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Laura, is Archangel's aide, the first of several who will appear in the series. Like most of them, she is a skilled pilot and a computer expert.

Laura is in the car with Archangel when they are sending off Mitchell Bruck at the airport for a trip to Mexico. On the way. Archangel and Bruck had exchanged some casual conversation about Bruck one day taking over from him. After Bruck leaves, Laura shares Archangel's suspicions about Bruck's motives so she plays back a tape of Bruck's telephone conversation while he was in the car--it does not sound like the boring clerical detail he said it was. She traces the call and it was made at a payphone at Van Nuys. Archangel connects it with Santini Air and believes Bruck must be up to no good.

Archangel rushes to Hawke's cabin and briefs him that Bruck might have brought down Dominic's helicopter to use as a bait for Airwolf. Hawke is determined to go to the rescue and invites Archangel to go along as the engineer, Laura wants to go also but Hawke says no. Archangel explains that Laura is a top pilot. "So was Gabrielle," Hawke replies--he is firm that Laura is not coming along.

Laura flies Archangel to a rendezvous spot to be picked up by Airwolf. She doesn't know Hawke as well as Archangel and suggests that may be it is just a ruse to get away, may be he won't turn up. But Archangel corrects her--that is not Hawke's style. He will turn up. "I'm not so sure," she says. "I am," Archangel replies.

When Airwolf arrives, it is clear that it is the first time she has seen it in flight as she exclaims, "My god!" "That seems to be everyone's reaction," Archangel says,

Later, after Airwolf has rescued Dominic and Phoebe, Laura flies Archangel and Phoebe's father to be reunited with his long-lost daughter. Archangel asks Laura to tell Dominic Santini how much it cost the F.I.R.M. to search for Phoebe Danner father, at Stringfellow Hawks's cabin. It is suggested that she was the one who found him through her computer skills[1]


Portrayed By

Laura is played by Susanne Reed. She only appears in the one episode Bite of the Jackal. IMDB lists her name as Laura Archer but this surname does not appear in the credits nor is the name used in the dialogue. [2]


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