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Joseph Scarelli is the name of a character makes a single appearance in the Season 3 episode Desperate Monday (episode).


Joseph Scarelli is an extremely wealthy industrialist and father of Barbara Scarelli. His wife had died of cancer and then more recently, his son Lorenzo had died in a racing accident at Monte Carlo. Thereafter he became obsessed with the safety of his daughter Barbara Scarelli.

Therefore the kidnapping of Barbara on board the Queen Mary became a major preoccupation for the FIRM and Archangel. Besides being very rich and powerful, Scarelli was also a good friend of the United States, and had a lot of influence with the majority members of the Italian government.

Scarelli arrived at the quayside next to the Queen Mary after hearing of the news of the kidnapping. However he was a team player. He did not speak much or interfere with the way Archangel handled the operation, but left it to the professionals. He was reunited with his daughter at the end of the episdoe.

Portrayed By

Joseph Scarelli is played by Dan Saroyan.[1] This is his only appearance on Airwolf.