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Ko is a character who makes a one-time appearance in the Season 2 episode titled "The American Dream".


Ko is a pilot working for former Vietnamese Air Force Colonel Tranh Van Zung. Zung runs Central Valley Air Services which specializes in crop dusting. Zung also has a major sideline extorting protection money from the immigrant Vietnamese farmers in the area. When farmer Diem refuses to pay, Zung sends Ko to deal with him. Diem is defying orders and has harvested his crop and is bringing it to market in his truck. Ko buzzes the truck and then sprays it with gasoline. He tosses an incendiary grenade onto it, blowing it up, killint Diem and his son Tommy.

Later, when all the other farmers led by Nguyen Van Minh also defy Zung and begin harvesting their fields, Ko flies over them and sprays the crowd with gasoline. He is about to throw another incendiary grenade. Fortunately, Airwolf intervenes and blows his crop duster up before he can drop the grenade.

View of Ko in his Rockwell Thrush Commander crop duster aircraft.

Portrayed By

Ko is played by Sab Shimono.[1]