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In the desert, Crazy Horse Flats

DOMINIC: What's so all-fired important about this meeting, anyways? And how come we gotta do it way out here in the middle of nowhere?

HAWKE: Your guess is as good as mine. Archangel just said he wanted a high-security transport. He asked me for Airwolf.

HAWKE: Michael's Jeep, straight ahead.

DUBLIN: Okay, Hawke, what the hell is going on here?

HAWKE: I was hoping that somebody from the Firm could tell me what was going on.

DUBLIN: Look, Hawke, your play-dumb act doesn't do diddley for me. I suggest you play ball for once, Hawke. Bring in Airwolf to aid in the search, and cut the lonesome-cowboy act.

HAWKE: When I work for the Firm, I deal with Archangel. He doesn't seem to be around right now, does he?

DUBLIN: Then butt out. Don't get in my way on this one, Hawke.

HAWKE: Nah, I won't get in your way, Dublin.


HAWKE: I'll be too far ahead of you.

[SANTINI AIR JETRANGER LANDS] HAWKE: I'll be talking to you, Sam.


At Scotty's Keep

[PIANO MUSIC] STONER: Mr. Archangel, it's so nice to see you.

ARCHANGEL: I'm sorry to say, I can't return the compliment, Mr...

STONER: Mr. Stoner.

ARCHANGEL: Stoner. The name seems vaguely familiar.

STONER: Well, I do try to maintain a low profile.

ARCHANGEL: Stoner. Yes. Low profile? Ireland, wasn't it? Yes. You helped redefine the word trouble. Word has it that you're now making it very big as a merchant in military hardware.

STONER: Yes, well, I have done all right. It is a seller's market, Michael. You don't mind that I call you Michael, do you?

ARCHANGEL: Not at all, Patrick.

STONER: Perhaps I can offer you a drink?

ARCHANGEL: I'll pass.

STONER: A broccoli quiche for lunch?

ARCHANGEL: Broccoli gives me gas. How about a doggie bag and a return ticket to my Jeep at Crazy Horse Flats, hmm?

ARCHANGEL: Well, well... I might have known. Gurvovich. Once a traitor, always a traitor.

At a theme park

TINA: Wow!

TINA: Oh, come on, honey. We can do it together.

SAM: Are you kidding? I get dizzy just looking down there.

SAM: Okay, if this kills me, though, cremate the body.

TINA: Come on, sweet cakes, let's do it again.

HAWKE: How're you doing, Sam?

SAM: Oh, am I glad to see you guys.

SAM: Ah, sorry, honey, I gotta talk to these guys. You're going to have to go down by yourself this time.

SAM: How come you guys gotta bug me on my day off?

HAWKE: We've exhausted everything else.

SAM: Look, you guys know more about Archangel's vanishing act than the Firm does. Honest, fellows, I mean, we got nothing for clues. And there is this rumor that's gotten out of control...

HAWKE: What kind of rumor?

SAM: Well, I don't buy it for a minute, see, but well, the talk is, Archangel's gone over.

DOMINIC: That's a crock!

HAWKE: Hey, Archangel may be a lot of things, but he's not a traitor.

SAM: Hey, guys, don't fire on me, this ain't me talking. I don't support that kind of talk. But the word is that Archangel's acting more secretive than usual. Making meets at unusual times and places, and the truth is, Archangel is too sensitive. The Firm, they can't risk him being out in the cold without contact.

DOMINIC: What's that suppose to mean?

SAM: They've frozen his section, and word has it that Zebra Squad was ordered on full alert at 9:00 this morning. If Archangel hasn't been found of if he doesn't come in within 48 hours, they're going to activate the squad.

DOMINIC: Now, wait a minute. Hold it right here. Now, look. Would you clue me in on this Zebra Squad business?

HAWKE: It's the Firm's assassination squad. If we can't find Archangel before they do, they'll do a hit.

At a playground

MEGAN: Let's have the somersault race. Come on, line up. Let's go!

MEGAN: You all set? Everybody? On your mark, get set, go!

DOMINIC: Well, the way I see it, we don't have a whole lot of options.

HAWKE: Come on, Dom. A lady psychic? Well, how does she find these missing persons? She hold a seance?

DOMINIC: No, it's ESP or something. It ain't hocus-pocus. I've seen what she can do.

DOMINIC: Hi, Teach.

