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Nighttime at Maxitech Corporation

TRACY: This is it.

TRACY: Move! Come on!

TRACY: You're coming with us for security.


SAWYER: Unit 4, this is Sawyer. They're headed your way. Try and cut them off.


Next morning at Maxitech

ARCHANGEL: You're too good at what you do, Sawyer, to have let this happen.

SAWYER: What the hell's that supposed to mean? They parachuted in. Otherwise, nobody gets by my men.

ARCHANGEL: It's a unique means of infiltration, but this caper has all the earmarks of an inside job, more than likely by someone who had access to your security contingencies.

SAWYER: No kidding, Michael. Very astute. Got any more great revelations for me?

ARCHANGEL: Not just yet. You never could quite fit into the program, could you, Sawyer?

SAWYER: Well, that's why I left the Firm. I finally realized I could never learn to condescend.

ARCHANGEL: Well, the investigation of this matter is now out of the hands of corporate security.

SAWYER: Uh-uh. No way. I'm in charge of security around here, and I don't relinquish authority to anybody.

ARCHANGEL: Maxitech is a GOCO operation. That means government-owned and contractor-operated. So you see, Ken, in a way, you're still working for us. And I'm afraid that the theft of 200 nuclear triggering devices has gone beyond the scope of company security! We're talking about a national, if not a global threat here!

ARCHANGEL: How far out are they?

LYDIA: They should be here any second, sir.



ARCHANGEL: Glad you could join us, gentlemen.

HAWKE: I didn't quite see it as a request.

DOMINIC: More like an order.

SAWYER: Well, I never thought l'd see the day you two became company men. I'd hate to think the Firm finally got to you.

HAWKE: That why you quit, Sawyer?

SAWYER: Let's just call it a career move. Now, if you'll excuse me, I got problems to handle.

ARCHANGEL: Just as long as you understand that we're handling this from now on.

HAWKE: All right, Michael, what's this all about?

ARCHANGEL: Just before sunup, a four-man assault team managed to penetrate Sawyer's security.

HAWKE: Yeah, well, knowing Sawyer, it was no fluke. Probably somebody from the inside dropping the ball.

ARCHANGEL: Exactly. In any case, they made off with 200 thermonuclear detonators.

DOMINIC: Wait a minute. This is a little over my head, but are you talking about triggering devices for nuclear bombs?

ARCHANGEL: That's right. And if somebody's got either plutonium, deuterium or tritium, the radioactive ingredients that make nukes nuclear, they can make a bomb.

HAWKE: Well, what do you want us to do about it, Michael?

ARCHANGEL: The triggers were impregnated with a special low-level radioactive isotope. They can't be shielded in a conventional manner. So it may be possible for Airwolf's surveillance system to pick up the radioactive signals.

DOMINIC: And where do you expect us to start looking for these detonators?

ARCHANGEL: I suggest you start with California.

On a boat

TRACY: You didn't have to make it look so damn convincing.

SAWYER: I've hurt you a lot worse.

TRACY: But afterwards, I enjoyed you.

SAWYER: You'll enjoy your share of the $ 10 million a lot more.

TRACY: You have a way of making promises, Ken, and then a nasty habit of not keeping them.

SAWYER: Don't you trust me?

TRACY: I used to. This woman you want to use to get to Airwolf, why is it necessary to play with her? Why can't you just get on with it?

SAWYER: Because she interests me. And because she's an integral part of my plan.

TRACY: And because it's Sawyer's way or nothing.

SAWYER: Exactly. It's always worked for me. Have a little faith. I introduce myself to this lady, and she'll help deliver Airwolf. You can bet on it.

TRACY: Well, you'd better hope so. Because if she doesn't, I will more than pay you back.

On board Airwolf

DOMINIC: I'm telling you, String, my eyeballs are about ready to fall out. I had no idea there was so much radioactive material scattered around.

HAWKE: Unfortunately, most of us don't.

HAWKE: What you got?

DOMINIC: Probably another x-ray machine in a dentist's office.

DOMINIC: Can you isolate the signal?

HAWKE: Working on it.

DOMINIC: Picking up a high plutonium gamma line reading. We may have something.

HAWKE: Well, you got a fix yet?

DOMINIC: Oh, cut me some slack, huh? Triangulating.

HAWKE: Location identification coming up.

DOMINIC: Yeah, we got something, all right. An x-ray laser emission from the Livermore Biological Research Center. What now?.

HAWKE: We keep looking.

Santini Air

SAWYER: Hey, buddy. Tell me where I can find Caitlin O'Shaughnessy.

CAITLIN: Who wants to know?.

