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General Ali Butami is a character who makes a one-time appearance in the Season 1 episode titled "And They Are Us".


General Ali Butami, Soviet trained and educated, is the real power in South Limbawe. At the time of the events in the episode, he has dominated the political scene in the country for three years, turning President Harold Ngomo into nothing more than a figurehead. Using his Soviet connections, Butami has built up a secret missile base and even persuaded them to let him use a new nerve gas for the missile warheads. Protecting the missile base, Butami has also recruited a force of armed helicopters, led by soldier of fortune Colonel Martin James Vidor. When President Ngomo finds out that Butami plans to attack North Limbawe as soon as the missile silos are ready, he angrily demands that the preparations be stopped and threatened to call a special session of congress to denounce him. Butami however has Ngomo arrested. He later has Ngomo marched out to face a firing squad but Hawke and Dominic rescue the president and fly him to safety.

Airwolf returns shortly thereafter, now with the support of both Presidents of North and South Limbawe to destroy Butami's missile base and put an end to the impending war. Vidor's helicopters bar the way but, as always, Airwolf blasts its way through and shoots up Butami's camp. Later Archangel tells Hawke that Butami was killed during Airwolf's strike.

Portrayed By

General Ali Butami played by Grand Bush[1]