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Somewhere in the Golden Triangle

(UH-1 lands)

CARSON: General Rangavana, good to see you again.

RANGAVANA: Ah, Carson. How are you?

CARSON: Very good. I trust your journey was a safe one?

RANGAVANA: Good journey. No problems.

CARSON: Shall we get to our business, sir?

RANGAVANA: You got the money?

CARSON: Merry Christmas, General.

(speaking Thai)

CARSON: Mules, what could be more appropriate?

RANGAVANA: That's the biggest load I ever brought down from the mountain. Now, how are you going to get it into the States?

CARSON: One man is going to bring the whole thing in.

RANGAVANA: One man? I must know his name. Next time you come, bring him. I would like to meet him.

CARSON: There aren't going to be any more trips. I'm retiring after this one, very rich.

RANGAVANA: Oh, Carson, that is too bad. Well, you send your friend. We can do some business together, huh?

CARSON: I'm sorry General, you're retiring, too.

(shots) (mules braying)(sub machine guns firing)

CARSON: Since you wanted to know, my friend's name is Stringfellow Hawke.

On board Airwolf

DOMINIC: No sign of that Russian sub in these waters, String.

HAWKE: He's probably out of the area by now.

ARCHANGEL: Angel 1 to Airwolf, come in.

HAWKE: Yeah, we read you. What's up, Michael?

ARCHANGEL: Any sign of that Russian sub yet?

HAWKE: No, it looks like he's out of our waters.

ARCHANGEL: In that case, you'd better come on back. We've turned up some interesting information on St John.

HAWKE: What kind of information, Michael?

ARCHANGEL: I think it's better if I give you the details when you get back. Angel 1, out.

DOMINIC: Now, why would Michael be so mysterious about information on St John?

HAWKE: Let's see how fast we can find out.

In Archangel’s limo

HAWKE: No way, Michael. Absolutely no way. I woulda known.

ARCHANGEL: The report was thoroughly checked by the FIRM. Samantha double-checked it. Then I personally triple-checked it.

HAWKE: Has anybody made contact?

ARCHANGEL: I thought you'd wanna do that yourself.

At a school

TEACHER: Mr. Hawke?

HAWKE: Yes, ma'am.

TEACHER: Hi, how are you? Could you follow me this way, please?

WOMAN ON PA: Attention! Today at 3:00 there will be a special assembly in the lunch room. All those who are members of the Glee Club and Pep Rally Squad are expected to attend.

TEACHER: There he is.

HAWKE: Thank you.

TEACHER: Oh, I'm sorry.

(kids playing, cheers) LE VAN: Oh, yeah!

KID: You're too good, man. I'm out.

KID: Nobody's that good all the time.

LE VAN: I was just lucky.

KID: You cheated.

LE VAN: How?

KID: I don't know how, but you did.

LE VAN: I'll show you how I do it. You could really be good.

KID: We want our money.

LE VAN: No way.

(fight breaks out) (bell rings)

LE VAN: Good toss.

HAWKE: I saw you do a lot better.

HAWKE: Looks like you win, huh?

LE VAN: Just lucky.

LE VAN: You a new teacher or something?

HAWKE: No. Pretty handy fellow. Saw you take on those guys.

LE VAN: I was just lucky.

HAWKE: You always say that? "I was just lucky"?

LE VAN: Hey, what do you want?

HAWKE: People that know, tell me you ought to recognize this man. His name is St John Hawke.

LE VAN: Hey, that's my name.

HAWKE: This is my brother. I've got a great deal of reason to believe that he's also your Father. That makes us family.

LE VAN: I already have a Father. His name is Darren McBride.

Residence of the McBrides

MINH: Mr. Hawke.

HAWKE:Are you Mrs. McBride?

MINH: Your call was such a shock

MINH: My sister and her son.

HAWKE: Is this the boy? Le? Family resemblance. She's very beautiful, like you.

HAWKE: Is this the boy's Father?

MINH: I never met him.

HAWKE: Are there any pictures of them together?

MINH: What's wrong?

HAWKE: This is my brother's ring.