SAWYER: Come on. Come on, kid. I want some directions, not a smart mouth.

CAITLIN: Listen, pal, I'm no kid... Um...

SAWYER: Oh. I'm sorry. I thought you were someone else.

CAITLIN: Caitlin. I'm Caitlin O'Shaughnessy.

SAWYER: Yeah, of course you are. I heard you were one of the best.


SAWYER: Flight instructors.


SAWYER: Oh, look at this. You hurt yourself. Well, maybe this will help a little bit.

CAITLIN: Yes, I think it will. Thank you.

SAWYER: Welcome.

SAWYER: Well, what about it?

CAITLIN: What? What about what?

SAWYER: Teaching me?

CAITLIN: Teaching you what?

SAWYER: To fly a chopper.

CAITLIN: Oh! Oh, sure. Yeah, I can do that.

SAWYER: Great! When can we start?

CAITLIN: Well, do you have any flight time?

SAWYER: I got a commercial fixed wing. I just want to get my rotary add-on.

CAITLIN: Great. It's no problem. We can start tomorrow morning, as a matter of fact, if you really want to.

SAWYER: Yeah, I'd really like to. The sooner the better.

CAITLIN: Good. I think you'll be a great student.

SAWYER: I know you're gonna be a great teacher.


Airwolf bivouac

HAWKE: Hey, Dom!

DOMINIC: What? What? What...

HAWKE: Sleep well?

DOMINIC: Like a baby.

HAWKE: Like a baby moose.

DOMINIC: A what?

HAWKE: Nothing. Listen, give me the next grid search coordinates.

DOMINIC: Oh, sure.

HAWKE: And bring up the Firm's frequency on the radio. Archangel's not gonna be too happy we've been off the air for two hours with nothing to show for it.

DOMINIC: Yeah, except for some much needed shut-eye. I'm telling you, I don't think I could've kept my eyes open much longer.

HAWKE: I know the feeling.

DOMINIC: You know, reminds me of the time your old man and me were ferrying a couple of P-51's over the hump.

DOMINIC: We hadn't had any sleep in 48 hours. And when we finally got to Nepal... Were we a couple of tired puppies.


On board a Santini Air JetRanger

CAITLIN: I gotta say, Ken, you're a quick study.

SAWYER: Like I said, I knew you were gonna be a great teacher.

CAITLIN: No, really. I mean, you've got an almost natural ability.

SAWYER: Maybe some people were just born to fly.

CAITLIN: Well, yeah, I believe that.

SAWYER: Yeah, I really need this fix. There's almost nothing like it.

CAITLIN: I know what you mean. I don't fly for a while, and the old cobwebs start to build up.

SAWYER: Yeah, up here you can really sever those earthbound problems.

SAWYER: Hey, did you hear that now that NASA's got male and female astronauts, they're gonna be asking them to take part in a lovemaking experiment?

CAITLIN: You're kidding.

SAWYER: Seriously. I heard it on the radio this morning.

CAITLIN: Wow, imagine that.

SAWYER: Mmm-hmm.

CAITLIN: I think maybe we'd better get back to Van Nuys Airport.


SAWYER: Yeah, boy, to be one of those astronauts... Just think, that lovemaking experiment will give a whole new meaning to the phrase "T minus 20 and holding."

On a boat

SAWYER: No! I think you ought to do it exactly as we planned.

TRACY: And I think you're enjoying this role you're playing just a little too much.

SAWYER: I don't want this woman suspecting one little thing. She's very capable of interference.

TRACY: And if she does?

SAWYER: Then I'll do exactly what I have to do. That's the way it's always been.

TRACY: You mean you'll do whatever you have to do, as long as it satisfies you.

SAWYER: Tracy. No woman has ever known me like you do.

TRACY: You never stop, do you? You just keep on coming.

SAWYER: You wouldn't have it any other way.

TRACY: No, damn it, and that's what I hate.

SAWYER: About you or me?

TRACY: About both of us. I hate you because you just left her, you'll use her. Now you're here with me and you want to use me. And I'll probably let you, and that's what I hate most of all.

SAWYER: You and I are cut from the same cloth. We both know exactly what we want.

TRACY: I want this to be over. I want to move on to the next step of the plan.

SAWYER: You want me.

TRACY: Damn it, yes!

On board Airwolf

HAWKE: Michael, this is Hawke. Come in.

ARCHANGEL: Where the hell have you guys been?

HAWKE: Hey, don't rag on me, Michael. I'm in no mood.

HAWKE: Put us back in section 86. Searching.

At a film location



CAITLIN: First rule of the road: watch where you're going, cowboy.

DIRECTORL And cut. And print! Go get him, fellas.

