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Appearances in Airwolf episodes

Provov takes aim at Winchester prior to shooting him.

After the shooting, Provov hurriedly grabs the tapes containing the computer readouts of Airwolf. He is moving very fast so this blurred picture is the best we have of his HK4 but its distinctive shape can be made out.

  • Flight 093 is Missing (episode) - the HK4 is used by at least 2 of the hijackers on board Flight 093. These hijackers are not named and the actors are not credited.

Two of these hijackers are using the HK4. How they got through airport security is a matter of surmise.

This view shows the right side of the HK4, They are approaching the cockpit door to hijack the aircraft.

This hijacker is threatening the captain of the flight with his HK4. The square cut muzzle can be clearly seen.