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A boardroom

JARRETT: Ladies and gentlemen, you are indeed among the chosen few. I am pleased to introduce to you, Loki.

JARRETT: Loki is a breakthrough, ladies and gentlemen. It is the first, shall we say, bio-feedback system for an aircraft. Three dozen sensors send readings into Loki's brain for instant analysis. It knows just how hard it can be flown, how much it can take. In short, it makes every aircraft the very best it can be.

JARRETT: It is the central nervous system of the aircraft. And like a man defending his own life, Loki is capable of maneuvers far beyond the aircraft's design.

JARRETT: Loki actually learns what kind of aircraft it's flying in a few short moments. And then, look out. We installed a prototype of Loki in this Korean War vintage fighter. Then we sent it out to challenge two F-4 fighters.

BOARD MEMBER: Those performance parameters, can a pilot withstand that kind of punishment?

JARRETT: We don't know. But pity the poor attacker who tries to keep up with Loki.




STEELE: Come on, come on. Hurry up. Let's go.

ELENA: Everybody stay calm and nobody will get hurt. He's got the Loki box. Get it!




SECURITY GUARD: Excuse me, sir, this is a.... You're not supposed to...


STEELE: What are you doing? Get in. Let's go.




WOMAN: Please get some help!

DRIVER: What's going on? Look what you did to my car!

ELENA: Hey, shut up!

DRIVER: Hey! No problem. It's okay. It's okay.

WOMAN: (IN BACKGROUND) What do you mean? Get the police!

STEELE: Get in his car. Take his car.

DRIVER: You got it. It's cool.

FIRM Headquarters, Knightsbridge

DOMINIC: Looks like a can of sardines to me.

ARCHANGEL: Well, it's one can of sardines we don't want opened. Terrorists armed with Loki could strike anywhere in the world using virtually any kind of aircraft. This was top-secret.

DOMINIC: Well, then, why was this guy Jarrett doing a show-and-tell for half the fat cat investors on his board of directors?

ARCHANGEL: Because Jarrett's an idiot and a showboat.

HAWKE: And you want us to use Airwolf to find what this idiot lost.

DOMINIC: Wait a minute. I haven't finished repairing that communications board yet.

ARCHANGEL: Well, then you'll just have to rig something. As I said, this is top priority. We have a report that the getaway car entered the Halinan National Forest at this point. Ranger Station 47.

HAWKE: The Halinan National Forest is 10,000 square miles.

DOMINIC: Well, I'm sure glad you narrowed it down for us.

ARCHANGEL: I know it's a big hunk of real estate. That's why we need Airwolf with all sensors tracking. Oh, and one word of caution, Hawke. If you do find Loki, and they've already got it installed in some kind of aircraft, don't try to take them on. Loki isn't human. It doesn't recognize human limitations.

HAWKE: Yeah, we'll keep that in mind.

DOMINIC: So long, Michael. Always great to see you.

Tarwater's cabin

DOC: Got that water boiling there, Charlie?

CHARLIE: Yeah, three pans.

DOC: Everything's gonna work out just great, Mrs. Tarwater. We'll work together on this, okay?


DOC: You got that alcohol handy, Charlie?


CHARLIE: Right here. Doc, it's gonna be okay, isn't it?

DOC: Drink this.

CHARLIE: It's gonna be all right. Isn't it, Doc?

DOC: Piece of cake. Just quit calling me Doc.

CHARLIE: Well, now, you've done this before, haven't you?

MARY ANN: Sure, Doc's done this lots of times. Haven't you, Doc?

DOC: Sure, of course.What else can you do around here on a Saturday night?

CHARLIE: Thank God. You know, when that bridge washed out, I got real scared. We came up in here to God's country. Well, we live off the land. We do it all, by ourselves. We just weren't prepared for this.

MARY ANN: The baby's two weeks early.

CHARLIE: I feel blessed to have you with us, Doc. Well, no, we're truly blessed.

DOC: Hey, don't you drink all of that.


DOC: Here you go. Okay, Charlie, how about some water?


DOC: Okay now, just breathe. Just continue to breathe. The little one will be here any minute.

On the road to Halinan National Forest

LUCAS: That's it. The engine's about had it.

ELENA: We have to rendezvous in six hours.

LUCAS: We're just gonna be late.

STEELE: And whose fault is that, Lucas? $10 million is the payment for this one, and you nearly blew it for us.

LUCAS: We still got the thing, the Loki.

STEELE: It's just a tool.

ELENA: Look, he's getting worse, Steele. We've got to get him to a doctor.

