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Klaus Kinter is a character who makes a one-time appearance in the Season 1 episode titled "Echoes From The Past".


Klaus Kinter is a member of an East German spy organisation, schwartzkrieg, headed by Eric Mass. They devise a clever plan to trick Hawke into revealing the location of Airwolf by faking an aircrash and having Hawke believe he has been in coma for a year. In the interim, they tell him that St. John had been rescued. Hawke is thus enticed into revealing the location of Airwolf since he has got what he always wanted. For this ruse, Kinter plays the part of Dr Rothchild, who tells Hawke he has been his physician for the past eight over months.

Kinter was killed when the C-130 he is escaping from the U.S. in is blown up by a missile.

Portrayed By

Klaus Kinter is played by Milt Kogan.[1] This is his only appearance on Airwolf.