DARREN (from outside): Honey, I'm home.

M/ It's Darren.

DARREN: What's this?

MINH: Darren, he's…

DARREN: Let him talk for himself.

HAWKE: Stringfellow Hawke.

HAWKE: I came to ask Mrs. McBride and yourself about your foster son.

MINH: He thinks Le's Father may have been his brother.

DARREN: You're St John's brother?

HAWKE: You knew him?

DARREN: Yeah, I knew him. Stringfellow Hawke. Oh, your family had a thing about names.

DARREN: Hon, look, get us a couple of beers, will ya? We got a lot of catching up to do. Sit down, sit down.

DARREN: You know, all the time I knew him, he never told me he had a brother.

HAWKE: Had? Sound like you're speaking in the past tense. You don't have any idea where St John is, do you?

DARREN: Where he might be? Well, he… he's been dead for a long time.

DARREN: Yeah, your brother and I were part of a joint UC warfare task force called SOG.


DARREN: Special Operations Group. Our outfit was made up of Green Berets and indigenous personnel.

HAWKE: Don't smoke screen me, McBride. Were these across-the-border operations?

DARREN: Laos, Cambodia, North Vietnam, even China. We went everywhere.

HAWKE: You say he's dead. How do you know?

DARREN: There's supposed to be this chemical warfare lab the Cong had going up in the Highlands. The High Command was afraid Charlie was getting ready to use it. They sent us in on a search and destroy.

DARREN: Only, Charlie pulled a hat-trick, and we got ambushed. I caught one. I saw St John go down.

HAWKE: You saw him killed?

DARREN: He wasn't moving.

DARREN: Then the lab blew sky-high. It was like the 4th of July. I was the only one who made it back to the LZ for the pick up. I'm sorry man, I'm sorry.

At an Airbase

CARSON: Please Father, let us not forget these brave men. We thank you for delivering these men back to their families. That they may rest in peace, far away from the land where they valiantly died. Amen.

USAF OFFICER: Order! Halt! Fall Out! CARSON: Thank you for your kindness.


SAMANTHA: It's coming up now, sir.

(computer sounds)

HAWKE: Damn it, Michael. I don't care what that computer says.

ARCHANGEL: McBride was there.

HAWKE: He saw my brother die.

ARCHANGEL: Hawke, you said there was an explosion. Maybe St John survived, just like McBride did. Maybe McBride saw it all wrong. Maybe McBride is lying.

HAWKE: Punch up McBride.

ARCHANGEL: Go ahead.

SAMANTHA: Searching.

HAWKE: 3 silver stars, 2 purple hearts, 6 regimental commendations. There's not a scratch in that man's record.

ARCHANGEL: Samantha, will you excuse us, please?

AARCHANGEL: lso, there's no mention of the unit he and St John supposedly served in on any secret missions.

HAWKE: That doesn't mean diddly Michael, and you know it.

ARCHANGEL: Hawke, I don't know any more about this thing than you do. You think I'm lying? After all we've been through, you must know I wouldn't lie to you about your brother.

HAWKE: One of the only reasons that I'm here, 'cause I wanna believe that.

ARCHANGEL: I made you a promise a long time ago. I intend to keep it.

HAWKE: And you better start keep’n it fast, Michael.


HAWKE: Or there's gonna be some real big changes around here.

ARCHANGEL: What kind of changes?

HAWKE: Listen, I've got a 12-year-old kid I gotta start getting acquainted with. That's a big change for me.

ARCHANGEL: (sighing) Samantha!


ARCHANGEL: Get me everything we have on McBride, and I mean everything.

Mountains outside Hawke’s cabin

LE VAN: Come on Tet, let's go. (whistling]

LE VAN: Come on. Does he know where we're going?

HAWKE: Hey listen, Half-Pint, old Tet knows these mountains way better than I do.

LE VAN: Well, who takes care of Tet when you're gone?

HAWKE: Well, he takes care of himself.

LE VAN: Where does he go? What does he eat?

HAWKE: I'll tell you. Me and Tet, we got a deal. I don't ask where he goes and he doesn't ask me what I do while I'm gone.

