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Joskins is a character who makes a one-time appearance in the Season 2 episode titled "Flight 093 is Missing.


Joskins is an accomplice of Hergos, the leader of the gang which hijacks Flight 093. After Flight 083 has been brought down into the ocean, Joskins and Hergos take a boat out to the crash site. Four other accomplices (unnamed) who were on board the aircraft and who did the actual hijacking have swam out of the aircraft in scuba gear and make it to the surface to meet the boat. Unfortunately for them, a Piper J-3 Cub aircraft flies over. Hergos decides that he cannot afford to let his location (and that of Flight 093) be discovered so he orders Joskins to engage it with an Browning M2 machine gun while he readies a Redeye SAM to shoot it down. After the plane has been destroyed, Hergos next tells Joskins to turn his machine gun and kill all their fellow hijackers who are still in the water. This way there would be fewer people to share in the ransom money.

Later, Joskins hears on the radio that the coast guard has the location of Flight 093. He panicks and wants to get away as soon as possible. But, Hergos tells him they need to first destroy the evidence. Divers who are sent down will find that four bodies are missing. They could be identified and this will lead back to Joskins and himself. Hergos tells Joskins to steer a course for the crash site and they begin to drop depth charges. They only manage to release one or two before Airwolf shows up. Hergos launches a Redeye missile. Hawke reacts just in time but the missile blast damages some of Airwolf's electronics, disabling its weapons. But Hawke is not finished yet. While Dominic tries to fix the systems, he takes Airwolf back over the boat and engages it with his pistol. Joskins tries to shoot at Airwolf with his M2 but is driven off the deck by Hawke's pistol fire. Dominic fixes the weapons systems and Hawke launches a couple of missiles which blow the boat up.

Portrayed By

Joskins is played by Alex Kubik.[1] He also played Larson in Season 3 Annie Oakley (episode).