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Raid on DAVSCO

GANNS: Come on, Dunkirk, truth. How much is in this for you, huh?

DUNKIRK: Huh. Now.


UNKNOWN: I said take the gun!

MAN (ON PA): Red alert. This is an alert. Condition red.



MAN (ON PA): I say again, condition red. We have a breach of security at the north end.

MAN (ON PA): I say again, condition red.Alert. This is an alert. Condition red.


Onboard Airwolf

DOMINIC.: All I'm saying is, whoever pulled off that raid knew his onions, all right.

HAWKE: Coordinates.

DOMINIC: Yeah, but that doesn't necessarily mean that...

HAWKE: Coordinates, Dom.

DOMINIC: We'll start looking from the factory out again. Archangel said that the HX-1 only had enough fuel for a short flight.

HAWKE: Saint John would have had a better plan than that.

DOMINIC: String, cut it out, will you? You're driving me nuts.

HAWKE: That's him. That bird's long gone. He did it.

C/String, calm down and think realistically, will you? Are you really trying to tell me that your brother is alive after all these years? Not in a Vietcong prison, but here in the States?

HAWKE: This is his kind of job.

DOMINIC: Oh, you're hysterical. Some guy rips off a cockamamie copter, and you're going bananas.

HAWKE: They came in at zero power using auto-rotation. That's a technique we developed in 'Nam for hitting Cong depots. There's only four guys who could pull it off without stuffing the chopper in the ground. Myself, Colonel Vidor, Mace Taggart and Saint John.

DOMINIC: And Colonel Vidor is dead.

HAWKE: So is Mace Taggart. I'm here. So who does that leave?

DOMINIC: Saint John.

HAWKE: My brother's still alive.

Flashback: Vietnam

SOLDIER: Move it, move it.

SAINT JOHN: Where's my brother?

HAWKE: : Saint John, Mace, where are you? Give me your coordinates.

SAlNT JOHN: My chopper went down 50 yards east of the river. String, what's holding up the program?

MACE: Yeah, tell him we'd like to go home. This dance is over.

HAWKE: Roger. I read you. I'm almost in.

HAWKE: I got you.

M/See what happens when you ask for waivers on brothers in the same unit?

SAINT JOHN: What can I do? He's afraid to stay at home alone.


HAWKE: Hit it! Come on, move it!

HAWKE: `Saint John!

MACE: Saint John! Saint John! He's hit!

HAWKE: Come on! Hit it!

COPILOT: Go! Go! The ropes are full, Hawke. We can't take any more.

HAWKE: It's my brother!

MACE: String, get out of here! Go on! Get!

HAWKE: Saint John, Mace, you hang on. I'm coming back.

MACE: Let's get out of here!

HAWKE: I'm coming back. I swear to God, I am.

Onboard Airwolf

DOMINIC.: We're approaching the factory again.

HAWKE: What do you see?

DOMINIC: Same as before. Nothing. We've already covered all the ground within HX 1's fuel radius. One more pass, then I'm gonna phone Archangel. That baby's nowhere.

HAWKE: Don't bother. I'll see him myself.

DOMINIC: String, don't open up that hurt all over again. You know what it does to you.

HAWKE: Dom, you've always wanted to be a father to me, and I'm grateful. For a father, not a mother.

DOMINIC: String, think! After all these years your brother wouldn't be running around like this without trying to contact you, now, would he?

HAWKE: That's what I intend to find out.

FIRM Headquarters, Knightsbridge

ARCHANGEL: Are you out of your mind? The Firm was not involved in the Davsco raid.

HAWKE: Yeah, just like you had nothing to do with Airwolf.

ARCHANGEL: If we had the HX1, why would I have every branch of the military, plus thirty-odd fixed orbit satellites searching for the damn thing, and then call you in?

HAWKE: I don't care about HX1 .

ARCHANGEL: Well, I do. That thing is one of a kind. Her avionics are revolutionary. She can out-climb, out-maneuver, out-shoot anything else that flies. Pound for pound, she may even be more deadly than Airwolf. That's how serious this thing is.