DIRECTOR: Terrific, sweetheart. Just great.

CAITLIN: You're sure? I could do it again if you want.

DIRECTOR: No, you were super. Next time I'm gonna get you some more lines.

CAITLIN: Really?

DIRECTOR: Promise. Okay, everybody, we're on the wrong set. Let's all move to Stage 20 for the process.

SAWYER: Bravo! Bravissimo! A star is born!

CAITLIN: Ken! How'd you get on the lot?

SAWYER: I've got friends in Security.


SAWYER: You were great out there!

CAITLIN: Well, Shakespeare it ain't.

SAWYER: But it's a lot of fun.

CAITLIN: Yeah, it is fun. It's a lot of work.

SAWYER: Have you ever thought of going into this full-time?

CAITLIN: What, acting?


CAITLIN: Well, what little girl hasn't? Of course. But, you see, I happen to be a grown-up, and I'm also a pilot, and a good pilot knows his or her limitations.

SAWYER: Spoken like a true grown-up.

CAITLIN: Oh, I hope not. Grown-ups can be so boring.

CAITLIN: What have you got in there? What?

SWYER: In this little basket, I have a bottle with a genie in it named Dom!

CAITLIN: Dom Perignon. I know this guy. He grants great wishes.

SAWYER: I'm counting on it.

CAITLIN: Oh. Okay.

CAITLIN: Oh, Ken, this is perfect.

SAWYER: Your gazebo.

CAITLIN: Thank you.

SAWYER: Our Dom Perignon.



CAITLIN: Ever since we first met, I've kind of had the feeling that you were working on a little bit more than your helicopter rating.

SAWYER: Has it been that obvious?

CAITLIN: No. Hardly.

SAWYER: Well, how am I doing?

CAITLIN: Well enough for me to wonder if you've ever been involved with someone.

SAWYER: Really involved? Cate, in some countries, if you sit in a gazebo with a man and drink champagne, you better be married to him.

CAITLIN: Ken! No, seriously.

SAWYER: Serious seriously?


SAWYER: No. Is that bad?

CAITLIN: It all depends.

SAWYER: I think maybe I'm just too selfish for it.

CAITLIN: Is that a warning?


CAITLIN: What if I said I was willing to take the chance?

SAWYER: Life's a risk, Caitlin O'Shaughnessy. But the more you're willing to risk, the greater the reward.

At a restaurant

SAWYER: Two of the Szechwan specials, please.

CAITLIN: Extra-spicy.

SAWYER: I could get really used to this.

CAITLIN: Me, too.

MAN: I'd like to cut in.

SAWYER: Sorry, this one's taken. I think that's up to the lady, isn't it?

CAITLIN: No, thank you.

SAWYER: Sorry.

MAN: Say, you better take me up on this offer to dance, quick. In another 45 minutes, I'm gonna give up and leave.

CAITLIN: Look, you're somewhat amusing, but...

SAWYER: In other words, you're bothering us.

MAN: Besides not too smart, what else do you like in a man?

CAITLIN: I think that's enough.

SAWYER: You heard the lady.

MAN: I don't think this guy's really got the goods that you need, you know.

SAWYER: Before you make a complete ass out of yourself, I'd ask myself the question, "Wouldn't I rather be at the bar, having a nice, cozy drink?" Well, would you?

MAN: Yeah, sure. Why not?

SAWYER: Well said.

SAWYER: Actually, I hired him to make me look good.

CAITLIN: Give the man a bonus.

On board Airwolf


HAWKE: Michael, we've searched the entire grid of California, in fact, the entire left coast. We're zip on fuel. We've gotta make a rendezvous with a fuel ship.

ARCHANGEL: Make one final high-speed run up the middle of the state and do a pattern recognition for confirmation.

HAWKE: All right. By that time, we'll have run a preliminary sequential sector search in Arizona and we can transmit it to your sonic scanner for extrapolation.

DOMINIC: You mean we may end up searching every state in the Union? If we have to. We're talking about nuclear weapons here.

TANKER PILOT: Heavy 004, Airwolf.

HAWKE: Airwolf. Go.

TANKER PILOT: We just about got you topped off. Anything else we can do before we disconnect?

DOMINIC: /Oh, sure! You can check the oil and clean the windshield, please.

TANKER PILOT: Funny man. Stand by to disconnect on your count.

DOMINIC: Five, four, three, two, one, disconnect.

On board Caitlin's JetRanger

CAITLIN: Okay, Ken. Watch your altitude.

CAITLIN: Collective full down. Roll the throttle off. Good.

CAITLIN: Well, I couldn't have done it better myself.

SAWYER: Thanks, coach. We aim to please.

