093 cabin

Caitlin: Oh hey, what the heck go ahead and eat up. Have a grand time. It's on the airline. No charge.

Peabody: We're all going to die here!

Caitlin: Coffee, tea? Chateaubriand for two?

Stewardess: What are you doing, sir, stop. No!

Peabody: If we heard a boat before we couldn't be that deep.

Caitlin: Hey, hey. It's okay. Everything's all right. Everything's going to be.... Everything's going to be fine.

Caitlin: Just give me that knife.


Caitlin: Okay?

Onboard Airwolf


Dominic: Nothing, String, not on our radar, and not on our infra-red.

Hawke: Are you getting any pictures?

Dominic: Plenty. Let's take her up.

Hawke: Turbos.

Dominic: Oops. Forget the turbos. Nature just lent us her elevator.

Dominic: Well, for whatever it will get us, it's a look no one else will ever get. Running cameras through weather over large areas with our kind of equipment.

Hawke: How's the weather ahead.

Dominic: Worse if anything. No let up.

(radio) Flight 093 this is Coast Guard weather patrol. All call in.

Dominic: There it is.

Hawke: Don't answer it.

Dominic: Ah you better ID.

Hawke: Coast Guard patrol, this is Ranger 276.

(radio) Ranger what?

Hawke: Helicopter.

(radio) The hell you say. We caught you doing 800 knots.

Hawke: We had a tailwind.

(radio) A tailwind?

Hawke: What's the problem?

(radio) The big storm is the worst. Can't make up its mind where it's going. Right now it is coming your way fast. You are ordered to call off the search for a while.

Dominic: Tailwind?

Hawke: Well, we've got a friend on board. Got to keep going.

(radio) You've been ordered to come in. We don't want to end up searching for two missing craft. What are you still doing out there?

(Hawke generates some electronic noise)

Hawke: Hello? Are you there? Can you read me?

On Hergos' boat

(radio) All attempts to locate the 747 have failed because of worsening weather conditions. The Coast Guard....

Hergos: I never demanded it, I swear. I just said get it.

Joskins: They just called off the search.

Hergos: They'll never find it anyway. This time tomorrow we're going to have more money than most countries and all the evidence against us is under 30 fathoms, forever.

Joskins: Cool.

Flight 093 cabin

Caitlin: And so he took a deep deep breath and he huffed and he puffed and he puffed and he huffed but he couldn't pull down the house made of stone.

Girl: Were you really a policeman?

Caitlin: I said I was didn't I? I was a policewoman. Ladies can be police.

Girl: Did they teach you how to knock down a man like that?

Caitlin: Only if you have to.

Girl: I have this brother who is mean to me.

Caitlin: Mmm. You wanna knock him down? (laugh) I bet you do.

(creaking sounds. Water starts leaking in.)

(background voices) Why are we moving? Look the water has come in.

Santini Air

Dominic: I'm looking and I'm looking and I can't see anything.

Hawke: You know? I know where they are. What's this?

Dominic: Oh my God!

Flight 093 cabin

Caitlin: Got another one over here.

Johnson: They are all alike. I'm afraid the plane has shifted its weight, popped some rivets, separated some places. Just enough.

Caitlin: Is there anyway to get out and fix?

Johnson: No.

Caitlin: How long until the plane fills up.

Johnson: Oh I'd say last a few more hours.

Caitlin: Hey, we're hanging in there.

Model> Can we help. Is there anything we can do?

Caitlin: Yes, smile, put on a happy face, sing a happy song, and if all else fails, put on a bikini.

Caitlin: You know this is getting downright boring?

Mark: At least there's good company.

Peabody: We're not getting out of here.

Caitlin: Hey, you wanna bet. Five against your ten. Now put up or shut up.

Caitlin: It's okay.


Hawke: The plane never put down along this route. It went off radar right here when it changed course.

Marks: Yes, right into the mountains. Here.

Hawke: That's what we thought at first. But they didn't go to the mountains.

Marks> Well the rest of it is just er just water.

Hawke: Right here, look at this photo. Something red.

Marks: Yeah, it's just shadows.