HAWKE: What I care about is my brother, Saint John.

ARCHANGEL: Saint John? What's he got to do with this?

HAWKE: Come on, Michael. He's here, isn't he?

ARCHANGEL: I don't know how you came up with an idea like that.

HAWKE: Isn't he?

ARCHANGEL: Your brother is missing in action, MlA in Vietnam, and the Firm is still looking for him. That's our deal, remember?

HAWKE: You guys found him. You got some kind of hold on him so he can't contact me.

ARCHANGEL: I think it might be better if we took you off this one.

HAWKE: Michael, that's his M.O. He grabbed that chopper. I'm gonna find it, and when I do, he'll be in the cockpit.

ARCHANGEL: Hawke, we can't have a weapon like this on the loose.

HAWKE: You worry about the weapons. I'm worried about my brother.

ARCHANGEL: What I'm saying is, we will find the HX1, and when we do, if there's just this much chance of it leaving the country, we'll blow it to hell, along with whoever is inside it.

Outside the Knightsbridge buidling

DOMINIC: So? What did I tell you? No satisfaction, right?

HAWKE: Everything with Archangel's like a Chinese puzzle.

DOMINIC: Look, let's say he is alive. How do you find a man who doesn't wanna be found, or hasn't been found in all these years?

HAWKE: Well, during the latter part of the war, we did a lot of intelligence work, Mace, Saint John and I.

HAWKE: Trouble is, some of the people we worked with got to like it too much.

DOMINIC: Sure, they became mercenaries. But Saint John wasn't that kind. He couldn't do it for money any more than you could.

HAWKE: Maybe he doesn't have any choice. Look, in order to find Saint John, I'm gonna have to find HX-1. That means I'm gonna have to go back in the life.

DOMINIC: But String, that world is a sewer. What they steal and deal in is wholesale misery and death.

HAWKE: It'll be well worth it if finally, this time, I can pull Saint John out.

At a shooting range


HAWKE: Hey, Joe. Hey. What you been up to?

GANNS: This and that. You can see.


HAWKE: Looking awful fat and sassy.

GANNS: I can't complain.


HAWKE: That's a mighty nice weapon. You must have some shekels in your pocket.

GANNS: How come all the questions, Captain?

HAWKE: Did you read about the HX-1 raid?

GANNS: Wasn't that beautiful? You know, it kind of makes you homesick for the old days. Tell you the truth, me and some of the mercs had you pegged for the job, but I said, "Come on, be serious. Hawke's out of the dog's life. He's not studying war no more."

HAWKE: You know, it's an awful lot like those operations Mace and my brother used to pull off.

GANNS: Yeah, except Mace is dead, and your brother is, too, or he might as well be.

HAWKE: You know that?

GANNS: Hey, Hawke, jeez! I mean, Mace's body was lD'd, and what was left of it was shipped back. And your brother? That poor guy's still MIA. What are you doing?

HAWKE: I've got a feeling that Saint John's still alive. A real feeling.

GANNS: Tell your folks that.

HAWKE: My folks are dead. See you around, Joe.

HANDLEY: Joe, we got a problem.

GANNS: Tell Dunkirk.

Taggert residence

MR. TAGGERT: Mace used to say, "Dad, you have twin sons. How about that? Me and my twin, Saint John." Did he ever tell you that?

HAWKE: Yes, sir, he did.

MR. TAGGERT: You were their baby brother.

MR. TAGGERT: Do you know where this was taken?

HAWKE: Vung Tau?

MR. TAGGERT: No, Ham Tan. Mace was a captain by then.

MRS. TAGGERT: Frank and I know every step that he took those last two weeks.

MR. TAGGERT: Here is a motley crew of stumblebums if I ever saw them.

Flashback: Vietnam


MACE: Blood brothers to the end, huh, kid?

SAINT JOHN: All the way, my man, all the way.

MACE: Problem is, what do we do with him?

SAINT JOHN: Can't take him with us.

MACE: How come?

