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Sheriff Waldren is the name of a character who makes a single appearance in the Season 3 episode Little Wolf (episode).


Herb Waldren starts out as a pilot in the episode. Hawke is testing a F6 Corsair when Waldren approaches in a P-51 Mustang and buzzes him. Hawke refuses to play and continues with his test profile. Later on the ground, Hawke rebukes him for flying dangerously. He insists he is only playing but Hawke says he never plays up there. Waldren really thinks he knows what it takes to be a great pilot. When Greg Stewart introduces Hawke as his former instructor who taught him all about flight safety and compliments him as one of the best pilots in the world, Waldren retorts that Greg probably doesn't know many pilots.

Waldren works for Mrs Martha Stewart in some way although it is difficult to say what formal position he holds. He appears to be some kind of fixer. Mrs Stewart would turn to him to get problems fixed, especially if she wants them fixed without linking back to her. Hence she wants him to try to get hold of Rainy's baby. He sneaks into her bedroom to try to carry the baby away but Rainy is only pretending to be asleep and challenges him. Later when Greg Stewart is killed in an air crash, Mrs Stewart wants to keep his death a secret and orders Waldren to bring the body back to her house and hide it in the cellar.

Later in the episode, Waldren becomes the country sheriff. How this came about is not explained, but this was probably the result of Mrs Stewart's influence and power. He uses his sheriff's powers to further Mrs Stewart's aims, first in trying to arrest Hawke, and then in trying to force Dominic to surrender Rainy's baby to him.

In the final pursuit, Hawke, Dominic, Caitlin, Rainy and her baby are safe on board Airwolf and making their escape. Waldren flies his Mustang in pursuit. He should have known that his Mustang doesn't stand a chance. Hawke tells him to give it up and not force him to take him down, but Waldren retorts that Hawke can't touch him on his best day. Waldren is hit and his plane explodes before he can bail out.

Herb Waldren here as the newly minted Sheriff.

Waldren in his Mustang. Much of the footage of the dogfight comes from The American Dream.

Portrayed By

Herb Waldren is played by Peter Brown.[1] This is his only appearance on Airwolf.