STEELE: Yeah, he's vital to this operation. How far is the next town?

LUCAS: Town? Are you kidding?

ELENA: Look, there might be a settlement up ahead.

STEELE: Lucas, dump it.

STEELE: When you're rid of it, get back here fast.

Tarwater's cabin


DOC: Okay, come on. Come on, let's get you warm.

CHARLIE: Just look at that cute little face!

DOC: Can you just give me a little air here?

DOC: Come on, now. Come on.

DOC: Here we go, here we go. Here we go. See your ma. See your ma.

DOC: That's a familiar sound. You're gonna hear it again. Look at this.

MARY ANN: Thanks, Doc.

DOC: I just wish next time you might give me a little more warning.

DOC: I'll get you down the mountainside, I'll get you into the hands of a real doctor, okay?

CHARLIE: Well, hey, wait a minute, Doc. Where are you going? I saved one shot for you.

DOC: I'll take a rain check on that one, Charlie. It's getting late. Well, I got another appointment I got to make. I'm sorry.

CHARLIE: Bye-bye.

DOC: Oh, Charlie, can you do me one favor? Just quit calling me Doc.

CHARLIE: Bye-bye.

Golden Otter Lodge


DOC: You should've been there, Max. You should've seen it.I'm telling you, it is a miracle. I mean, all of a sudden, there he was, this beautiful baby boy, his butt parked in my hands and he's just screaming, hollering to beat the band. I'm telling you, it was something.

MAXINE: I can picture you doing that.

DOC: You know, it was the first time I ever saw a baby born.

MAXINE: Hope you didn't tell Mrs. Tarwater that.

DOC: Sure. Come on, get up. What's for breakfast?

MAXINE: Oh, I don't know. How about some eggs, pigs in a blanket and a pot of Maxine's best?

DOC: I don't know. You're the proprietor. You surprise me.

MAXINE: You always surprise me, Doc.

DOC: Come here. Get out of here!

TV ANNOUNCER.: (ON TV) Lord Killebrew, as the most widely respected peace negotiator on the international scene, your new initiatives can bring permanent change in the Middle East.

DOC: Good morning, Frank.

FRANK: Good morning, Doc.

LORD KILLEBREW: (ON TV) Well, it still may be possible to achieve a lasting peace in the Middle East with this bold new stroke. If we waited for all conflicts to end before seeking peace, we'd never get started at all. Peace is not something for those who stand idly and quietly aside.

DOC: Well, I'll drink to that.

TV ANNOUNCER: (ON TV) Lord Killebrew's stay in the United States will be a short one...

DOC: So, Sally, how are my moccasins coming along?

SALLY: You'll have them by Christmas, Doc.

DOC: Isn't that what you said last Christmas?

SALLY: Well, now, when are you gonna take a look at my bunions?

DOC: Why is it this community can't get themselves a real doctor up here, huh? It's getting so a man can't even do his job anymore. I'm a bush pilot, and I'm going broke in the Florence Nightingale bit, every time some sourdough falls off a log around here.

MAXINE: Don't kid us, you love it.

FRANK: Hey, by the way, Doc. I've been having this problem with my lumbago, and I just wondered...

DOC: Why don't you just lower your intake of red meat? That'll be a good start right there, Frank.

FRANK: Oh, yeah, sorry. I know you had a tough night, huh?


MAXINE: What about those bears that were hanging around the garbage dump? Frank had to bust them.

BADGER: Way I heard it, it was the bears that busted Frank.

FRANK: Badger, I think you got a touch of cabin fever. Maybe you ought to get out and see a little of the world.


BADGER: Come on in, stranger. The drinks are on Doc.

MAXINE: What can we do for you people?

STEELE: Could you help us out? We have someone who needs medical assistance. Which one's Doc?

DOC: Well, I had some medical training in the service. I'm not a doctor.

STEELE: Our friend is hurt.

DOC: Okay, I'll take a look at him, and if it's serious, we'll fly him down the mountain to Gem City.

DOC: This is a bullet wound.

STEELE: Congratulations, Doc. You just got the job.

Onboard Airwolf

DOMINIC: That should bring our communications back online. I don't know how long these temporary solder points will hold. But for the time being, we got communications. Never enough time to do anything around here.


DOMINIC: Hey, String, what kind of a name is L-O-K-l, Loki?

HAWKE: Loki was an ancient Nordic God. Sort of like old Thor's hit man. Always untrustworthy and up to no good. Kind of like, you might call him the god of bad news.

DOMINIC: Now he tells me.