MEGAN: Dom? I don't believe it. How are you?

MEGAN: Well, you look great for a relic.

DOMINIC: It's not the time, but the mileage that's turning me into an antique.

MEGAN: Yeah, I can tell by those road maps under your eyes.

DOMINIC: Those aren't road maps, those are laugh wrinkles.

MEGAN: No, nothing's that funny!

DOMINIC: Listen to you.

MEGAN: Come on, sit down.

MEGAN: What brings you around?

DOMINIC: Oh... Megan Ravenson, Stringfellow Hawke.

MEGAN: Hello.

HAWKE: We're looking for this man. He's a very important friend of ours.

MEGAN: Dom, I can't do that anymore.

DOMINIC: You can't, or won't?

MEGAN: It hurts too much.

DOMINIC: But Meg, you're one of the best. I've seen with my own eyes what you're capable of. You made a believer out of me.

MEGAN: And what did it get us? A dead child. And it wasn't just that little girl, it was all the others...

MEGAN: Dom, you know if it was anything else, I would. I just... I can't.

HAWKE: You know, Miss Ravenson, I'm not sure I understand what it is you do or how, but Dom told me he thought that you could help us find our friend. Whether you want to or you won't, one thing for sure. If we don't find him soon, he's a dead man.

HAWKE: Come on, Dom. We're wasting time.

DOMINIC: Megan, are you sure...

MEGAN: No, Dom! No!


At Scotty's Keep

GURGOVICH: We'll gain his cooperation through sensory assault. When we bring him out of the induced coma, then we apply sleep deprivation. He'll suffer hallucinations and psychosis.

STONER: But he shall give us the information?

STONER: Very good. Very good. You're to be complimented, Doctor. This is a much more sane and humane method of torture than the use of gratuitous violence.

STONER: I'm sure Mr. Archangel will feel most indebted.



Santini Air

DOMINIC: I called every air-charter business I know. None had contracted any flight into or out of the Crazy Horse Flats area.

CAITLIN: Well, that's strike three, then. I called all the law enforcement agencies. They've got nothing. So we've got zip. What do we do now?.

MEGAN: He's still alive.

DOMINIC: Megan. I knew it. I knew you'd come, Megan.

HAWKE: What was it made you change your mind, Miss Ravenson?

MEGAN: Megan will do.

CAITLIN: You said Archangel is still alive?

DOMINIC: What have you got, Megan? What did you find?You saw him, did you?

MEGAN: Let's just say I had a dream.

DOMINIC: Whatever. Where?

MEGAN: Dom, you know it doesn't work that way. I feel we have a chance to find him. He's in great danger. And we don't have much time.

HAWKE: Yeah, that's what I was telling you before, lady.

DOMINIC: Cate, watch the radio.


At Crazy Horse Flats

DOMINIC: You see, you gotta think of psychics as a kind of a radar, out there scanning the environment.

HAWKE: I tend to think of them as just a little bit more than out of trim. Now, l'm having my doubts about you.

DOMINIC: You gotta give it a chance, String. Have a little faith, will you?

HAWKE: Maybe she needs a crystal ball, or something.

MEGAN: If you expected a trance, or spells, or maybe incantations, I'm sorry to disappoint you. What I do is not magic.

HAWKE: Just exactly what do you do, lady?

MEGAN: What exactly do you expect me to do?

HAWKE: Find Archangel.

MEGAN: I can't do that if the psychic input is clouded by emotional bias, prejudice, or how I'm getting along with those around me. In other words, you're causing an awful lot of static, Stringfellow Hawke.

DOMINIC: No, no, don't. Give her a chance, will you? Give her a chance. I've worked with her before. She knows what she's doing. Please. Listen to her.

MEGAN: They took him. Armed, masked men. They took him that way.

HAWKE: Lady, this isn't a Western movie. That way is north. It could be straight over the North Pole into Russia for all the good that does us.

MEGAN: Then go to Russia. Go to Australia for all I care.

DOMINIC: It's Russia! That's what it is. The KGB's got him!

MEGAN: Maybe, I don't know.

DOMINIC: You think so? Could it be?

MEGAN: I don't know.

HAWKE: Hell, I could do a lot better at the crap tables in Vegas.

MEGAN: Craps? What is it with you? You asked me here. I'm here to help you, remember? How about a little support?

DOMINIC: All right, take it easy now. Easy does it.