LE VAN: He's a dog. He can't talk.

HAWKE: I guess that's why we get along so good, you know?

HAWKE: One of the best views in the whole country. Real pretty, isn't it?

LE VAN: I guess so.

HAWKE: Little different than what you're used to?

LE VAN: There aren't any people around?

HAWKE: No, that's one of the best parts. Whole country used to be like this at one time.

LE VAN: Sure would've been hard to live back then, huh?

HAWKE: I tell you, I think it'd been a whole lot easier. In fact, I wish I had been born about 200 years earlier. I might've been a cowboy or something.

HAWKE: Like Clint Eastwood in the movies. "Go ahead, make my day."

(imitating gunfire) HAWKE: Yeah, I probably would've turned out like that. Come on, Half-Pint, let's go get some supper.

LE VAN: Come on, Tet. Come on!

(guitar playing)

McBride residence

DARREN: He had quite an effect on Uncle Hawke.

HAWKE: I'd say he had quite an effect on me, I'm bushed.

DARREN: And he hasn't shut up since he woke up this morning. Is a chopper really the only way to get into your place?

HAWKE: You can reach it by horseback.

DARREN: And I thought I was spooky about being around people. Don't get me wrong. I know where you're coming from.

HAWKE: You know, McBride, there's something I'd like to talk with you about.

DARREN: Shoot.

HAWKE: I haven't said anything to Le. And I figured you and your wife should have some time to talk about it. I'd like to adopt the boy. Just raise him like my son.

DARREN: I lost a lot of friends over there. One of them was your brother. I'll talk to Minh. We'll work it out.

Santini Air

DOMINIC: You always said: "That's his footlocker." And he'd be the only one who'd ever open it.

HAWKE: Dom, he's not coming back.

DOMINIC: Are you okay, kid?

HAWKE: The damn box is full of ghosts.

HAWKE: A letter for me.

DOMINIC: What is it?


HAWKE: Says he's been assigned to some secret Special Forces unit. Make raids on North Vietnam. Suicidal.

DOMINIC: Well, what else?

DOMINIC: Oh, my God.

HAWKE: It's like he said…

DOMINIC: Maybe St John really is dead.



ARCHANGEL: Hawke. What's this all mean? (phone ringing) HAWKE: Read this.

ARCHANGEL: It's not even dated. This doesn't prove anything.

HAWKE: It does to me.

CAITLIN: String, please listen to Michael.

HAWKE: You know, finally comes a time just to face the truth. The Vietnam War is over. St John's gone. If the McBrides agree, I'm gonna adopt St John's son. Start a new life.

DOMINIC: What kind of a life?

HAWKE: A quiet one, Dom.

HAWKE: Michael, I got one request. I want St John's remains. I wanna bury him on the hill by the cabin.

ARCHANGEL: Hawke, I don't even know for certain that he's dead.

HAWKE: Find him.

McBride residence

HAWKE: What's up?

MINH: Le ran away.

DARREN: He's done it before. He always goes back out to the streets.

HAWKE: Call the Police?

DARREN: I did better than that. There's a refugee worker who knows the Asian community better than anyone, Glen Carson. If anybody can find him, Carson can.

MINH: He found Le in that awful camp.

DARREN: He arranged entry permits for Le and Minh.

MINH: Here he is.


JIMMY: Beat it, kid.

MAN: Yo Jimmy, man, check this dude out.

LE VAN: Yeah.

JIMMY: Pretty good, huh?

LE VAN: Guess I was just lucky.

JIMMY: Well, let's see how lucky you are.

MAN: Hey kid, shouldn't you be home now? With your mama or something?

(outside in a car) HAWKE: What do you suppose made that kid run away?

DARREN: When we found him in that rat-hole of a refugee camp in Thailand, he was living with another family. When I told him we were gonna bring him back to the States, he ran away. Took us a week to find him that time.

CARSON: He's a good boy. He's just got something kind of wild inside of him. Every once in a while it's gotta get out. Don't judge him too harshly.

HAWKE: No, I don't judge anybody anymore.