BOTH: Because they sent him to us!

ELLIE: Hey, come on.


SAINT JOHN: Give me a kiss. All right, all right.

ELLIE: Come on! No. Cut the love scene. Come on! Out! This is serious art for posterity's sake.

ALL: For us soldiers! Hey!

ELLlE: Smile.

ALL: Bring it on.

ELLIE: Gosh, how ugly.


ELLlE.: All right, I got it. I got it.

Taggert residence

MR. TAGGERT: Your brother was a fine man. He taught Mace all he knew.

HAWKE: Yes. Mr. Taggart, have you read anything about a break-in at the Davsco Aircraft plant?

MR. TAGGERT: A break-in?

HAWKE: There was a top-secret prototype. Talk is it was stolen.

MR. TAGGERT: Is that so?

HAWKE: Well, the thing is, it was the same kind of operation that this unit used to pull off. Well, what I'm asking is...

MR. TAGGERT: Get out.

MRS. TAGGERT: Mace did it. At last somebody else believes me. Of course he can't be dead.

MR. TAGGERT: Get out.

MRS. TAGGERT: My heart is still beating. A mother knows that.

MR. TAGGERT: Our son is lying in Arlington, in an honorable grave. Now, the United States Army certified him killed in action, but you want to think that he's still alive, don't you? Because you could've saved him, and you didn't. You could have saved your own brother, and you didn't. That's why you came back here, because you wanna know that you didn't let them die. Well, I am telling you that you did let them die! You let them die!

MRS. TAGGERT: Please, please, no, no, no. Don't stop. Don't stop. You find them both. There's a very good reason why they haven't come forward. So when you see Mace, you tell him that we will understand it!

MR. TAGGERT: He is dead! He is dead! Dead!

HAWKE: I'm sorry.

MR. TAGGERT: Oh, God help us. Buried forever, the both of them. So are 57,000 others. But not you. Not you!

Flashback: Vietnam, in a bar


MACE: So I said to her, "You're asking me if my intentions are honorable? Baby, you know I'll be back after the war to help you plow those rice paddies.

MACE: Here's to love.

ELLIE: Hey, do you love me, too, Mace?

MACE: Oh, baby, you know I love you, but you just gotta get rid of this joker, Saint John.


ELLIE: Mace, put me down.

SAINT JOHN: You guys had enough to drink. Why don't you just float away?

MACE: Float? That's the Navy.

ELLIE: Float.

ELLIE: Do you love me?

SAINT JOHN: Do I love being alive?

ELLIE: Don't say that.

SAINT JOHN: Ellie, I was just kidding.

ELLIE: Okay, but not here, not about that.

SAINT JOHN: I'd love you at home.

MACE: Jeez, I think I'm gonna be sick.

HAWKE: I'm gonna be sick.

ELLIE: So are we gonna get married and have kids?

SAINT JOHN: Yep, lots of kids. Lots of very beautiful kids.

Ellie's residence

ELLIE: He likes you. So, are you still working for the Firm?


HAWKE: You must know if I'm working for the Firm.

ELLIE: Almost everybody knew it.

HAWKE: We were that obvious, huh?

ELLIE: Only to those who loved you and worried about you.

HAWKE: Not bad. Homemade?

ELLIE: Arthur made it.

HAWKE: No kidding?

ELLIE: No. No, as a matter of fact, Arthur made him, too.

ELLIE: Pretty good, huh?

HAWKE: Does he love you, Ellie?


HAWKE: Good.

ELLIE: Of course, being married to an accountant isn't exactly Saturday night in Da Nang with Saint John Hawke.


HAWKE: Well, at least you're happy.


ELLIE: We had it all, he and I.

HAWKE: You had more than that.

ELLIE: My one night of folly with Captain Mace Taggart. Boy, Ellie-girl, did you blow it.


ELLIE: A lover's quarrel with Saint John Hawke, the guy you always dreamed of, then a one-night stand with Mace because we had a fight and too much wine, and bingo! Our whole future's down the tubes.

ELLIE: String, why in the hell are you dragging him back into my life?

