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Jason Darius is a character who makes a one-time appearance in the Season 2 episode titled "Sins of The Past".


Jason Darius owns a large casino on the Caribbean island of San Remo. He is a powerful and ruthless man who keeps an army of toughs to enforce his wishes. The casino is highly unpopular among the islanders and the police suspect Jason of many crimes but dare not move against him. As Captain Babbitt told Hawke, Darius has powerful friends on the mainland. In fact, they had sent Darius to San Remo to escape prosecution for murder. Lila Santini found evidence that Darius had been skimming money from his casino project and used this to blackmail him. It didn't take long for Darius to have her killed. When Dominic was subsequently framed for this murder, Hawke to return to San Remo to clear his name. Darius sent his toughs against anyone who threatened him, including Aaron Martin, Dominic's best friend on San Remo. He had stumbled on what Lila had been using to blackmail Darius but. Darius' toughs also tried to kill Hawke but Hawke escapes from their clutches and convinces Captain Babbitt to move against Darius. Babbitt goes to arrest Darius on suspicion of murder but Darius gets his toughs to beat him up and throw him out of the casino building.

At the grand opening of Darius' casino, Hawke turns up outside with Airwolf and starts to shoot it up. Darius flees from the building in terror. He bumps into Captain Babbitt outside th casino building and asks him to take him away. Babbitt is only too glad to do so and snaps the handcuffs on him.

Portrayed By

Jason Darius is played by Brett Halsey[1] This is his only appearance on Airwolf.