MEGAN: I don't believe this.

DOMINIC: You've interrupted her biosensors. Now, please, easy does it. Make it up to her, will you?

At Scotty's Keep

STONER: If the pain is too much, Michael, believe me, this is nothing. Shall I increase it? Double it? No? Then stop fighting me, Archangel.

MAN: Mr. Stoner, Professor Roberts has just returned to the lab. And a unit is standing by.

STONER: By no means is he to be harmed.

MAN: Yes, sir.

STONER: Well, Doctor, your reclusive colleague, Professor Roberts, will soon be joining us, and I will be one step closer to owning the most sophisticated airborne defense system in the world.

In a Santini Air JetRanger

DOMINIC: Look, this silent bit isn't gonna get us anywhere.

MEGAN: I am tired of this.

HAWKE: Listen, why don't you just pipe down?

MEGAN: Where are we?

DOMINIC: Megan, you promised.

MEGAN: Dom, set this thing down.

DOMINIC: No, we're out in the middle of nowhere!

MEGAN: Set it down, right now. Set it down, Dom. I want out of this plane. Set it down! Fine, I'll jump!

HAWKE: Hey, what the hell's the matter with you? You crazy or what?

DOMINIC: All right, all right, all right, I'm setting her down.

HAWKE: Hey, what's wrong with you, lady?

MEGAN: That's one thing right, right there, Mac. I am tired of you calling me lady, and I'm sick of being treated like some kind of alien or something. I'm only human. Why can't you give me a break?

HAWKE: I guess this gift you have.... That'd be kind of a heavy weight to carry sometimes.

MEGAN: Well, no more difficult that what you carry around, I guess.

HAWKE: What's that?

MEGAN: A whole lot of ghosts. Yeah, I know, String. But if you could just let go of some of them, you could learn to accept the things you can't change and grab on to the things you can.

FIRM Headquarters, Knightsbridge

INVESTIGATOR: We managed to circumvent his coded computer files, sir. Now, it appears as if Archangel has been secretly working on a project code named the Fortune Teller.

DUBLIN: Fortune Teller?

INVESITGATOR: It's a tactical avoidance system designed for aerial combat. In theory, it's a fly-by wire piece of avionics hardware.

DUBLIN: What do you mean fly-by-wire? The pilot doesn't have to fly the airplane?

INVESTIGATOR: Essentially, yes, sir. The device is coupled with a radar-warning processor, which intercepts an enemy plane's offensive or defensive moves, translates them to an onboard central air data computer, which in turn transmits evasive or programmed attack signals to a flight system's automatic pilot.

DUBLIN: Now, what you're saying is, Fortune Teller out-guesses an opponent's next move.

INVESTIGATOR: Yes sir. What this amounts to, is a two or three second speed advantage in reaction or attack time over an enemy.

DUBLIN: Besides Archangel, who else was involved?

INVESTIGATOR: Two others. Professor Stanley Roberts, an avionics wizard of sorts, who formerly taught at the Leeds Technical School of Aeronautical Engineering.

DUBLIN: Do you have a location on him?

INVESTIGATOR: He mysteriously came up missing, coincidently, with the commencement of project Fortune Teller.

DUBLIN: Find him. Who else was involved?

INVESITGATOR: His name is Mikhail Gurvovich.

DUBLIN: Oh, yes, Dr. Gurvovich. I was part of the FIRM's debriefing team which interviewed him when he defected from Russia. I know where to find him.

In the Santini Air JetRanger

MEGAN: Let me see that.

MEGAN: Give me a pen.

MEGAN: He was taken north, but originally he was headed here. There.

HAWKE: Here, huh?

MEGAN: Julian!

HAWKE: Julian V.O.R.?

MEGAN: Not Julian. Warner! V.O.R.?

DOMINIC: Julian V.O.R. is a air-navigational transmitter. Sort of a homing device for aircraft.

HAWKE: Hey, Dom! There's a place called Warner Springs just to the south.

DOMINIC: Oh! We're on our way.

Warner Springs


[GUNFIRE] MAN: Move, Roberts, move!


DOMINIC: Why, he sure looks like Archangel.

HAWKE: Yeah, but he isn't.

MEGAN: What is that?

HAWKE: It looks like somebody's made an avionics shop in this barn.

MEGAN: Crenelations.

DOMINIC: Crene... What?