HAWKE: Turbos.

DOMINIC: Coming up.

Golden Otter Lodge

DOC: I can't operate on this man.


STEELE: I'm losing patience.


DOC: Okay, all right. Okay, just hold it. Let her go.

DOC: Okay, Maxine, go down to the chopper and bring up my emergency kit.

STEELE: Hold it. Lucas. Lucas. You go.

MAN ON RADIO: Ranger Station 28, any word on how those construction crews are doing down at Blue River Junction?

(GUNFIRE) STEELE: And while you're there, do the same to his radio. But don't damage the flight instruments. We're gonna need them.

Onboard Airwolf

DOMINIC: Hey, look. Look at that family of bears.

ARCHANGEL: What's your status, Hawke? Have those million-dollar heat sensors come up with anything yet?

HAWKE: Sure, we got 24 mountain goats, 42 deer and 36 stray sheep.

DOMINIC: Correction, 37 sheep. Or is it goats?


ARCHANGEL: You'll just have to keep at it.

Golden Otter Lodge

STEELE: That's two mistakes.

LUCAS: Yes, sir.

STEELE: It's time to move. Where is it?

ELENA: Downstairs.

ELENA: Do as you're told, and nobody will get hurt.

MAXINE: You're not going to put us in there?

SALLY: There's no air in there. We'll suffocate. It's a meat locker.

FRANK: Look, you don't have to put anybody any place. Without a radio up here, we're completely shut off.

BADGER: I won't go. Look, I'm not afraid of these clowns. Let them shoot. See if I give a damn!

ELENA: I'm only gonna say this once. Now, move it!



STEELE: Freeze! Freeze!

SALLY: Frank.

STEELE: Okay, everybody in there, now!

STEELE: Move it! Now!



LUCAS: I heard a shot.

STEELE: Forget it! You're supposed to be guarding Doc!

LUCAS: He's unconscious.

Inside the meat locker

BADGER: It's no use. Ten men couldn't open that door.

MAXINE: Come on here, Frank.

SALLY: Doc will get us out. Won't he, Max?

MAXINE: Sure he will, Sally. Doc's never let you down yet, has he, Frank?

Golden Otter Lodge

DOC: Where's everybody?

STEELE: In the meat locker. Now let's go.

DOC: You can't put them in there. You animals! They're gonna suffocate in there.

STEELE: They'll live.

ELENA: But not for long unless you get that chopper in the air and put us down exactly where we tell you to.

DOC: All right. But listen to me. Just one of my friends doesn't make it out of here, I'm gonna find you. No matter where you are, I'll find you, all of you.

Onboard Airwolf

DOMINIC: Well, according to the computer, that's Crystal Lake, home of the Golden Otter Lodge.

STRINGFELLOW: When all this is over, we got to come back and take in a few rainbows.

DOMINIC: Hey, yeah. Hey, that's funny, though.

HAWKE: What's that?

DOMINIC: Well, there's no people. Not even a caretaker or a watch dog. Not even a single fly fisherman out by the lake.

DOMINIC: Hey, infrared doesn't even show a fire in the cook stove.

HAWKE: Well, maybe everybody's off on a hike.

DOMINIC: Uh-oh, look at this. Whatever it is, it's big, it's metal... And the plates match. Hey, that's the getaway vehicle, String.

DOMINIC: Oh-oh, wait a minute. Radar just overrode. We've got an airborne target. Bearing 295. The computer identifies it as a bush chopper.

HAWKE: Yeah, and he's skimming right down along the treetops.

DOMINIC: Uh-huh, and he's in a big hurry.

HAWKE: Let's go check it out.

Onoboard Doc's JetRanger

LUCAS: What is that?

DOC: It's company. UFO, long arm of the law.

ELENA: They're signaling us.

DOC: Sure, they want us to acknowledge their transmissions.

LUCAS: What do we do?

STEELE: Signal to them we're having radio difficulties.

HAWKE: They're just like some guys out hunting to me.

DOMINIC: Yeah, but did you get the count?

STRINGFELLOW: Pilot, three men and a woman.

HAWKE: It's just like the heist team.

HAWKE: I'm gonna try and force them down.

STEELE: Lose them.

DOC: I'm afraid that's not gonna be too easy.

The pursuit

DOMINIC: Hey, this guy's hotter than a $2 pistol on a Saturday night.

STRINGFELLOW: Dom, try and contact Archangel.

DOMINIC: Okay. But stay glued to his tail like a fox hound.

HAWKE: Yeah, that's what worries me.


