Airwolf Wiki

At an airfield

DOMINIC: Who is that clown on String's tail?

ARNIE: Herb Waldren. Look at him go.


WALDREN: Come on hotshot, show me what you're made of.


GREG: He's a friend of mine Dom, don't worry.

DOMINIC: Yeah, famous last words, "don't worry."

ARNIE: Oh relax, pal, he's just haveing a little fun.



DOMINIC: Greg, that's your pal String up there testing your plane and that clown's having fun?

HAWKE: Oh, no.

WALDREN: Just call me Super Glue, hotshot. I'm sticking to your tail.

GREG: What do you think, String? Should I buy that old war bird?

HAWKE: You know, you could have killed us both.

WALDREN: Aw come on, you know we were just kidding around up there.

HAWKE: I don't ever fool around up there. Anybody who does is a damn fool.

WALDREN: Who is this guy?

GREG: He was my Instructor when I was a 19-year-old 2nd Louie. He never stopped talking about safety, about controlling our instincts to “hot dog.”

GREG: He's the best pilot I've ever seen.

WALDREN: Apparently, you haven't seen that many real pilots.

DOMINIC: Waldren, you were out of line up there. And you're lucky I don't report you.

WALDREN: Yeah. Sure. I'll tell you what I did figure out while I was up there though is how you Nam boys piled up all those oak leaf clusters.

HAWKE: And what's that supposed to mean?

WALDREN: Well, the way I figured is you took off, and you came back. So, you got credit for the mission.

HAWKE: You know something, Waldren? You'd have had the shortest career ever in Vietnam. Your own men would’ve seen to that.

At a garden party

[band playing]

DOMINIC: Hey, your friend Greg's got a nice little set-up here.

HAWKE: Yeah well, when your name is Stewart and you live in a place called Stewartville, that oughta tell you something.

DOMINIC: I'm impressed. But remember, we came up here to go fishing, huh?

HAWKE: Yeah, we'll go first thing in the morning.

DOMINIC: Hey, could you see yourself liveing here?

HAWKE: [chuckles] So what, you've got something against rich people?

DOMINIC: Yeah, none of ‘em ever adopted me. [laughing]

Inside the Stewart house

GREG: Rainy…

RAINY: Please, Greg. I wanna do the right thing.

MRS STEWART: Rainy dear, don't you think I know how you feel? I know what it would have been like if I'd had to give Greg up. But I ask you not to think with your heart.

RAINY: I'm trying, Mrs. Stewart.

MRS STEWART: Motherhood is a responsibility. The responsibility of doing the best for your child.

RAINY: I know that. I just… I need the time to think it over again.

GREG: Sign the papers, Rainy. Give me custody of our baby and know for the rest of your life that he'll grow up strong and safe right here, educated, knowing books, music, everything.

RAINY: Everything I can't give him.

MRS STEWART: Rainy, the baby is a Stewart.Someday, he'll take his rightful position in this State. A position of wealth and power. And he must be trained to be ready for that day.

RAINY: Do you think I'm not capable of raising him?

MRS STEWART: Not for that. You have no experience of that world. It baffles you.

GREG: Mother.

RAINY: Greg, it's all right. She's probably right.

GREG: What is it, Herb?

WALDREN: Excuse the interruption but that hotshot pilot, Hawke, is outside looking for you.

GREG: You remember Stringfellow Hawke? You met him at our wedding.

RAINY: Sure, how could I forget a name like that?

WALDREN: And Greg, remember you've got to get that plane back to San Jose by 5:00.

GREG: I didn't know it was that late. Mother, let's finish this tomorrow.


RAINY: Mrs. Stewart, I'd like some more time.

MRS STEWART: Very well.

[door closes]

RAINY: Why'd you break me and Greg up?

MRS STEWART: It was Greg's decision to end the marriage. That's the past. I want to talk about my grandson's future.

RAINY: Not now, Mrs. Stewart. Excuse me, please.

MRS STEWART: Herbert, I want you to make sure that she does not leave the grounds until those papers are signed.

WALDREN: No problem. Incidentally, Mrs. Stewart, any time you want me to talk to her, just say the word.

MRS STEWART: No, that won't be necessary.