HAWKE: Ellie. Ellie. He's not dead.

ELLIE: Oh, String.

HAWKE: I think he pulled off that Davsco Aircraft raid.

ELLIE: No. Dear God, String, give yourself a break. He's gone. Accept it. Forget it. I mean, don't torture yourself after all these years.


ELLIE: That's Mr. Six Eighteen.

HAWKE: Six Eighteen?

ELLIE: Arthur pulls into the driveway every day at exactly 6:18. Yeah, you can set your watch by him, and your life.

HAWKE: Ellie, after you came back, did you ever think about Saint John? Like when you see a face on a bus or at a ball park?

ELLIE: No, Hawke. Never. Not once. Until now, you coming here.

ELLIE: Hi, hon! I want you to meet an old friend.

A bar

MAN: Can!


UNKNOWN: That sucker's crazy.

UNKNOWN: Yeah, he's a crazy guy.

DUNKIRK: You're soldiers of fortune. I happen to know your fortunes are in the pits, so you can stand another war this year. Besides, the Persian Gulf's a great place to visit. The food's fantastic as long as you don't mind sand in it.

DECKER: What's the pay?

DUNKIRK: Two hundred a day, latest weapons, all the ammo you can eat.

DECKER: Two hundred a day? That's bandage money. Right, Hawke?

DUNKIRK: Don't knock it. It's the only war in town.

HAWKE: Hi, guys. Dunkirk, you still recruiting bodies?

DUNKIRK: Man has to make a living. You still flying that souped-up Black Maria you borrowed from the Firm?

DUNKIRK: Just kidding, Hawke. You know I like to kid.

MAN: Can!


DECKER: Long time no see, Hawke.

HAWKE: I've been busy.

DECKER: Too busy to rap with old friends?

HAWKE: You got a problem, Decker?

DECKER: Maybe you got a problem.

DUNKIRK: What's up, Hawke? What you looking for?

HAWKE: My brother.

DUNKIRK: You're in the wrong country, old son. I mean, he's missing in action over there, remember?

DECKER: Yeah, I heard a certain helicopter pilot got the willies and then flew off and left him for VC target practice.

DUNKIRK: You have a big mouth, Max. Now it's bleeding.

HANDLEY: Who asked him to come here?

HAWKE: You know, you guys don't have the brains to have pulled off that raid without Saint John.

DUNKIRK: You still have a touch of malaria, old son.

HAWKE: When you see my brother, tell him I'm looking for him. And you can write this down, I will find him.


Outside the bar

GANNS: You should have never come back.

HANDLEY: Seeing you again, pal, gave me a taste.

HANDLEY: Give him to me, Decker.


HANDLEY: Get him good.


HANDLEY: Come on! Come on! Yeah! You chicken!


HAWKE: Saint John?

HAWKE: Saint John?

Santini Air

DOMINIC: What's it gonna take, pal?

HAWKE: Dom, I'm telling you, he's alive.

DOMINIC: Oh? You saw him? You saw somebody.

HAWKE: I felt him.

DOMINIC: Oh, sure, sure, just like one of them ectoplasms or whatever it is you call them ghosts.

HAWKE: Yeah, that's right.

DOMINIC: Yes, ma'am?

DOMINIC: Excuse me.

ELLIE: So this is where you work.

HAWKE: Yeah, sometimes.

ELLIE: Last month, Dunkirk came to see me. He wanted me to handle his books because he needed someone who he could trust.

HAWKE: Did you handle them?

ELLIE: No. I'm through with that world, thanks. I really am, String. But Dunk offered me a lot of money.

HAWKE: Did he say what he was up to?

ELLIE: He's selling arms now, but not just guns. Rockets, tanks...

HAWKE: Planes?

ELLIE: Please be careful, String.

Dunkirk's ranch

HAWKE: Not bad.

DUNKIRK: Uh-huh. Are you properly impressed, chum?

HAWKE: I'm more than impressed. I had no idea that recruiting mercenaries paid so well.