CAITLIN: You certainly do.

CAITLIN: Ken, what is it?

SAWYER: I want you to know, Cate, what's about to happen has to happen.

CAITLIN: What are you talking about?


SAWYER: Get out of the chopper, Cate.


SAWYER: Just get out. Come on!

CAITLIN: What the hell are you doing?



At Caitlin's JetRanger


DOMINIC: Single vehicle. Looks like it went that way.


HAWKE: We picked up an ELT signal on our radios. That's an emergency crash locator beacon. It was identified as Santini Air. Looks like somebody snatched Caitlin.

ARCHANGEL: For what purpose?

HAWKE: Michael, your guess is as good as mine. But we're going to start a search immediately.

ARCHANGEL: Now, wait a minute, Hawke! I'm concerned about her safety, too, but we've...

DOMINIC: Now, look! Don't you give us any bull about your priorities, Archangel, not when it concerns Cate, or, by God, you and me are gonna go nose-to-nose, pal.

ARCHANGEL: All right, all right! Besides, I know you two well enough to realize that until this thing with Caitlin is cleared up, neither of you'd be of any use to anybody anyway.

ARCHANGEL: Place a call to the Governor. Tell him I'd like to request he activate the Air National Guard to assist us in the search for those detonators.

LYDIA: Yes, sir.

ARCHANGEL: I've still got a job to do.

HAWKE: Well, you do what you gotta do, Michael.

LYDIA: Sir, it's Ken Sawyer. He says he's looking for Mr. Hawke. He's got Cate.


HAWKE: Sawyer?

SAWYER: Hawke, what are you doing out in the middle of nowhere? Did you lose something?

HAWKE: You listen to me. If that girl is hurt in any way, you're as good as dead.

SAWYER: Now, Hawke, she'll be fine, as long as you follow my instructions to the tee.

HAWKE: So what do you want?

SAWYER: Airwolf.

HAWKE: Just like that, huh?

SAWYER: Just like that. You see, I need to move something out of the country, fast and quiet. It requires Mach-plus speed, stealth capabilities.

HAWKE: This is in exchange for Caitlin, right?

SAWYER: That's right. On the other hand, if you go jumping froggy on me, she's a long time dead. I'll let you know where to pick me up.


HAWKE: Sawyer wants Airwolf.

ARCHANGEL: Damn it! He was staring me straight in the face all the time, and I didn't wanna see it! The theft of those detonators was an inside job. Who better than the head of security?

On board Sawyer's boat

SAWYER: The woman betrayed. It's in your eyes.

CAITLIN: Can you also see stupidity?

SAWYER: Don't be so hard on yourself.

TRAcY: All set.

CAITLIN: Ken. I have to know. Last night...

SAWYER: Didn't mean a thing.

At a rendezvous with Sawyer


SAWYER: Mmm-mmm. Fantastic. I love it.

HAWKE: You know, Sawyer, this is no E Ticket ride at Disneyland. Let's get on with this, huh?

SAWYER: Fly a heading of 060.

SAWYER: Are we running on stealth mode?

DOMINIC: You asked for it, you got it.

SAWYER: Now, this is an interesting little device.

DOMINIC: Some kind of bomb, I suppose.

SAWYER: Essentially. There's a couple of electronic refinements that make the device impossible to be tampered with.

SAWYER: Now, this is a remote triggering device. It's got a signal range of just over 300 miles. If I release tension or it's jarred from my hand...

LYDIA: Angel One, do you read me? Do you copy?


By Sawyer's Boat

LYDIA: Sir, I have contact with Airwolf.

ARCHANGEL: Are you sure Sawyer can't monitor our transmissions?

LYDIA: No, only Mr. Santini can hear us. He can relay communications via his terminal modem to our system. I've also patched in a voice synthesizer. Their computer will talk to us, sir.

On board Airwolf

SAWYER: What the hell are you doing back there?

DOMINIC: This is the engineering console. I make sure we stay in the air, pal.

By Sawyer's Boat

ARCHANGEL: Have you informed them that we've located the ship?

LYDIA: No, sir. I've just made initial contact.

ARCHANGEL: Hawke, Dominic, can you copy?


ARCHANGEL: We've located a ship from which Sawyer made that call to you.

SYNTHESIZED VOICE: Have you found Caitlin?

ARCHANGEL: Negative. But obviously Sawyer wanted us to trace that call. When we tried to board the ship, we found that it's been systematically booby-trapped with explosives. We're assuming she's on board.

SYNTHESIZED VOICE: He has a bomb detonator box with C-4 bombs. Cannot be disarmed or removed from attached point. The transmitter will set off a timing device, and 60 seconds later, the bomb will explode.

