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Alma Grace Harrison is a character who makes a one-time appearance in the Season 3 episode titled "Discovery".


Grace was the girlfriend of Tom Billings. At the beginning of the episode, Quist, a hitman of John Bradford Horn, took her and her boyfriend Tom Billings into the desert near the Valley of the Gods for execution. She managed to escape and stumbled upon the location of the Wolf's Lair. Hawke and Dominic discovered her unconscious there and brought her to a F.I.R.M. safehouse where she received medical treatment.

Although she appeared unintelligent, and played the role of a frightened victim, Grace soon realised the value of what she had seen. She escaped from the safehouse and was finally found again by Quist and Horn. They tried to persuade her to work for them and help steal Airwolf. At the same time, the F.I.R.M. through Hawke, also managed to contact her and they also tried to persuade her to help them set a trap for Horn. Grace finally chose to side with Horn and help him steal Airwolf. The stolen helicopter was being loaded, she told Quist that she intended to go and work at a retirement home. Horn, however, had other ideas. He instructed his men to execute Quist, because, like her boyfriend Billings, the boss no longer had any use for him. Her execution was however interrupted by the arrival of Hawke, Archangel and a F.I.R.M. assault team. Grace dived into cover but was shot during the firefight.

Hawke got to her before she died and told her she would be all right. But she replied that it's "only one miracle to a customer".

Grace consistently used only the one first name. She told Archangel that she was embarassed by her other first name "Alma".

Portrayed By

Grace Harrison is played by Anne Bloom.[1] This is his only appearance on Airwolf.