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A forest clearing in Central America

HAWKE: Gustavo?

EL GATO: Yes, Señor. Are you Mr. Hawke?

HAWKE: Yes. This is Dominic Santini.

DOMINIC: El Gato. Mucho gusto de conocer, señor. (It's a pleasure to know you, sir).

EL GATO: El placer es mio. Bienvenido. (The pleasure is mine. Welcome.)

DOMINIC: Gracis. (Thank you.)

EL GATO: You have brought some very fine equipment.

HAWKE: This is Miss Caitlin.

EL GATO: From this moment on I will never have to say the flies fall into my wine.

EL GATO: Bienvenido a mi país. Welcome to my country.


EL GATO: Six months ago, I would have said, arm a thousand of my men with this and we would eat freedom for Christmas dinner.

EL GATO: I want this American scientist of yours out of my country. These tanks he has designed, nothing can stop them. I do not understand how the men survive inside. Grenades, bombs even fire.

DOMINIC: Because there are no men inside. These tanks are known as ALVs, Automated Land Vehicles, and they're operated by computers.

EL GATO: ¿Computadoras? Increíble. (Computers? Incredible.)

EL GATO: Well, how is it this man is involved with the Russians?

CAITLIN: They kidnapped him about a year ago.

HAWKE: Hey, I got a great idea. Why don't we just take her in, the four of us together?

EL GATO: No, no, Señor.

HAWKE: Dom, listen, the camp is too well fortified.

CAITLIN: There are only two places we can take Airwolf in for the rendezvous. It would be here or here.

EL GATO: Bueno, ¿Se me permite? (Well, may I?)

DOMINIC: Si. (Yes.)

EL GATO: You'll be safe here. It's only a few miles from Santa Teresa. I have enough soldiers well hidden there to make a real offensive, if we eliminate the tanks.

DOMINIC: We'll be there. And now, for crying out loud, if you get into any kind of trouble will you get on the horn and yell?

EL GATO: Señor Dominic, there will be no trouble. La señorita Caitlin and I are destined to meet for dinner and mountain wine in Santa Teresa.

CAITLIN: Without flies?

EL GATO: I will explain everything over dinner. Yes?


DOMINIC: El Gato. Will you keep an eye on him for me?

EL GATO: Con mucho gusto Señor! (With much pleasure, sir!)

DOMINIC: Gracias. (Thank you.)

CAITLIN: Good luck.

EL GATO: Gracias. (Thank you.) Until dinner. Adios! (Bye!)

Morning. Colonel Ross' camp

HAWKE: I don't see any tanks. I thought you said they kept them guarded inside the compound.

EL GATO: They always have until now. I hope your Mr. Keith knows where the hell they are.

HAWKE: My name is Hawke. I'm sent by the Firm.

KEITH: Yeah, well I don't mean to seem ungrateful, but the Firm has botched two rescue attempts on me already. If you don't have enough firepower to cover me, please just forget it.

KEITH: Colonel Ross made a very nasty promise that he was gonna execute me if I try to escape again.

HAWKE: If you just shut up long enough and listen, we'll get out of here. I need to know the locations of the ALVs.

KEITH: I don't know where they are. Ross moved them out last night. He's planning some kind of combat test called Operation Blackstone.

HAWKE: Blackstone, what's that suppose to mean? I'm a scientist, not a soldier.





HAWKE: Come on, run.


KEITH: You'll have to leave him or we'll be killed!

EL GATO: Yes, Hawke. Do as he says, Hawke.

HAWKE: Like hell I will.

EL GATO: Amigo, I'm El Gato. I still have a few of those nine lives left. Let me do what I have to do. I cannot fly Airwolf.

EL GATO: My country, my people, they need you now more than they need me. Go, amigo, go. Just remember me on Christmas.

KEITH: `Let's go.

EL GATO: Go, go, go. Both of you. Andarle! (Hurry up!)

HAWKE: God speed you!

EL GATO: Long live the revolution!

HAWKE: ome on, run.

ROSS: So, the legend dies.

MAYORGA: A man has died. I hope you're right about the legend. But now, I'm afraid we have a more pressing problem. Our prisoner is gone.

ROSS: Don't worry, Colonel Mayorga. I'll have him back by morning. And I'll have the satisfaction of shooting him myself.

In the forest

KEITH: How much further?

HAWKE: I'd say about eight miles.

KEITH: Through this? Where's our cover?