MRS STEWART: Now, I'd better see about my guests. Thank you.

Outside at the garden party

WAITER: Hors d'oeuvre, gentlemen?


DOMINIC: No, thanks.

HAWKE: Hey, Greg.

GREG: Hawke, Dom, hey listen, glad you made it. I'm sorry I wasn't here to greet you.

DOMINIC: We've been looking over your spread. Great place.

HAWKE: Hey Greg, you know Dom and I were thinking about taking off this afternoon, try and make the mountains before dark.

GREG: Come on, you can't go now. You just got here.

GREG: Look, I've got to ferry that Corsair back up to San Jose. I'll be back in a couple of hours. Why don't you stay here, enjoy the party?

HAWKE: Greg, you know I'm not much of a party person.

GREG: Well, you haven't even had a chance to visit yet. Hoist a few, swap some stories. The fish will be there in the morning. I'll pay for the motel.

HAWKE: That's not necessary Greg, just… you've got all these guests, I figured you'd be entertaining.

GREG: They'll all be gone in a few hours. We can spend the whole evening together. Now what do you say?

HAWKE: One condition. We get to meet that son of yours.

DOMINIC: Yeah, we want to see what all that bragging's about.

GREG: It's a deal. He's in the house. As soon as I get back, you'll get a formal introduction.

GREG: Look, I gotta go.

HAWKE: Dismissed, Lieutenant.

[Dom chuckling]

HAWKE: Get outta here, adios, will ya?

DOMINIC: Something tells me it's going to be along couple of hours.

HAWKE: Let's make the best of it.

Inside the Stewart house


RAINY: What do you think I should do? If I leave you here, you'll grow up to be educated and confident, rich, without even trying.

RAINY: Yeah. I take you with me, all you'll get is all the love I can give you.

RAINY: What do you say, little guy?

RAINY: Yeah? Okay.

Outside in a car

[engine sputtering]

RAINY: Come on.

PRENTISS: Sorry, ma'am. This car isn't going anywhere until Mrs. Stewart wants it to.

At the garden party

DOMINIC: What do you say, we hop the fence, get the car?

HAWKE: Rainy.

RAINY: Hi, Hawke.

HAWKE: Dom, you remember Rainy, Greg's wife.

DOMINIC: Of course I do.

RAINY: Well, used to be Greg's wife.

HAWKE: Sorry.

DOMINIC: Is this little Greg?



RAINY: Sure.



DOMINIC: Look at him, he's smiling at me.

RAINY: He did. He's usually afraid of strangers.

DOMINIC: What? Who's the stranger? I'm his Uncle Dom here.

[speaking gibberish]

HAWKE: You know Rainy, it's hard to think about you and Greg being apart. I remember the wedding, I never saw 2 happier people.

RAINY: Yeah well, things change, I guess.

RAINY: Hawke, could you do me a favor?

HAWKE: Anything…

RAINY: I need a lift into town.


RAINY: Yeah.

DOMINIC: Well, our station wagon's right over here. It's crammed full of fishing gear, but we can make room for you. Come on.

PRENTISS: Hold it. Sorry, I can't let you leave, ma'am.

HAWKE: Who says?

PRENTISS: It's Mrs. Stewart's orders.

RAINY: It's quite all right, really.

HAWKE: No, it's not all right.

PRENTISS: You 2 want to leave, that's fine. She stays here.

HAWKE: If I was you, I'd take your hands off the lady, now.

PRENTISS: I don't want any trouble. Why don't you let Mrs. Stewart explain it to you?

RAINY: If you like.

Inside the Stewart house

MRS STEWART: It's very sad. She's a very sweet girl. But she's not taking the divorce well at all. She's been distraught and moody.

DOMINIC: That's no reason to hold her prisoner, ma'am.

MRS STEWART: Oh really, gentlemen, there's no reason to be so melodramatic.

MRS STEWART: It is true that we are trying to keep Rainy on the estate, but it's for her own good and the good of the baby.

MRS STEWART: She is not in a proper emotional condition to be on her own with a young child. We do appreciate your concern, but please believe me, we have only Rainy's interest at heart.