On board Airwolf

HAWKE: We're headed straight for Maxitech.

SAWYER: Very perceptive.

HAWKE: Those detonators were never even stolen, were they?

SAWYER: Perceptive again!

DOMINIC: A fake! lt was all a fake!

HAWKE: You knew that those detonators couldn't be triggered conventionally, that we'd find them sooner or later, huh? The raid on the plant was just a smokescreen.

SAWYER: A dog chasing his own tail just gets dizzy.

By Sawyer's boat

ARCHANGEL: Well! Glad to see they sent you, Babe.

BABE: Sounded interesting. What's it look like, Mike?

ARCHANGEL: Well, we're not sure if the girl's on board, but we've located several booby-traps on the ship, and everything else tells us that it's highly probable.

BABE: You run those facts through one of them there fancy computers of yours, Mikey?

BABE: Well, from the briefing I got, l'd lay odds it's a good bet the little lady's on the ship.

At Maxitech

SAWYER: Open it.

DOMINIC: Oh! That's why this whole area registered hot on our equipment.

SAWYER: A simple but effective hiding place.

SAWYER: Now pull those detonators out of there and get them onboard Airwolf. Now!

On board Sawyer's boat

HANSEN: This one seems to be like all the others.

BABE: Yeah, tension-release.

BABE: You pull the door open, it releases the tension on the wire, the detonator goes off and you're stew meat.

HANSEN: I guess this means I'm not supposed to move?

BABE: Not unless you wanna end up in the crow's-nest.

On board Airwolf

SAWYER: When we hit Tijuana, hang a right to 101 and cut over to the Rio Hardy.

HAWKE: Yeah, and then what? I've got two planes waiting to escort me south.

SAWYER: We offload the nuclear triggers onto my plane and you two guys can split.

DOMINIC: You expect us to believe that you're gonna turn us loose? Well, what's to prevent us from coming after you?

SAWYER: This. And the fact that you've got a bomb on board, plus one strapped to your lady friend.

SAWYER: By the time your bomb squad guys get it disarmed, I'll be long gone.

On board Sawyer's boat

BABE: Uh-oh. We got a problem here, Michael.

ARCHANGEL: Babe, you're one of the few people in the world who can get away with calling me Mike. When you call me Michael, I know we're in trouble.

BABE: Well, I thought maybe you might wanna move on out of here.

ARCHANGEL: Sounds like a hell of an idea.

CAITLIN: Help! Help!

ARCHANGEL: That's Cate.

CAITLIN: Michael! Michael, I'm in here!

ARCHANGEL: Cate, everything's all right! Hang on! We're coming!

CAITLIN: Michael!

At a disused airfield

SAWYER: Well, thanks, Hawke. I really appreciate the ride.

HAWKE: Sawyer, that girl better be all right.

SAWYER: Hero till the end, huh, Hawke?

On board Sawyer's boat

BABE: Assembly and wiring's pro. I can't cut out the timing mechanism without triggering an arming device.

BABE: Detonator's protected, too. 5 will get you 10 there's a release trigger on the back side.

ARCHANGEL: What do we do?

BABE: Well, I think we'll use the old version of the credit card trick. Here goes nothing.

ARCHANGEL: Your choice of words leaves a lot to be desired, Babe.

ARCHANGEL: Cate! Where are you?

CAITLIN: Michael, over here! Boy, am I glad to see you!


CAITLIN: Can you fix it?


BABE: Henry.


BABE: It's my real name, Henry. I wanted you to know that, Michael.

On board Tracy's B-25

TRACY: I still say you're crazy if you think they're not going to come after us.

SAWYER: Well, they sure as hell aren't going to send Airwolf after us.

On Saywer's boat and on board Airwolf

ARCHANGEL: [On Sawyer's boat] Babe.

HAWKE: He armed it. When that top display gets to zero, that's it. How we doing?

DOMINIC: I'm working on it. If I can't find a detonator radio frequency, we won't be able to block the firing mechanism.

HAWKE: We're going to know in 21 seconds.

DOMINIC: I'm trying.

DOMINIC: Yahoo! Jamming!

ARCHANGEL: It stopped!

HAWKE: That's cutting it pretty close, Dom. Three seconds.

BABE: Caitlin, you're okay. I told you, Michael, everything is gonna be all right.

ARCHANGEL: It's okay, Cate. I've got you now. Everything's all right.

Air combat sequence

HAWKE: [ON RADIO TO THE B-25s] Set those planes down. Now!

SAWYER: The detonator doesn't work. Go!





By Sawyer's boat


BABE: Where have you guys been? You missed all the fun.