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General Gilson is a character who makes a one-time appearance in the Season 2 episode titled ""Moffett's Ghost".


In the story, Gilson was the Commander of NORAD (North American Aerosapce Defense Command), responsible for the air defense of North America. Around the middle of the episode, Gilson came to F.I.R.M. headquarters to demand some answers from Archangel. Was the F.I.R.M. testing some kind of stealth aircraft in the northern sector? On the day that Archangel had been given access to Gilson's operational data, NORAD's radar scopes picked up numerous false targets. Archangel denied that the F.I.R.M. was testing anything but Gilson didn't buy it. He warned Archangel that he would have any unidentified aircraft shot out of the sky.

Gilson was close to the truth. Archangel had been monitoring NORAD's screens that day to assess Airwolf's ability to evade radar detection. Hawke and Dominic had, at that time, been using Airwolf to deliver Dr. Roger Burton to a secret meeting in Siberia. At first, Archangel had been delighted as Airwolf had got to Siberia and then halfway home without NORAD detecting it. But the dead Dr. Charles Henry Moffett, designer of Airwolf, had planted a hidden "ghost" program in Airwolf's computer and this caused some false targets to show up on the radar screens for a brief moment.

Over the next few days, Hawke, Dominic and Dr. Karen Hansen worked feverishly to remove the ghost program so that Airwolf can flew the return mission to pick up Dr Burton and return him to the US. The problem wasn't fixed. On the flight back from Siberia to the US, Airwolf's computers again sent out false radar tracks, mimicking flights of attacking Russian bombers, leading NORAD to send up interceptors and SAC to scramble its missiles and B-52 bombers. Archangel was thus forced to call Gilson and admit that he is testing an aircraft. Something had gone wrong and it was sending out the tracks. Gilson couldn't believe it. "One plane is doing all that?" he asked. "It's an extraordinary aircraft," Archangel replied.

Gilson was a lieutenant-general (3 star). The Commander of NORAD is usually a 4-star general.


Gilson in his office. The false radar tracks from Airwolf can be seen on the screen behind him. Strange that he should be in his office. If there is such a big crisis, he should be in his ops room instead.

Portrayed By

General Gilson is played by Gary Pagett[1]