HAWKE: Until we hit the rendezvous, it's just us two, friend.

KEITH: This is insane.

HAWKE: That's why it just might work. Damn it!

HAWKE: The radio took a bullet. It's worthless.

KEITH: I thought this whole area would be crawling with soldiers by now. Do you think we lost them?


JENNIE: No te mueves. Las manos arriba! (Don't move! Hands up!)

KEITH: Don't move, put your hands up.

JENNIE: Y tu! (You too!)

KEITH: She means it.

JENNIE: Diga las pistolas. (Give the pistols.)

KEITH: Drop your pistol.

HAWKE: What the hell is going on?

JENNIE: You're both Americans!

HAWKE: Yeah.

HAWKE: You wanna call off your infantry out there, we'll discuss it.

JENNIE: My infantry? Oh, of course.

JENNIE: This is Raf. That gun is old, it doesn't work. Irene, Lorena, Clemente, Eluid, Javier and Solita.

JENNIE: She says they're pleased to meet you. She's just learning English.

KEITH: Captured by a bunch of deaf kids.

JENNIE: They're hearing impaired and they're young, but every one of them's got a lot more courage than most adults I've ever known.

HAWKE: Lady, who are you?

JENNIE: Jennie Burton. And you?

HAWKE: Stringfellow Hawke. This is Jason Keith.

HAWKE: What are you doing out here with these kids? There's a war going on.

JENNIE: I'm their teacher. We were out hiking. Government troops destroyed our village. We've been practicing survival skills and baseball.

HAWKE: Have you seen any tanks or heavy artillery?

JENNIE: Yes, we've seen tanks. Three of them. Armed with rockets and flamethrowers. They came with the soldiers and... Well, now, there's nothing left to go back to.

HAWKE: Did they see any of that?

JENNIE: They saw it all.

HAWKE: Get down, get down. Come on.


HAWKE: They're gone for now. They're heading east.

JENNIE: Whatever you're here for, good luck. We better hurry.

HAWKE: Where do you think you're going?

JENNIE: Santa Teresa. If the soldiers are going east, we can get through now. We'll be safe there.

HAWKE: That's just one patrol. What about the others?

JENNIE: My kids are good outdoorsmen, but we can't stay out here forever.

HAWKE: No. They might just make it if they have an escort.

KEITH: Are you serious? We have a rendezvous to make.

KEITH: Listen, I feel as sorry for this group as you do, but you have a job to do.

JENNIE: Look, we didn't ask for any help. We'll be fine, just fine.

HAWKE: There's a pass about a mile from here. Make real good cover.

JENNIE: All right.

Airwolf bivouac

DOMINIC: String. String, come in, String. String, come in please. Ah, nuts.

DOMINIC: I don't like it. He should have checked in by now.

CAITLIN: Well, I'd be a lot more worried about him if he wasn't with Gustavo.


DOMINIC: Hey, the way he smiled at you, I bet that cat would go through fire just to collect that dinner.

CAITLIN: He was just being polite, Dom.

DOMINIC: Polite! You kind of like him, don't you?

CAITLIN: It's not every day you meet a legend.


CAITLIN: You know, there could be a lot of reasons why they haven't checked in.

DOMINIC: Yeah, and every one that I've thought of, I don't like.

CAITLIN: Maybe we should go look for them.

DOMINIC: No, we'll sweat it out.

DOMINIC: But if they are not here in exactly four hours and one minute I'm gonna make sure that all hell breaks loose.

CAITLIN: I'll be right beside you.

In the forest


HAWKE: Come on, let's go.

HAWKE: These kids are something else. We just ran a whole two miles and not one of them stopped.

JENNIE: They'd run all day if I let them.

KEITH: Why don't you? Or would that offend your sensibilities.

HAWKE: You know, you're really pushing your luck.

KEITH: Listen Hawke, this may not sound very nice to you, but if these kids were to die today, they could all be replaced tomorrow.

KEITH: I have abilities that cannot be replaced, abilities that the free world may depend upon in the near future. I didn't ask for these talents, but I have them and I've got to live up to my responsibility.

HAWKE: Keith, sit down and shut up. Do it somewhere away from me.

JENNIE: You see them?

HAWKE: No, but it doesn't mean they're not there. They could be spotting us from any place.

JENNIE: He seems like a very frightened man. People say awful things when they're frightened.

HAWKE: Why make excuses for him?

JENNIE: I've hurt people without trying.