Outside at the Garden party

DOMINIC: You buy what she said?

HAWKE: No, not exactly. I'd like to double check everything with Greg.

RAINY: Hi, what'd you think of Mrs. Stewart?

HAWKE: Quite a lady. I understand that you've been kind of upset lately.

RAINY: I guess that's true. It's been very hard.

DOMINIC: Look, if you still want to leave…

RAINY: Oh, no, no. That's fine. Everything's been taken care of. Are you leaving?

HAWKE: Well… I'm really not much into partying. I think we'll come back this evening and have a talk with Greg.

RAINY: Great. Maybe I'll see you then. Thank you both, for everything.

Inside the Stewart house

[telephone ringing]


WALDREN: (on the phone) Mrs. Stewart?


WALDREN: This is Herb Waldren.

MRS STEWART: Herbert, what is it? You sound strange.

WALDREN: Right after Greg took off, there was an accident.

MRS STEWART: Greg's all right, isn't he?

WALDREN: No, no, he's not, ma'am. I'm sorry. I am really sorry. I know how close you 2 were.

WALDREN: Mrs. Stewart, are you there?

MRS STEWART: You haven't contacted the Coroner's Office, have you?

WALDREN: No. No, not yet. Nobody knows but Arniie, me and a couple of farmers.

MRS STEWART: I want you to bring my son home.

WALDREN: You think that's wise?

MRS STEWART: Just bring him home.

WALDREN: Right away.


MRS STEWART: Oh, God. God.

On the road

DOMINIC: It's a damn shame. 2 nice kids like Greg and Rainy and that little baby. They ought to be the happiest family in the world. Instead, one big miserable mess.

HAWKE: Yeah well, I'll reach Greg in an hour or so. I'll have a little more to talk about this time than just old times.

[baby gurgling]

DOMINIC: Did you just gurgle?

[car stops]

DOMINIC: Great Jumping Jehoshaphat!

DOMINIC: Hey! Look at what we got here. Hey, how are you?

HAWKE: Oh, brother.

DOMINIC: My goodness. Kid's got a lot of class.

HAWKE: “Dear String and Dom, Greg's Mother wants to take my baby from me.”

HAWKE: “Please get him out of this county right away and bring him to my family.”

HAWKE: She's got an address. “Thank you and God bless you. Rainy.” She sure sounds desperate. Yeah.

DOMINIC: You think we oughta take him to her folks?

HAWKE: I don't know. We don't want to be accessories to some kind of custody kidnapping.


HAWKE: Maybe I better get a hold of Greg.

DOMINIC: So, what are we gonna do with him in the meantime?

HAWKE: I'm sure you'll figure out something, Mom.

DOMINIC: Where did you get this… Oh, honest.

At a motel

HAWKE: Greg was supposed to be back hours ago.

[baby crying in the background]

HAWKE: I'll speak to his Mother then.


HAWKE: What about Rainy?

HAWKE: Yes, that's right.

HAWKE: Where's that? All right.

HAWKE: Boy, this stinks. They say that Greg's nowhere to be found, his Mother's not available, and Rainy's gone back to her parents' farm some 35 miles from here.

At the Stewart house

[helicopter lands]

WALDREN: Mrs. Stewart? Where do you want me to put him?

MRS STEWART: Downstairs. For a while. Tonight. Tomorrow.

MRS STEWART: We'll have to move him tomorrow. Obviously, Rainy mustn't know.

WALDREN: I understand.

At the motel

HAWKE: Still no answer at Rainy's parents.

DOMINIC: Well, it doesn't mean she isn't there. Maybe she's just not answering. From the looks of it, it seemed to me she was due for a little rest and relaxation.

HAWKE: Suppose you could be right. Listen, I'm gonna go out there. It's the only way I'll ever know for sure. I'll be back.

[baby crying]

DOMINIC: Okay, okay, Uncle String wasn't that good a company.

DOMINIC: Okay, I got it, dinner time. Yeah, dinner. Okay. There we go. Just what Mama wanted. Lookie here.

DOMINIC: And now, the bottle… How the hell are you gonna pour anything into this?

[telephone ringing]

CAITLIN: (at Santini Air) Santini Air.

