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Ivan Turgyev is a character who makes a one-time appearance in the Season 1 episode titled Proof Through the Night.


Ivan Turgyev is a farmer who lives in the agricultural community of Kirivitz in central Russia. F.I.R.M. agent Vladimir Rostoff's wife Natalya is his sister and she and her daughter lived with him on his farm while Vladimir worked at a Soviet biological weapons facility at Sverdlovsk. Despite growing up and living together for 22 years, Ivan did not know that Vladimir was an American agent. When Hawke and Dominic are sent to extract Vladimir in Airwolf, he insisted that Airwolf make a 200 mile diversion to pick up his wife and daughter living at Turgyev's farm. To ensure Hawke's cooperation, Vladimir had left the neurotoxin sample he had stolen with his wife.

When Hawke, Dominic and Vladimir arrive at the farm, they find Turgyev singing with the balalaika and entertaining two local militia man. Dominic likes his singing and Vladimir tells them Turgyev has a great voice and used to sing in the army choir. Turgyev is himself also a member of the militia and intensely patriotic. When Vladimir shows up after the militiamen leave, Turgyev at first greets him warmly but then he is upset to learn that Vladimir is a traitor and that his sister has lied to him all these years. When Vladimir explains that he will be shot if he does not escape, Turgyev wants a place on the firing squad. But there is no time, and Hawke tells Dominic to take the cannister of neurotoxin and also Turgyev's militia AK-47.

When a Russian helicopter gunship turns up at the farm, Turgyev takes advantage of the distraction and seizes the canister of toxin from Dominic and runs out of the farmhouse. Hawke pursues him and fights it out with him outside, eventually knocking him down and retrieving the bottle but by then the helicopter has caught them in its spotlight. Dominic uses Turgyev's Ak-47 to drive off the helicopter. The helicopter responds with a fusillade of machine gun fire but both Hawke and Turgyev make it to cover safely.

Later, when Vladimir is loading his family into Airwolf, he gives Turgyev a farewll wave but, still hurt and upset, he refuses to respond. Earlier Vladimir had told Dominic that Turgyev probably hates him but Dominic, ever the philosopher, comforts him saying that given time, Turgyev will forget the hurt and only remember the good times they spent together.

The episode ends with Turgyev reprising the patriotic song Poljushko Polje on his balalaika.

Portrayed By

Ivan Turgyev is played by Radu Gavor,[1] who had earlier played a Russian officer in Daddy's Gone A Hunt'n (episode).