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Ingrid Kendall is a character who makes a one time appearance in the Season 2 episode titled "Flight 093 is Missing".


Ingird Kendall is an executive of the airline which operates Flight 093. On the day of the fateful flight, she is at LAX to send off Edward Johnson, the airline president, who is on his way to Dallas to convince bankers to lend money to the airline for it to expand its operations. Ingrid tells Edward she is confident that Edward would succeed. There is also something else she wants to tell him but she holds back.

Later, when Flight 093 had been brought down and is at the bottom of the sea, Ingrid meets with the aviation officials at the LAX situation room. She hears the ransom demand and is all for raising the money and paying. Hawke tells her that once she pays, she would never see the passengers on the plane again. Ingrid loses her cool and storms off. But Hawke understands. He catches up with her and tells her he also has someone he cares about on the plane. Ingrid tells him she has been Edward Johnson's colleague for eleven years. She had fallen in love with him at the beginning but never told him. He got married to someone else and had children. Then his wife died. But Ingrid did not tell him about her love then either. More recently she decided that enough time had past and perhaps it was time but still she had kept her silence. Now it could be too late.

Portrayed By

Ingrid Kendall is played by Ina Balin[1]