CAITLIN: What? You have a baby?

DOMINIC: Yeah, listen.

[baby crying]


CAITLIN: Dom, you really do have a baby there.

DOMINIC: And look, I'm sort of baby-siting, you know what I mean? And I swear to God I got a baby bottle here that's more air than bottle.

CAITLIN: Dom, you need the disposable liners in that bottle. You know, the little plastic bags that hold everything.

DOMINIC: Little plastic bags… Hold it, just a minute. Hold it right there. Little plastic bags. We're getting it, baby. We're getting it, sweetheart.



[baby crying]

DOMINIC: I got it Cate, I got it, baby. Thanks a million.

CAITLIN: Right. Hey, where did you get that baby?

DOMINIC: No, no, no. I got no time now. I got no time. Tell you later.

DOMINIC: Mamma mia. Progress.

Wine cellar of Stewart house


MRS STEWART: Sit down. You know Herbert, it's more important to me now than ever that Rainy sign over my grandson's custody.

WALDREN: Yes, before anyone finds out about Greg.

MRS STEWART: In the outside world, you see all kinds of behavior, some of it violent. You must have many ways of dealing with difficult problems.

W Well, yes I do.

MRS STEWART: So, if Rainy should continue to refuse…

WALDREN: I will deal with the problem.

MRS STEWART: With no ties to this house.

WALDREN: Absolutely none.

MRS STEWART: I assure you there will be a big bonus in it for you. A bonus big enough for you to want to hide it in a distant bank. Perhaps something in the Caribbean.

Upstairs, Rainy's room

[lock clicking]

RAINY: What are you doing here?

WALDREN: Take it easy, take it easy.

RAINY: You get out of here right now or I'm gonna scream. You understand me?

RAINY: You hear me? Get out.

WALDREN: All right. All right.

At the motel

[telephone ringing]

CAITLIN: (from Santini Air) Yeah, Santini Air.

DOMINIC: Cate, help.

(baby wailing)

DOMINIC: Listen, the kid won't stop crying. I fed him, I burped him and he's wailing like a banshee.

CAITLIN: How hard did you pat him?

DOMINIC: Gently. Very gently.

CAITLIN: Oh okay, well, do it just about as hard as you do for your heartburn.


[baby crying]

CAITLIN: Where are you guys, anyway?

DOMINIC: Huh? Oh, Stewartville.

CAITLIN: Yeah, but where? I mean, what's going on?

[baby burps]



[Dominic laughs]

DOMINIC: The burp of the year.

DOMINIC: Thanks, Cate. See you later.

CAITLIN: Anytime, Dad.

CAITLIN: The burp of the year.

[telephone ringing]


HAWKE: (Hawke on the phone) Dom, String here.

DOMINIC: Any luck?

HAWKE: I've been to Rainy's parents' place. They haven't seen anything of Rainy. I believe she's probably still at the Stewarts'.

DOMINIC: Which means?

HAWKE: Which means somebody's lying to me. I doubt it's them. I spent most of the night talking with ‘em about Rainy and the Stewarts. And those folks are on the level.

DOMINIC: Where you going now? You need some sleep.

HAWKE: I've got to get some answers. I'll probably go over to the Stewarts' place.

HAWKE: I'm gonna find Rainy or Greg or somebody who'll tell me the truth.

DOMINIC: You're nuts, you know that?


DOMINIC: It's wonderful what a little burp’ll do.

Rainy's bedroom, Stewart house

[door opening]

MRS STEWART: Good morning, Rainy. You asked for one more day and that time is up. Now, take this pen and sign.

MRS STEWART: Do the sensible thing for you and your son.

RAINY: I'm sorry, Mrs. Stewart. I have made a decision and I'm not gonna give you custody of little Greg.

MRS STEWART: No, you can't mean that, Rainy. There comes a time in every young person's life when they need guidance.

RAINY: You might as well save your breath, Mrs. Stewart. You can't wear me down and I'm not going to give you my baby. You should just understand that and let me go.

MRS STEWART: Deep down there is some strength.

MRS STEWART: What have you done with my grandson?

MRS STEWART: Where is he?

MRS STEWART: Rainy, where is he?