MEGAN: Crenelations. They're notches. They're the cutouts on the tops of castles. The dream I had. I saw Archangel in a dungeon-like cell. Castles have got dungeons.

DOMINIC: Are you saying that whoever has Archangel has him in a castle?

MEGAN: Well, the closer we get, the more targets I see. But sometimes I get bombarded with too much information, and I can get what we call displacement.

DOMINIC: I'm more than a little confused right now.

MEGAN: That's when something or someplace that I am sensing, at first may not seem to be connected, but it could turn out to be indirectly related.

HAWKE: Hey, Dom, have a look at this.

HAWKE: This could almost make a believer out of me.

DOMINIC: "Archangel. Gurvovich. Meeting." Hey, this is the same day that Archangel disappeared. Oh, I'm sorry, honey. You just go right ahead and keep on doing what you're doing. Go ahead.

MEGAN: I wonder if that was Gurvovich they just took off in that helicopter.

HAWKE: Whoever he was, he was definitely connected to Archangel.

MEGAN: Dr. Mikhail Gurvovich, maybe? No, Dom, don't look at me like that. I know of him because of his work in the parapsychological field. He also happens to be a genius in physics and I heard he was working on some kind of an avoidance system for MiG fighters.

DOMINIC: Avoidance system?

HAWKE: I read somewhere, the Russians were working on a device that is supposed to somehow be able to out-guess enemy pilots.

HAWKE: I think it's time we went and got the Lady.

At Scotty's Keep

STONER: I'm confident we have everything you need to complete the wiring and the final assembly of the Fortune Teller device.

ROBERTS: And if I refuse?

STONER: There are some things worse than death, Professor.

ROBERTS: Archangel's security plan called for Gurvovich, Archangel, and myself each to have a key to the final assembly of the device.

STONER:As you can see, I already have the good doctor's cooperation. I have full faith and confidence that I will have yours. Therefore, the only thing lacking is Mr. Archangel's.

[ARCHANGEL SCREAMS] ROBERTS: God, what have you done to him?

STONER: Psychological surgery.

ROBERTS: Archangel has the key to the wiring diagram for the Fortune Teller's arming mechanism, and that is solely committed to his memory.

STONER: Then, Professor, for your sake, you had better hope he still has a memory.


On board Airwolf

[AIRWOLF LIFTS OFF FROM WOLF'S LAIR. TURBOS.] HAWKE: Three hours and 15 minutes until Zebra Squad's activated.

DOMINIC: What's so funny?

MEGAN: I don't see you as the kind of guy that would have a Scottish terrier.

DOMINIC: String doesn't have a Scottish terrier. All he's got is a good-for-nothing old Bluetick hound.

CAITLIN: [ON RADIO] Santini Unicom to Hawke. Come in.

HAWKE: This is Hawke. Come back.

CAITLIN: Your friend at the Firm came through. The Doctor lives in the valley at 1439 Shotgun Lane.

At Gurvovich's apartment

DOMINIC: What a mess!

MEGAN: I'm getting something. Men in suits. They have guns. Policemen, maybe. They found a book inside a piece of furniture. Here.

MEGAN: Funny words. The book has funny words. I can't read them.

MEGAN: Now I see three men. Archangel, Gurvovich and some other man. They're in a sandbox. They're building a castle. A dog. A Scottish terrier. He thinks the castle is a fire plug.

MEGAN: Oh, God, no! No! No! I don't want to do this anymore.

MEGAN: No! No.

HAWKE: Easy! Easy! Come on!

HAWKE: What the hell is it?

MEGAN: I felt death. I really felt death.

FIRM Headquarters

INVESTIGATOR: His name is Patrick Stoner. Apparently Dr. Gurvovich's diary was a fail-safe in the event Stoner double-crossed him. It was a simple code to decipher.

DUBLIN: So where does this guy, Stoner, fit into the story?

INVESTIGATOR: Stoner's reported to be one of the world's foremost merchants of military hardware. Tanks, planes, missiles... You name it.

DUBLIN: My God, if he gets his hands on the Fortune Teller... Do you have a location on Stoner?


DUBLIN: Then alert Zebra Squad. Tell them to saddle up.

At Scotty's Keep

STONER: Are you ready to tell me what I want to know, Michael?

ARCHANGEL: Yes, Patrick.