HAWKE: I find that kind of hard to believe.

HAWKE: Where did you get all these kids?

JENNIE: Well, Solita was the first. I found her hiding in the streets on Granada. Her parents were very wealthy, big house, servants, the works. But they supported the Freedom Front. They were executed. That locket's all she's got left. I wanted to get her as far from the city and those memories as I could.

JENNIE: So we came up here, to the mountains. And people heard about me, and the others just sort of appeared, one by one.

HAWKE: It must have taken an awful lot of patience.

JENNIE: Oh, only because they're kids! The other is just a language barrier, which you're about to break.

JENNIE: Go ahead, try it.

JENNIE: Now you can tell them yourself.

HAWKE: Yeah, but what did I say?

JENNIE: Let's go. Follow me.

HAWKE: How come Central America?

JENNIE: All my life I've just wanted to be useful. I tried a lot of different things, but I was never really successful until now.

HAWKE: I think he's saying it's time for us to go.

JENNIE: You got it.



HAWKE: Get them under cover.

KEITH: This isn't a game! You could've gotten us all killed! Don't you understand?

JENNIE: It wasn't a game. His brother was killed last month by one of those. He was only 15.

JENNIE: He wants his own gun. He wants to fight them with you.

KEITH: We don't have time for this.

HAWKE: I do. Tell me how to say this to him.

JENNIE: He can read lips and hear some, Hawke. He'll understand.

HAWKE: It takes a great deal of courage to die. Your brother had that courage. I believe you do to. But sometimes it takes more courage to live.

KEITH: That spotter plane is gonna turn around any second.

KEITH: Let me go. What are you doing?

HAWKE: Bushmaster. A very deadly snake.

KEITH: The kid led me right into it! He could have gotten me killed!

JENNIE: Raf was just trying to warn you. He probably noticed it before we passed by.

Airwolf bivouac


DOMINIC: I don't think he spotted us, but keep the jamming system on just to be sure.


DOMINIC: Two hours to go. Just two hours to go. Why hasn't he checked in? CAITLIN: If you ask me that one more time, you're going to make both of us crazy.

DOMINIC: I'm sorry. I know you're as worried about him as I am. I'm sorry.

CAITLIN: It's not the waiting that bothers me, it's the wondering, it's not knowing. I mean, did they get in the camp, did they get out okay, where they are now. All that stuff about the flies and the wine.

DOMINIC: Moscas en el vino. (Flies in the wine.)

DOMINIC: You really don't know what that means, huh?

CAITLIN: No. Do you?



DOMINIC: Well, you see, down here they have an expression that means bad luck in love. Moscas enel vino. Flies in the wine. He sees you, no more bad luck. He thinks you're beautiful.


CAITLIN: Dom, I've got something on ground radar. They're headed toward the south/south-west, about a thousand yards.

DOMINIC: How many?


DOMINIC: Two! There should be three. One of them didn't make it. I'd better go down and meet them.

CAITLIN: Dom, wait a second, there's three. There are three.

CAITLIN: No, there's more than three. It looks like a patrol headed straight for us.

DOMINIC: Distance?

CAITLIN: Nine hundred and fifty yards. What's the bottom line?

DOMINIC: Two hundred yards.

In the forest

JENNIE: What is it?

HAWKE: It's just a feeling like I used to get. Like something is there watching you. You can't see them, they're just waiting.

HAWKE: Keep those kids together.

KEITH: Shouldn't we be at that village already?

KEITH: I can't shoot!

JENNIE: I will.


JENNIE: That feeling was pretty right on.

HAWKE: It wasn't. Not gone away. If there are any patrols around, they might've heard that shot.


OLD WOMAN: Andale, vamos. (Come on, hurry up)(More Spanish)


OLD WOMAN: Dios mio. Dios mio. (My God. My God.)

Airwolf bivouac

CAITLIN: Dom, two hundred yards.

DOMINIC: That's it, then. Let's get this baby out of here.




In the forest

OLD WOMAN: ... pero mi vaca esta bien. (but my cow is ok.)

JENNIE: Todo esta bien. (All is well.)

OLD WOMAN: Gracis. Gracias, senorita. (Thank you. Thank you, miss.)

JENNIE: A patrol raided her village, her farm. She said she wouldn't let them get her cow. She says, if we're going to eat freedom for Christmas, we have to fight, one way or the other.

HAWKE: El Gato.