DUNKIRK: What do you want here, Hawke?

HAWKE: The HX-1 .


DUNKIRK: Now there's a bird. It should've been called Exterminator. Give me one of those babies, and I'll clean house come Armageddon.

HAWKE: Yeah, I bet you would.

L/Hawke, if I had HX-1, I'm not even sure if I'd trade for that little honey of yours. Just look at the stats. Mind boggling. Speed, maneuverability, nuclear capability and cheap as hell. A little death wagon with kill capacity of half our regular air force at bargain prices. Come and get it!

GIRL: Uncle Michael, Uncle Michael, can I ride?

DUNKIRK: Oh, of course you can, darling, but you got to keep really quiet because Mr. Hawke and I are talking, all right? Now, here comes your horsie. We'll go on this one, shall we? Yes. Whoa! Not too fast.

DUNKIRK: You were saying?

HAWKE: How much are you getting for the HX-1?

DUNKIRK: I don't have it.

HAWKE: You know, I don't approve of recruiting men to kill, but that new chopper is wholesale slaughter.

DUNKIRK: Defense.

HAWKE: In the wrong hands...

DUNKIRK: We've created another superpower.

HAWKE: That doesn't bother you?

DUNKIRK: Depends on the sale price. Heaven don't come cheap, you know.

HAWKE: It would have bothered my brother.

DUNKIRK: Let me tell you something, Hawke. You have a poison in you. I didn't put it there. The mercenary life, for God and country. You see a difference. That's the lie you live. To me a war is a war. God, I wish to hell your brother was still around. I could use a man like him.

Dunkirk's Warehouse

DUNKIRK: Hawke won't let go. The man came to me, and there was nothing I could say to turn him off.

HANDLEY: You want the truth? I don't wanna hurt the guy, but he's getting too close.

DUNKIRK: And if Armand hadn't held us up, we'd be long gone.

DUNKIRK: Instead, we're watching the clock and seeing how long we can duck. We should've cut the bloody bird up with torches and shipped it to Libya.

DECKER: Lighten up. Tomorrow we'll give Armand a show he won't forget out at Red Rock Flats. Then we'll all retire to a Swiss lake.



HAWKE: Don't even think about it.

DUNKIRK: Put the gun down. There's a good fellow. You're covered.

HAWKE: Yeah, I've heard that in all those old movies.

MACE: Well, he's right, old buddy.

HAWKE: Mace?

MACE: Hello, laughing boy.

HAWKE: You're still alive?

MACE: And kicking, old buddy.

HAWKE: The VC didn't get you? You got away?

MACE: Yeah, it wasn't for the lack of trying.

HAWKE: They've been telling me that Saint John's dead. He's not, is he?

MACE: Why ask me, buddy boy? I'm the one you left behind on that last trip, remember?

Flashback: Vietnam


MACE: He left us! He ran out and left us!

SAINT JOHN: He had to go.

MACE: You never had to go. You always came back.

SAINT JOHN: Now, Mace, pull it together, will you? You saw the ropes were full on the rescue chopper.

SAINT JOHN: Come on. We gotta find some kind of cover.

SAINT JOHN: Let's go.

Back in Dunkirk's warehouse

HAWKE: I came back. I never left anybody behind. You both were gone.

MACE: Yeah, it looked that way, but we managed to scrape through that one.

HAWKE: So then why'd you stay dead?

MACE: All that nice white powder coming out of the golden triangle, everybody making money but me.

HAWKE: What about Saint John? He's here, isn't he? Is he part of this operation? Is he? Just tell me where the hell he is, Mace.

DUNKIRK: Finish it. Come on, you said he deserted you.

Another flashback: Vietnam

SAINT JOHN: Come on, pick it up! They're coming over the hill!


MACE: That's another one I owe you.


SAINT JOHN: All right, cut the romance. We gotta get out of here.

Back at the warehouse

MACE: Just dump him somewhere in the desert. He can't touch us now.

In the desert

HAWKE: Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!

ANGELA: Need help?

HAWKE: Yeah, I'd appreciate it.