On board Airwolf

DOMINIC: Dungeons, diary, castles, Scottish terrier... What is this supposed to do for us?

DOMINIC: This is the second time we've been through this.

MEGAN: I've got my strongest feelings about castles. Is there anywhere nearby Crazy Horse Flats with the name "Castle"?

HAWKE: Dom, punch in the bearings for Crazy Horse Flats, then take a radial off the Julian V.O.R. North. The same direction the commandos went.

DOMINIC: Triangulating. I've got a converging fix.

HAWKE: You got anything that says "Castle" on the map?

DOMINIC: Searching. I got a Scotty's Keep.

MEGAN: A keep is a castle!

MEGAN: The Scottish terrier. Scotty's Keep!

At Scotty's Keep

STONER: I must give credit to Mr. Archangel's constitution. He was more of a problem than I had anticipated.

GURVOVICH: But you got what you wanted.

STONER: I always get what I want. Yes?

MAN: Excuse me, but you wanted to be informed. Professor Roberts has finished wiring the arming device.

STONER: Excellent. Excellent. Well, Doctor, I wanted to thank you for your cooperation.

STONER: Kill him first, then after Professor Roberts has completed installation of the Fortune Teller device in my plane, dispose of him. I will look after Mr. Archangel.


On board Airwolf

DOMINIC: Bogey, dead ahead. Scanning for identification. Hey, looks like a UH1-B with M5 40 mm grenade launchers, M159 2.75 rocket pods, and quad .30 calibers. Loaded for bear.

HAWKE: That's a Zebra Squad assault chopper.

DOMINIC: Looks like it's headed in the same direction we are too.

HAWKE: Scramble its radar. We'll fly over it. Turbos!

DOMINIC: Turbos.

At Scotty's Keep

STONER: I want to thank you for your help, Michael.

On board Airwolf

HAWKE: Circling. What do you got, Dom?

DOMINIC: Listen to this.

[VOICES PICKED UP BY SENSORS] You'll never get it on the market. The Firm will track you down.

DOMINIC: That was Archangel.

At Scotty's Keep


MAN: We have an unidentified target on radar approaching from the south.

On board Airwolf

DOMINIC: Ah, they've picked up the Zebra Squad chopper.

HAWKE: I'm going top set it down on this ridge over here.


At Scotty's Keep



STONER: Is it installed yet?

MAN: A few more minutes.

STONER: Come on, man. Come on, be quick about it. Don't stand there looking at me! Get it done.

ROBERTS: It's finished. Fortune Teller device is installed.

STONER: Kill him, and then see about Archangel.

MAN: Let's go. Come on.

ROBERTS: Stoner! Stoner! Stoner, we had a deal! I lived up to my part, Stoner!


HAWKE: Okay, Dom, come and get us. Now!

DOMINIC: I'm on my way, buddy.



Air Combat Sequence

DOMINIC: What the hell is that?

ARCHANGEL: You've got to take him out, Hawke. He's got the Fortune Teller device.

STONER: Well, now, let's see what this Fortune Teller can do.

HAWKE: Bring me up a Maverick.

DOMINIC: Maverick.

DOMINIC: He's on our tail, String.

ARCHANGEL: It's the Fortune Teller. It's functional. You won't be able to shake him, Hawke.

DOMINIC: We've got to jam his signals!

ARCHANGEL: There's no mechanical way! I know, I helped design the damn thing!

STONER: You're good, cowboy, but you're not good enough to beat the Fortune Teller.

ARCHANGEL: They haven't built a machine yet that could replace a good pilot, Hawke.

HAWKE: Let's hope so.

STONER: Don't stall.


At Scotty's Keep

ARCHANGEL: The Firm is going to pay for this one. You guys were going to kill me!

DUBLIN: But sir, we were operating under Special Order Number 11 , sir. And to quote, "An operative who becomes a risk to the Firm shall be eliminated."

ARCHANGEL: I know the order, Dublin! I wrote it! And you can bet your butt there will be an amendment to that order because it doesn't apply when I'm involved!

VOICE IN BACKGROUND: All right, men, let's get these prisoners out of here now. Come on, move it.

DOMINIC: I know what you've been through.

MEGAN: So, how about flying me up to your cabin to meet your dog, Tet, and take me fishing.

DOMINIC: Are you kidding? He'd love that! Why, he's one of the best fishermen...

HAWKE: I never told you my dog's name was Tet.