Hernando is a character who makes a one-time appearance in the Season 2 episode titled The Truth About Holly (episode).


Hernando is one of two personal bodyguards of master criminal Ed Aarons. Hawke first spots him with his partner, Tony briefly during his raid there to free Holly Matthews.

After Holly has been brought to the United States, Aarons sends Tony and Hernando on her trail. They find Everett, Dominic's mechanic, at Van Nuys. Everett says he has never seen her but they give him a message for Holly. He is to tell her that if she comes back voluntarily, all will be forgiven, otherwise people could get hurt.

Everett goes to the film set where Santini Air is doing a stunt flying gig to tell Dominic. There he spots Hernando and Tony again and points them out to Dominic and Hawke. They give chase buy the two hitmen run off and make their escape in a car.

Later Hernando and Tony accompany Ed Aarons to meet up with Hawke and Dominic. Aarons tells Hawke and Dominic that he doesn't want Holly. All he wants is his coded accounts book which Holly had taken when she fled Mexico. Tony and Hernando had found the accounts book in the Santini Air trailer at the film set the day Hawke and Dominic saw them there. Now that he has the book, he is returning to Mexico and wishes to be left alone and be free of Holly.

Portrayed By

Hernando is played by Cliff Carnell[1]


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