Downstairs at the Stewart house

[car honking]

HAWKE: Rainy. Rainy it's me, String!

HAWKE: Hey, Rainy!

RAINY: Hawke?

MRS STEWART: Now I know what you've done with him.

WALDREN: Hello, chicken.

HAWKE: Waldren.

HAWKE: You've got Waldren for your County Sheriff.

HAWKE: Must be kind of embarrassing, having a peace officer that's more dangerous than most of the criminals in the country.

WALDREN: Keep that up, bright boy…

MRS STEWART: That's enough, Herbert.

MRS STEWART: What can I do for you, Mr. Hawke?

HAWKE: I wanna talk with Greg.

MRS STEWART: He's not here.

HAWKE: What about Rainy?

MRS STEWART: She's gone too, with Greg.

HAWKE: With Greg?

MRS STEWART: Yes, they left early this morning. I think they are going to get back together again.

MRS STEWART: And I'm to take charge of the baby until they return.

HAWKE: I'm very sorry about that, Mrs. Stewart. It's not gonna happen unless I speak in person with Greg or Rainy.

WALDREN: Now you listen to me, Hawke.

HAWKE: I've got written permission from the parent to take charge of that child.

MRS STEWART: I want my grandson, Mr. Hawke.

HAWKE: And I want your son right here in front of me. Because he'll tell me the truth.

WALDREN: Mrs. Stewart, we had a discussion a little while ago about how you wanted things done. Does that extend to this situation here?

MRS STEWART: Yes, I believe so, Herbert.

WALDREN: Then let's go.

MRS STEWART: Now Herbert, I would like to have…


Hawke's escape and pursuit

WALDREN: All right, that was Hawke! Take him alive! Let's go. Move it, now!

WALDREN: Arnie, come in.

ARNIE: Yes, Herb?

[silent running playing]

[telephone ringing]

CAITLIN: (answering the phone from Santini Air) Santini Air.

HAWKE: Cate, we need the Lady. We're in trouble here. Okay, give me the location.

[at the motel, baby crying]

DOMINIC: Yes, yes, yes.

[telephone ringing at the motel]

DOMINIC: All right, okay, yeah. Hello?

HAWKE: Waldren and his Deputies are all over the place. We gotta get that baby out of the county pronto. We can't do it by going over the roads.

HAWKE: I already called Caitlin, She'll be at the motel as soon as possible. She's bringing in the Lady.

DOMINIC: What about you?

HAWKE: I'm going back to the Stewarts'to see if I can find Rainy.

DOMINIC: Okay, okay, buddy.

[baby gurgling]

At the Stewart house

MRS STEWART: Why is it taking so long?

MRS STEWART: 2 strangers and a baby in a small town.


[telephone ringing]

WALDREN: Waldren here. It's about time. Where? All right, stay there. Wait for me.

W We've located ‘em.


WALDREN:They're holed up in a motel out on the old highway. I'll have your grandson back here for you in no time.


WALDREN: Yes, ma'am?

MRS STEWART: Be very careful with little Greg.

WALDREN: I will.

MRS STEWART: And when you come back, I want that girl taken care of.

WALDREN: I'll see to it.

Upstairs at Rainy's room

MRS STEWART: You don't seem to have grasped the fact that there is no more talk. I've already talked to Herbert and told him to do whatever was necessary.

RAINY: Greg'll never let you hurt me no matter what.

MRS STEWART: Don't you understand? Greg can't help you anymore. Greg is dead!

[door closes and is locked]

[Hawke unlocks door] HAWKE: Rainy?

HAWKE: Rainy.

RAINY: He's dead.

RAINY: She said that Greg's dead.


RAINY: You think it's true?

HAWKE: Honey, I don't know. I've looked for him everywhere. Everybody I ask about him seems like they're hiding something.

RAINY: His Mother's been acting so weird since last night.

HAWKE: What happened last night?

RAINY: A helicopter came and landed on the lawn and 2 men carried something into the house.

HAWKE: Could you tell what it was?

RAINY: No, it was too far away.

HAWKE: Do helicopters land here often?

RAINY: Yeah, but not at night.

HAWKE: Rainy, is there a cellar or storage or anyplace cool?