JENNIE: You've heard of him? He gives these people hope, year after year. Maybe one Christmas.

HAWKE: He's dead, you know.

HAWKE: Keith was being held by the government. He died helping me get him out.

JENNIE: I try so hard to focus on the positive. There's so much death. I never thought I could kill anyone.

HAWKE: You just did what you had to do.

JENNIE: I have this dream of building a real school for the hearing-impaired kids, where they can learn and grow and develop all their talents. I've always taught them life is sacred. What can I teach them now?.

HAWKE: Maybe that it's not perfect. They'll probably understand it better than you do. Come on, teacher.

Colonel Ross' tanks

ROSS: You all set? Move them out.

ROSS: One hell of a day, Colonel. El Gato dead. Our final testing will wipe out his little army and the Americans.

MAYORGA: Moscow should be very pleased.

ROSS: With both of us.

Santa Teresa

JENNIE: This is sister Agnes Marie. I know her. They heard about our village being destroyed.

HAWKE: Ask her if she's seen any government troops?

JENNIE: Han visto soldados por aqui? (Have you seen any soldiers here?)


JENNIE: She says no. I knew we'd be safe here. I told them about El Gato.

KEITH: I think we better go now.

HAWKE: I've still got that same feeling. We haven't seen a patrol since early this morning.

KEITH: Well maybe we lost them. Maybe they don't give a hang about Santa Teresa.

HAWKE: Or maybe we just walked into a big trap.

HAWKE: What's this?

JENNIE: Some kind of pre-Colombian relic. The villagers say this was a Mayan outpost at one time.

HAWKE: Outpost, huh?

FREEDOM FIGHTER: Señor. El Gato, you saw him die.


FREEDOM FIGHTER: El muerto. (He is dead.)

HAWKE: He saved my life and this man here.

HAWKE: Keith, you said that Ross was gonna test the ALVs, called it Operation Blackstone?

KEITH: That's right.


HAWKE: Get these kids in that building over there.

On board Airwolf

DOMINIC: Where the hell is String?

CAITLIN: Gustavo said he had some troops in Santa Teresa. Maybe they got trouble and had to go there.

DOMINIC: We're on our way.

Santa Teresa


HAWKE: You're bleeding.

JENNIE: I'll be okay.

HAWKE: What did you expect, your priority list? This is it.

HAWKE: She needs your help. Move your butt, Keith!

KEITH: Come on. Come on.

Inside a room


OLD WOMAN: Uno, dos, tres, ahora. (One, two, three, now) [SHE SINGS IN SPANISH.]



Outside in the village square

FREEDOM FIGHTER: Necesitamos tu ayuda. (We need your help.)

HAWKE: Cuantos armas tienes? (How many men do you have?)

FREEDOM FIGHTER: 25 hombres 6 mujeres. (25 men and six women.)

FREEDOM FIGHTER: Vamos. Necesitar tu ayuda. (Let's go. They need your help.)


HAWKE: Welcome to the real world.

KEITH: I'll try.

HAWKE: Come on, Dom.


DOMINIC: Arm for air-to-surface.

CAITLIN: You got it when you want it.






DOMINIC: You okay?

HAWKE: Yeah.

CAITLIN: Gustavo, is he all right, too?

HAWKE: Cait, in that cafe over there are some kids. They're with a friend of mine named Jennie. She's been hurt. They could really use your help.


HAWKE: Cait, I'm sorry. He's dead.

DOMINIC: Not El Gato. No, I don't believe it.

Air combat sequence



HAWKE: Dom, Copperhead.

DOMINIC: Roger, Copperhead.


HAWKE: How are we doing?

HAWKE: Full combat mode.

DOMINIC: I'm giving you all she's got.


Back at Santa Teresa

HAWKE: Are you sure you're okay?

JENNIE: A little wobbly, but I'll be fine. Will I ever see you again, Hawke?

HAWKE: Well, you've got a standing invitation, anytime you want. To visit me up the lake. Take me up on it. I mean it. And I've got a feeling that you're gonna be building that school pretty soon. You might think about this village. Santa Teresa might be the perfect place.

JENNIE: When everything gets repaired. I mean it really is a pretty little village, all I have to do to teach history is take the kids for a walk.

JENNIE: Stringfellow Hawke. Who could ever forget a name like that? I'm gonna miss you, Hawke.

HAWKE: I'll miss you.

DOMINIC: Now that's a sight for sore eyes.