(Inside the games arcade) MAN: This kid's gonna beat you, Jimmy.

ANOTHER MAN: You're good, man.

MAN: This kid wears diapers. You gonna let him beat you?

MAN: This kid's gonna beat you, Jimmy.

LE VAN: Yeah!

MAN: Man, you better find somewhere to hide, man.

JIMMY: Pretty good, kid. Except we think you're too good.

MAN: What's he try’n to do?

(fight) MAN: Hey, get that kid. Come on!

(outside) HAWKE: Hey! There.

MAN: Come on, let's get this kid.

JIMMY: Man, you're dead meat!

LE VAN: Wait! I'll give you the money.

JIMMY: Too late, sucker.

LE VAN: Listen to me.

HAWKE: Hey, you guys knock it off.

JIMMY: I want him.

CARSON: Come on, boys. It's not that important.

(Darren hits one of them. The rest run away) HAWKE: McBride. Hey!

HAWKE: Come on! Come on! Hey! Hey! Come on!

HAWKE: Listen, they're kids! Just kids!

DARREN: I saw 3 of my buddies killed by kids no older than that!

CARSON: Killing one of them is not gonna bring your buddies back. Now, get a hold of yourself!

DARREN: I'm sorry. Brought back memories.

HAWKE: You've got a kid right here. You okay?

LE VAN: Sure, I'm okay.

DARREN: You had Minh going nuts. You scared the hell out of both of us!

HAWKE: What if I bring him home a little later?

CARSON: Sounds like a good idea. Come on.

LE VAN: Are you mad at me?

HAWKE: Why'd you take off like that?

HAWKE: Excuse me, I… I guess I should've talked to you first then… or maybe we should've talked, huh? What did you think about that idea?

LE VAN: Kinda scares me.

HAWKE: Yeah, it scares me, too. What part of it scares you the most?

LE VAN: That maybe someday you won't want me anymore.

HAWKE: What in the world gave you that idea?

LE VAN: Darren doesn't want me anymore. He even paid money so my other family would let me come to the States. Maybe someday you won't want me, either.

HAWKE: Let me tell you something, son. I'll always, always be there for you.

LE VAN: You promise?

McBride residence

HAWKE: Whose mug is this anyway? Kid's okay.

DARREN: It's not the kid. A buddy of mine called, who's still in. He's stationed at an Air Force Base near Riverside. There's a plane coming in tonight. MIA remains. Manifest says that there's 8 caskets.

DARREN: My buddy says there's a 9th one, sealed tight.

HAWKE: Was it St John?

Air Force base

HAWKE: Michael swears McBride is wrong about the caskets.

DOMINIC: We can get in a lot of trouble doing this.

HAWKE: Dom, you know I have to know for sure.

DOMINIC: Hey, you sure this is the right building?

HAWKE: We'll know in a second.

HAWKE: Come on.

DOMINIC: He's not here.

HAWKE: Over here.

HAWKE: He's not in there, Dom.

ARCHANGEL: Question is, "What is in there?"

DOMINIC: Oh, my God!

ARCHANGEL: Sorry, Hawke.

HAWKE: Don't be sorry.

HAWKE: It just means that St John's probably still alive.

ARCHANGEL: China White.

SAMANTHA: Looks to be about 200 pounds, sir.

ARCHANGEL: On the street, that's…

SAMANTHA: $250 million.

DOMINIC: What a haul.

ARCHANGEL: How'd you know, Hawke?

HAWKE: Ah, I wanted to believe McBride. Then when you asked me if I thought you were lying, started me to thinking. 14 years of looking with no luck. It comes all at once, no luck at all.

ARCHANGEL: And you started me thinking too. I had Samantha ask for a verification on the MIA remains shipment.

SAMANTHA: Someone fed erroneous information into the stateside computer.

DOMINIC: But 9 caskets were sent, though.

SAMANTHA: But only 8 appeared on the readout.

ARCHANGEL: Looks like McBride and that refugee worker, Glen Carson, are in it together. They were in Saigon at the same time, and they were both linked with the drug trade.