Dominic: That is the silhouette of an airplane.

Marks: You mean they went down at sea?

Marks: Well, it's all over then. T hey're all dead.

Dominic: Not so fast. That plane looks intact. If it is, there's no reason why those people wouldn't be alive.

Hawke: Got a break in the weather. We've got a chance. We're going to check it out.

Kendal: Please let it be.

Hawke: Yeah we'll er, we'll radio back.

Marks: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. You guys say you've got a plane that can see underwater? You mind if I tell that the press?

Dominic: No, no, just says its some special equipment we're testing for the military.

Marks: Special equipment.

Dominic: Yeah.

Marks: Right, right.

Marks: Coast Guard rescue.

On Hergos' boat

Hergos: It's on the radio. Coast Guard thinks they've spotted the plane.

Joskins: May be we should forget about it, man.

Hergos: Never supposed to find that plane.

Joskins: We gotta get out of here. We gotta get out of the country.

Hergos: What? For fifty mil we don't get back gas money? Take the wheel. We got to destroy the evidence.

Joskins: Evidence? Those people are dead one way or the other man. There's no way they gonna ID anybody.

Hergos: They send divers down. And they remove the bodies. And they find out that four guys are missing and they start to check it out and they get to us.

Joskins: This was perfect.

Hergos: We're going to blow that plane out of the water. And the next time we pull this job, they'll pay. Fast.

On board Airwolf

Hawke: Well?

Dominic: Nothing yet, and we're as close as we can get locate from those infra red photos.

Hawke: If we're right, it's got to be here. Where else can it be? Are we on coordinates?

Dominic: String, don't get your hopes up. Our chances of finding them are....

Hawke: It just hit me. She's missing her sister's wedding. Try those scanners again.

Dominic: Okay.

(computer scanning sounds)

Hawke: If that plane went down it doesn't seem real. Ransom and hijacking. And Caitlin's right in the middle.

Dominic: Boy, is her mum going to be mad.

Dominic: Hey, what's that? Hey String, I swear, it's them! It's them, String! It's really them!

Hawke: Air Rescue, this is Ranger. We've just spotted Flight 093. I repeat, I believe we've spotted 093.

(cheers at LAX ATC)

Dominic: Our bearing is longitude 114 West. Latitude 27 N. Get our here fast.

Dominic: Okay, over you go.

(splash as Hawke enters water in scuba gear)

Flight 093 cabin)

Mrs. Smith: Oh my! Oh my!

Caitlin: What?

Mrs. Smith: Oh! Oh my! Oh! Oh my!

Caitlin: Hawke is that you? Hawke is that you?


Caitlin: We're saved! We're saved!

(more cheers)


Controller: Let them know we'll have a rescue unit out there within the hour to lift the plane out of the water.

Dominic: Commander, we're not flying a submarine.

Controller: (laughs) Well, whatever it is, you did an incredible job, sir. And you should feel proud of yourselves.

Dominic: Yeah, yeah sure. Oh what the heck. Hurray! (laughs)

On Hergos' boat

Hergos: Did you set the depth charges for 100 ft?

Joskins: They're set!

Hergos: Okay let me get a test shot.

Hergos: Let's do it!

(Splash. Depth charge sinks into water. Explosion.)

(Another depth charge. Another explosion.)

On board Airwolf

Hawke: I saw Caitlin. The plane's intact.

Dominic: Oh, thank God.

Hawke: Yeah but they can't keep the water out forever.

Dominic: It shouldn't be much longer. Coast Guard rescue is on its way. We better be on ours.

Hawke: We're not gonna just leave 'em.

Dominic: Well String, we're practically sucking on dry tanks now.

Hawke: We'll at least mark the spot when the boats get here. They'll know where they are.

Dominic: Okay.

Flight 093 cabin

(cheers as the models appear in bikinis)

(Singing: Happy days are here again. Cheering and applauding.)

Girl: We need swimsuits.

Caitlin: Oh darling, happily the water's not deep enough for that.

Mark: Er Caitlin. Look I was wondering. When we get out of here....