ANGELA: This is a tough place to break down. It's a long walk to the nearest station. Where did you leave your car?

ANGELA: Hey, what's the matter?

ANGELA: Oh, God.


ANGELA: What happened to you?

ANGELA: What happened to you?

HAWKE: No, I...., it's a long story.

ANGELA: Come on, I gotta get you to a hospital.

HAWKE: Can you just, please, get me to a telephone?

ANGELA: Okay, come on.

HAWKE: Thank you.

ANGELA: Any time.

ANGELA: You're sure you don't want a lift into town?

HAWKE: No, thank you.

HAWKE: Yeah, Operator, I'd like Santini Air Services in (sounds like Missoula) Airport.

HAWKE: Thank you.

Onboard Airwolf

HAWKE: Red Rock Flats. You ever heard of it?

DOMINIC: East-southeast of Mineral Wells. I'll give you the exact location in two seconds.


Red Rock Flats

ARMAND: Most effective. Most effective. You can supply all these items in quantity?

DUNKIRK: When I make a commitment, I always follow through, old boy.

ARMAND: What type of weapon is this?

MAN: This will take out a tank, you say?

HANDLEY: M72A, 66 millimeter, anti-tank.

ARMAND: Ah, beautiful. Beautiful.

DUNKIRK: We ready for the main feature?

MAN: All ready.

DUNKIRK: Gentlemen.

DOMINIC: Got them, String.

HAWKE: Turbos.

DUNKIRK: Nothing can touch HX-1 this side of Satan's 12 Valkyries, and she'd probably make believers out of them, too.

ARMAND: You're just a salesman, Dunkirk. How can we be certain she'll perform as promised?

DUNKIRK: Give us a show.

ARMAND: Magnificent.

DUNKIRK: Uninvited company.

HAWKE: Mace, I want Saint John. If you got out, so did he. Where is he?

ARMAND: What's happening?

DUNKIRK: Gentlemen, you're about to see a demonstration of HX1's air-to-air capabilities against the US government's finest.

HAWKE: Mace, I know you can hear me. Answer me.

MACE: Okay, buddy boy. I'll tell you this. I do know what happened to your brother. You just hold on.

HAWKE: Hold on? For what? Where is he?

HAWKE: Where is he, Mace?

(AIR COMBAT) HAWKE: Mace, listen to me. You got trouble. I'll help you out of it. I swear I will.

DOMINIC: There's your answer, String.

HAWKE: Dom, he knows where Saint John is.

HAWKE: Mace, please.

DOMINIC: String, fire back.

MACE: Here you go, Hawke. Here's the answer you've been waiting for. Ready or not.

DOMINIC: String, he's gonna blow us out of the sky!

DOMINIC: She's hit. She's hit bad.

HAWKE: Mace!

DOMINIC: Fire! Fire!

DOMINIC: String!


DOMINIC: We'll be okay, soon as I blow out this smoke.

HAWKE: Yeah. Right.

Santini Air


DOMINIC: What I'm trying to say is that there's the past, and there's the future, and then there's today. You understand? And then there's the good times and...

HAWKE: Dom, I'm all right. I'm not gonna stop looking for Saint John, but I'm okay.

DOMINIC: Oh, what the hell, what I'm trying to say is...

CAITLIN: Oh, Mr. Santini, would you shut up, please?

DOMINIC: Is that there's no way to say we know how you feel.

HAWKE: So don't.

CAITLIN: Hawke, do you wanna know the truth?


CAITLIN: Good, 'cause I'm gonna tell you. Now, a piece of your life is gone, and you didn't find your brother, but someday you will.

HAWKE: Caitlin...

CAITLIN: Hawke, it's okay to feel badly, but just don't do it for too long, okay?



DOMINIC: Okay, then let's get back to work. I gotta pay the bills, you know.

CAITLIN: You owe me a bill.

DOMINIC: What bill?

CAITLIN: You know, that $50 you bet me I wouldn't change my hairdo.

DOMINIC: $50? I said that? I never said that.