HAWKE: They got it in the States. How were they gonna get it off the Base?

DOMINIC: They figured you'd do it for ‘em.

ARCHANGEL: And they'd make the score of a lifetime.

HAWKE: They wanted a funeral. Let's give him one.

Mountains outside Hawke’s cabin

LE VAN: You used to come here with your brother a lot?

HAWKE: No. But I know he'd have loved it just as much as me.

LE VAN: This is weird. I mean… I don't know, it doesn't feel like it's my Dad that's in there.

HAWKE: You don't remember him very much, do you?

LE VAN: Guess I was too little.

HAWKE: Did your Mother ever talk about your Father?

LE VAN: She never talked much about anything. Mostly she cried.

LE VAN: You miss him a lot, don't you?

HAWKE: Yeah. Feel a lot better since you're around.

LE VAN: I like you a lot, String. There's something I have to tell you.

HAWKE: About Darren and Minh?

HAWKE: They make you do something?

LE VAN: They said it was all up to me.

LE VAN: Uncle String, I want to come and live with you. But I still love Minh and Darren. I wanna come and live with them, too.

HAWKE: Son, don't worry about it. It'll all work out.

On Carson’s Jetranger

DARREN: There he is.

CARSON: How’s it feel to be rich?

Hawke’s cabin


HAWKE: They were there all right. Lurking like a bunch of vultures.

HAWKE: Listen, you could do me a big favor. Keep your eye on Cate here. She gets real paranoid of all these squirrels in the hills.

LE VAN: Don't worry, I'll protect her.

HAWKE: Thanks.

HAWKE: Where's the Lady gone?

DOMINIC: Back of the trees.

DOMINIC: Hey, you sure you don't want me to come with you?

HAWKE: No, thanks. Think I better do this myself.

DOMINIC: String, the boy, is he part of it?

Moutains outside Hawke’s cabin

DARREN: What's going on here?

CARSON: It was in there. I sealed it myself.

DARREN: Well, where is it now?

CARSON: I don't know where it is! I swear!

[Airwolf appears overhead]

HAWKE: McBride, the game's over.

HAWKE: It's over. Put down your guns.

HAWKE: I mean it. Give it up.

(gunfire) DARREN: Come on, we'll lose him in the trees.

CARSON: I stand a better chance in the air. Come on! Let's go.


Air combat sequence

(Airwolf music) CARSON: Where is he?

(gunfire) (RPG fire, explosions) HAWKE: I'm tired of messing with you, Carson.

(RPG fire, explosions) (Jetranger flies into a hillside and explodes)

Pursuit of McBride

HAWKE: End-of-the-line, McBride.

HAWKE: Like I said, end-of-the-line.

DARREN: Back off! I'm gonna fall!

HAWKE: Tell me about St John. I wanna know it all.

DARREN: I don't know anymore! I don't know!

HAWKE: It's not enough to keep you alive.

DARREN: Hawke, please!

HAWKE: If I push a button, we'll be doing Mach 1 in 6 seconds.

DARREN: Carson knew your brother in a hospital in Saigon. He said he talked about you all the time.

DARREN: Ask Carson, he'll tell you what you want to know.


ARCHANGEL: As it turns out, the 2 who died with Carson were airmen. They were both on the plane that transported the caskets.

HAWKE: Was Carson ever in the hospital with St John?

ARCHANGEL: In '73 for about a month. HAWKE: It's closest I ever came to some answers. Just watched him fly right into a mountain.

ARCHANGEL: No way you could have known.

HAWKE: Thank you, Michael.

ARCHANGEL: Think I'll…

MINH: I'm glad you didn't get hurt.

HAWKE: McBride made you do that, didn't he?

MINH: He promised he would marry me and take me to America, if I brought my nephew with us.

HAWKE: Yeah. If he was your nephew.

MINH: He is. And my sister was married to an American.

HAWKE: My brother...

MINH: She had the picture, and the rings. But I don't know if Le's your brother's son or not.

LE VAN: Uncle String.

LE VAN: Will you still love me, even if I'm not your nephew?

HAWKE: Half-Pint, I'll always love you.