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Harry is the name of a character who makes a single appearance in the Season 3 episode Little Wolf (episode).


Harry appears to be some kind of private security man working for Mrs Martha Stewart. The first time Hawke confronts Mrs Stewart, the crooked sheriff Herb Waldren tries to arrest him. Hawke breaks free and escapes. Harry joins Waldren's deputies in pursuit. Waldren also calls his friend Arnie who is flying a crop duster. He sprays the forest where Hawke is hiding with pesticide. This is supposed to hinder Hawke's progress but it gives Harry and the deputies on the ground a hard time too as they can hard breathe and cannot see their quarry.

Later, Hawke comes back to the Stewart house and escapes with Rainy Jennings. Again, Harry joins Waldren's deputies in pursuit. Airwolf intervenes and fires a rocket which flips the pursuing car upside down. Here Harry gets his only line in the show where he calls Waldren on the radio to tell him that they are down.

Portrayed By

Harry is played by David Ashrow.[1] Interestingly, he is the husband of June Allyson who plays Mrs Martha Stewart, Harry's boss, in the same episode.