Caitlin: Yes. And that wasn't too hard was it?

Mark: Yes what?

Caitlin: Yes, when we get out of here, we can get together some place dry.

Mark: (laughs) That's incredible.

Caitlin: What's incredible?

Mark: Well you are. You knew I was going to ask you out for a date.

Caitlin: Well you see my socks may not be dry and my composure's not up to par but my instincts are intact. I think it would be very nice to see you some place other than this.

Caitlin: Ah listen, but right now you could buy me a cup of coffee.

Mark: You got it.

Caitlin: Okay. You stay here sugar.

Onboard Airwolf

Dominic: Here they come. Rescue ships. First of them anyway.

Hawke: Drop a dye marker.

Dominic: Drop a dye marker.

Dominic: Hey they you go, boys. X marks the spot.

On Hergos' boat

Hergos: Already here? Shoot it down.

Joskins: Looks military. Could be armed, man.

Hergoes: Use a rocket.

(cheering continues inside Flight 093 cabin)

Dominic: Go get them, sailor.

(Airwolf swerves. Narrowly misses a Redeye missle. Explosion)

Dominic: What the....

Hawke: We're losing altitude.

Dominic: No. 2 engine's out.

Flight 093 cabin

(they hear the explosion)

Stewardess: They're signalling. They're signalling. (cheers)

Hergos (on boat) Now drop a charge on the spot while I come about!

(depth charge enters water. Explosion. Rushing water. Screams.)

Johnson: What in God's name are they doing?

Onboard Airwolf

Hawke: give me a Hellfire.

Dominic: Something's wrong.

Hawke: A malfunction?

Dominic: That rocket tore up our [???] Everything's jammed.

(another Redeye launches)

Hawke: Guns!

Hawke: I'm coming around for another run.

Dominic: The whole system's shorted out. Circuitry shattered. String. We gotta keep away from the airplane.

Hergos: He's coming back!

(another Redeye launches)

(explodes in the sea)

(another Redeye launches)

(explodes in the sea)

Hergos: Dammit use the fifties.

Dominic: I take this cover off I can splice it.

Hawke: I'm going to keep working that spot.

(pistol shots)

Dominic: I almost had it. Give me a steady platform, will ya?

D? Right, try it now.

(machine gun fire)

(Airwolf weapons extend)

(Airwolf guns fire. Explosion on the boat.)

(Airwolf fires rocket. Explosion on boat. )

(Another rocket. Boat blows up.)

Dominic: Coast Guard ships should be here any minute.

Hawke: Least we'll be here to bring them in.

Flight 093 cabin

Mark: It's been quiet for some time now.

Dominic: (on Airwolf) Ah is that a great sight or is that a great sight.

Johnson: Listen. Got to be a whole fleet of ships. Yeah! That's gotta be the rescue force!

(background voices, possibly Caitlin. We're saved. Everybody's going to be okay. They're out there.)

Mrs. Smith: My dear, if your mother has any complaints about you, have her call me. In my book, you're a hero.

Child: Are you a hero?

Caitlin: Oh, darling, I don't know.

Santini Air

(Voice on radio) Yesterday's extraordinary drama concluded happily for all passengers aboard ill-fated flight 093 with heroic efforts by our Navy and Coast Guard. All 156 passengers and most of the crew were safely returned to shore after a harrowing 18 hours inside....

Caitlin: Mum.... mum.... I'm sorry I wasn't there. Yeah. Well tell her I won't miss her next wedding.

Caitlin: Mum, I didn't mean it that way. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Uh huh. I mailed all the presents. Everyone of them. Okay.

Caitlin: Mum I know. Okay. Listen, I'll call you later. Mum, who said you're wrong? Mum. You're right. Yes. Yes. You're always right. Mum, look. If I was married and had a family and a husband and children I wouldn't have been on that plane. Right. I love you too, mum. Okay.

Caitlin: You mad at me?

Dominic: May be your mummy has a point, you know that? You should be looking out for the future. And there's a lot of eligible young men out there.

Caitlin: Yeah, where?

Dominic: Where? Well, huh? (laughs)