HAWKE: This is his briar patch.

STEELE: If we don't make it, your friends won't either.

DOC: I can't outrun this monster. I'm loaded down. He's got twice the power.

STEELE: Well, you better do something.

DOMINIC: Watch it. He's going into that canyon.

DOMINIC: String!

DOMINIC: Hold her, String. Hold her.

HAWKE: Dom, we're going down.


DOMINIC: The solder points didn't hold. Our communications are cooked.

HAWKE: We're gonna have to adjust that tail rotor before we can get back in the air.

DOMINIC: Well, could be worse. We could be stuck halfway in that tunnel with no rotors at all.

HAWKE: Yeah. Pretty fancy flying.

Abandoned radar station

STEELE: There it is, up ahead.

DOC: You mean the old radar base? Don't you know this is Federal property?

STEELE: Take it down.

STEELE: This way.

In the meat locker


FRANK: I can't breathe, Max. The air's going bad in here. It's oxygen depletion. Pretty soon it won't be fit to breathe.

MAXINE: I'm here, Frank.

FRANK: For a while I couldn't see. It was all dark like I was... It's like I was...

MAXINE: Everything's gonna be okay.

SALLY: Why would they do this? What have we ever done to them?

MAXINE: I don't know. To hell with them. What matters is for us to stay alive so that when Doc gets here, Sheriff Frank can give him hell for taking his sweet time.

BADGER: That's right. Doc wouldn't know what to do without us around to pull his leg once in a while. Now, would he, Frank?

FRANK: Damn straight.

SALLY: Frank.

Abandoned radar station

STEELE: Along here. It's that way.

STEELE: Follow him.

DOC: It's quite the little summer camp you got up here, isn't it? What do we do now, play capture the flag?

STEELE: Something like that, yeah. Follow him.

PILOT: We're nearly ten hours behind schedule, Steele. What took you so long?

STEELE: Vehicular difficulties.

PILOT: Who is this?

STEELE: No one. Lucas, take him out. Bury him so even the dogs won't be able to find his bones.

LUCAS: Yes, sir. Hey, let's move it.

DOC: Those people are gonna die back there, Lucas. You know that, don't you?

LUCAS: You're breaking my heart.

DOC: Just let me go. Steele and Elena, they'll never know the difference. By the time I get them out of there, you'll be long gone. What do you say, Lucas? What do you say?

LUCAS: Move!

DOC: Come on, what do you say, Lucas?

LUCAS: I say hold it.

Airwolf's landing site



HAWKE: How many foot pounds?

DOMINIC: Oh, thirty-five. You know, String, I was just thinking about that pilot of that chopper. Dad gummit! I hate to see talent like that turned into crime and murder.

HAWKE: Dom, pilots are people. And there's people on both sides of the law.

DOMINIC: Yeah, I reckon so.

HAWKE: Hold it right there!

DOC: Wait. Those...

HAWKE: Put your hands behind your neck.

DOMINIC: Hey, String, that's him. You flew the chopper through the tunnel, didn't you?

DOC: I'm not one of them, they forced me to take them up there. You got to help me.

HAWKE: I said put your hands behind your neck!

DOC: Look, take it easy, will you? They got four people that are suffocating in an air-tight locker back up there at the lodge. We got to get to them.

DOC: Look, these are my friends! This is my family. Please. Please?

Abandoned rader station

ROPER: We're almost ready.

ELENA: It is hard to believe that one little box is capable of so much.

STEELE: With this in our private arsenal, there will be no target in the world we could not eliminate.

ROPER: At the right price. Always at the right price.

ELENA: And today's job is just paying our expenses.

ROPER: Be my guest. Programmed.

STEELE: Ready?

PILOT: Ready.

ROPER: You're not sending the pilot up in this?

STEELE: Nothing will be left to chance.

ROPER:Does he know if Loki gets into defensive mode, he could...

STEELE: For his share, he must take that chance.

Golden Otter Lodge

MAXINE: (MUFFLED) Somebody there? Somebody there?

DOC: Hey, Max?


DOC: You all right in there?


DOC: Just hang on. We'll get you out.

DOMINIC: Wait a minute now.

DOC: Just hang on. How's everybody in there?

HAWKE: Here.

DOMINIC: There you go. There you go.

DOC: Just hang on in there. We'll pull the lock off. We'll get you right out.

DOMINIC: Easy does it now. Easy.


DOC: You all right?

MAXINE: Doc, Doc.

DOC: You're okay? You're all okay, huh? How you doing? Where's Frank?

