Kelly Dayton

Kelly Dayton is a character who makes a one-time appearance in the Season 2 episode titled "Dambreakers".


Kelly Dayton is a reporter with TV station KWWT. Hawke is detailed to fly her out to do an interview at a back-to-nature religious community. Hawke is not keen to go, and actually neither is Kelly. She thinks she is being punished by her producer. All her colleagues seem to have more exciting stories to do.

Arriving at the community, they meet "Brother Jebediah", aka Johann Rector, supposedly the leader of the community. She feels uncomfortable. She tells Hawke she has a "frisson", a little shiver, like when "the devil walks by". Working together with Hawke, she uncovers the secret of comunity: it has been taken over by a group of terrorists who plan to blow up a nearby dam with a B-25 Mitchell bomber. Hawke and Kelly are taken prisoner by the terrorists but they break free and manage to send a message to Dominic through Sara Longwood before they are recaptured. The terrorists intend to use Kelly to film and report on the dam-bust but Hawke manages to overpower their captors with Kelly's help and they make their escape. Airwolf arrives in time for Hawke to shoot down the B-25 and Kelly is left complaining that she just saw the biggest story in her life but doesn't even have an inch of footage she could use. But she reassures Hawke she won't blow the cover on his big black machine.

Portrayed By

Kelly Dayton is played by Heather McNair.[1]


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