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Kathleen O'Malley's career spans the history of film making and television. Born in 1924, her father was Patrick O'Malley, himself a noted stage performer and later silent film actor. Kathleen's first film was as an infant in the silent film My Old Dutch, a silent film. She later had appearances in shows such as Mr Roberts, General Hospital, Rawhide, Bonanza and The Waltons in a long career. Her last appearance was in 1998 on Buddy Faro.[1]


Flight 093 is Missing (Season 2)

And a Child Shall Lead (Season 3)

Character Played

In Flight 093 is Missing, O'Malley played the part of Mrs. Smith, the passenger who has the seat next to Caitlin. Caitlin spends the earlier part of the flight telling her about the troubles she has with her mother who is always comparing her with her sister.

In Season 3's And a Child Shall Lead, O'Malley plays Sister Monica, a nun who runs the St. Julian's School, which caters to children with autism and other developmental challenges. She turns up at Santini Air to remind everyone about their promise to help at a school party.