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Lea Logana is a character who makes a one-time appearance in the Season 1 episode titled "And They Are Us".


Lea Logana is the wife of President Seko Logana, President of North Limbawe. Like her husband, she is intelligent but also has excellent interpersonal skills. She functions as her husband's trusted adviser. She is also deeply devoted to her husband, and believes he is a good leader and also, although others cannot see it, a human being deep down.

She nursed Hawke when he returned injured from a mission. Hawke and Lea develop an attraction for each other but they both hold back from betraying Seko. This is a wise move. "You and I should live a long time," she tells him.

Lea is injured in a gunship attack mounted by Colonel Vidor but she recovers from her wounds by the end of the episode and is made a national heroine.

Hawke with Lea.

Portrayed By

Lea Logana played by Berlinda Tolert[1]. This is her only appearance on Airwolf.