General Rangavana

General Rangavana is a character who makes a one-time appearance in the Season 3 episode titled "Half-Pint".


General Rangavana is Drug Lord operating in the Golden Triangle. At the beginning of the episode, he and his troops bring a mule train carrying drugs to meet drug smuggler Glen Carson. It is the largest load he has ever brought down from the mountains and he wonders how Carson will smuggle it into the U.S. Carson tells him he has one man in mind but that this would be his last shipment. After that, he intends to retire in luxury. Ranagavana is interested in meeting the man who would be responsible for bringing the drugs in. Perhaps he could go into business with him after Carson's retirement. But Rangavana doesn't get the chance. Carson and his men massacre the General and his troops.

Rangavana 2-half pint.jpg
Rangavana with smuggler Glen Carson. Note the Madsen M50 he is carrying.

Portrayed By

General Rangavana is played by James Hong.[1] This was his only appearance on Airwolf.


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