DOC: Oh, no.

DOMINIC: So how is he? Is he gonna make it?

MAXINE: Well, Doc set his shoulder and he's got a real nasty bruise on his head.

HAWKE: I'm just fine.

DOMINIC: Sure, sure.

DOC: The man never saw a real criminal his whole life.

MAXINE: Until now.

DOC: There's gonna be justice for this.

MAXINE:I know how you feel, Doc, but what can we do?

HAWKE: Plenty.

DOC: Whoa, easy, Hawke.

DOMINIC: Forget it, String.

DOMINIC: String, you're in no condition.

HAWKE: Dom, I can fly just fine. Let's do it.

HAWKE: Hey, Doc, you just show us where they are, huh?

DOC: My pleasure.

HAWKE: Dom, what's going on with the radio?

DOMINIC: I think we got something.

ARCHANGEL: Hawke, we've been trying to raise you for hours.

HAWKE: Michael, we found Loki.

HAWKE: They've got a chopper. I think they're trying to use it to get out of the country.

ARCHANGEL: I don't think it's that simple. The description of the thieves fits a new gang of paid assassins operating out of Europe.

DOMINIC: Hit men?

MICHAEL: Services to the highest bidder. And I'd bet my last dollar they're planning to fill an open contract up there in the north woods.

HAWKE: Contract, huh? With who?

ARCHANGEL: Lord Killebrew, off on an unscheduled fishing trip. Dead, he's worth $10 million to the right parties.

HAWKE: Well, we better get out there.

HAWKE: Turbos.

DOMINIC: No, wait! You can't use turbos. The disengage is locked down. You'll tear off the blades.

The ambush

PILOT: Union Jack One, this is Escort One. We have a clear landing zone. ETA is three minutes and counting. Lord Killebrew, looks like a great day for lake trout.

KILLEBREW: And it's a lovely sight indeed.

ELENA: Five minutes and they're gone.

STEELE: Our mission's not over till we confirm the kill. Then we fly to the set-down point, retrieve Loki, and move on.

ELENA: To bigger and better paydays.

PILOT 1: Union Jack One, our radar is picking up an incoming aircraft.

PILOT 2: This is Union Jack One. What's he doing up here?

PILOT 1: Union Jack One, veer off, veer off. He's disregarding my signal.

HAWKE: He took out the escort ship. I wish we had our turbos.

STEELE: When our Libyan friend sees this film, he's gonna be very pleased to know how we earned his $10 million.

(AIRWOLF MUSIC) PILOT: Loki's taken control.

STEELE: Whoever they are, they're limited by their own flesh and bones. Loki will blow them out of the sky.

HAWKE: Sunburst.

DOMINIC: Loaded.

DOMINIC: String. String?

DOC: He's gone out. He's unconscious.

DOMINIC: Take over, Doc. Hang on. I'm killing the engines.

DOC: You're doing what?

DOC: What's happening? Was he stalled?

DOMINIC: No, he cut his engines.

DOC: Where are the rockets on this thing?

DOMINIC.: Right thumb. Right thumb.

DOC: Right thumb. Here it goes.

DOMINIC: Lord Killebrew, we radioed for an escort. Until they arrive, we'll keep you company.

KILLEBREW: Gentlemen, I don't know who you are, but thank you.

Golden Otter Lodge

TVANNOUNCER: (ON TV) And so Lord Killebrew completes his historic mission to the peace conference to inaugurate round-table talks on the Middle East. And now, live to Lord Killebrew.

LORD KILLEBREW: As long as we remember that we must strive for peace every day, then one day, that goal will be ours.

MAXINE: Right on.

DOMINIC: Bravo. Bravo.

DOC: There's a man worth saving, huh? Uh-huh.

MAXINE: You said it.

DOC: Badger, look at this. You did a great job on this.

BADGER: Thanks.

DOMINIC: Hey, you didn't do too bad up there, yourself, considering.

DOC: Didn't have much choice, did l?

HAWKE: Well, you know, if you'd have hurt Dom's lady, you might have really been in double trouble.


DOMINIC: No, listen, what I'm trying to say is that, seeing as how you lost your rig, I wouldn't mind at all....

HAWKE: What Dom is trying to say, Doc, is that, there's always a job open at Santini Air for a real hotrod pilot like yourself.

DOC: Really? I don't know. I think I got everything in the whole world I would want right here. Unless the pay is fantastic, of course.

HAWKE: Hey. Hey, top dollar.

DOC: Really?

HAWKE: Except, Dom still thinks it's 1932.