RAINY: There's a wine cellar.


At the motel

DOMINIC: Couple of minutes, you and me are gonna go for a nice little ride.


WALDREN: Santini. Santini? This is the Sheriff.

WALDREN: I'm ordering you to leave that baby inside and come out with your hands up.

DOMINIC: And I'm asking you if you've got a search warrant.

[gun firing]

DOMINIC: They got a search warrant, all right.

WALDREN: Now, either you come out, or we're coming in. Which is it gonna be?

DOMINIC: Come on, kid. We're gonna go, huh? Gonna go for a nice little ride, okay?

DOMINIC: All right, we're coming out. We're comeing out, you hear me? Put down your guns.

DOMINIC: You hear me? We're coming out. Put down those guns, now.

DOMINIC: You got no right to do this. His Mother asked me to take care of him.

WALDREN: She changed her mind.

DOMINIC: Yeah well, I wanna hear that from her.

[Airwolf arrives]

CAITLIN: Back off, Sheriff.

WALDREN: You're obstructing justice. I order you to get out of the way.

DOMINIC: Is he in for a surprise! Come on, let's get out of the way, little man.

CAITLIN: Give it your best shot.

WALDREN: Open fire.

[deputies fire]

[Airowlf fires machine guns]

[Airwolf lands. Dominic and baby get in and it lifts off again.]

Wine cellar of Stewart house


RAINY: No! Greg!

HAWKE: Rainy, listen to me.


HAWKE: Put this out of your mind, right now. You think about your baby.

RAINY: Okay.

HAWKE: Get down, get down. Stay outta sight.

[car starts]

[tires screeching]

On the road


RAINY: Poor, sweet Greg. I'm so sorry I got you in all this trouble.

HAWKE: You didn't, Waldren and Mrs. Stewart did.



DEPUTY: Pull over. Don't make me shoot.


[Airwolf arrives]

[Airwolf fires rocket]

[Pursuing sheriff's car turns over]

HARRY: Waldren, we're down. Hawke and the girl are heading east on 105.

Rendezvous with Airwolf

DOMINIC: Don't worry, we got him. Safe and sound.


RAINY: Thank you.

CAITLIN: Oh, he's gorgeous. What's his name?

RAINY: Greg, after his Father.

RAINY: Oh, baby.

HAWKE: Come on, let's get outta here.

RAINY: No, no, no. Me and Greg can't…

DOMINIC: No, no, no, he's safer then he would be in his own playpen. Come on.

HAWKE: Come on Dom, get this thing fired up.

DOMINIC: Yeah, okay.

[P-51 dives at Airwolf and fires machine guns]

[Airwolf starts up, lifts off]

[Airwolf music]

[P-51 fires rockets. Misses. Explosions.]

DOMINIC: That's a P-51.

HAWKE: Yeah, same one that came after me.

DOMINIC: The same pilot?

HAWKE: Probably.

DOMINIC: He was the guy at the motel, the Sheriff.

HAWKE: Yeah, Herb Waldren.

[P-51 fires machine guns and rockets.]

HAWKE: Dom, open Waldren's radio channel.


HAWKE: Waldren, don't make me take you down.

WALDREN: You couldn't do it on your best day.


[Airwolf fires machine guns]

[Airwolf fires Maverick]

[P-51 explodes]

HAWKE: It's all over, Rainy. Baby still okay?

[baby crying]

RAINY: You bet.

DOMINIC: Talk about your cool customers.


DOMINIC: Look at him. That little wolf was born to fly.

At the Stewart house

MRS STEWART: You must be very happy.

RAINY: No, ma'am. I lost someone I loved.

MRS STEWART: Well now, if you'll escort me, I will place myself in your charge.

MRS STEWART: My lawyer will outline for you what I expect. I want a cell all to myself with ample room and lots of privacy. Well apart from the other cells. And I would…

MRS STEWART: Oh, yes, I must make arrangements for phone service.

MRS STEWART: Thank you very much.

CAITLIN: Well, I know I shouldn't, but I feel sorry for her.

RAINY: That's okay, I do too.

HAWKE: You're going to your folks' house now?

RAINY: For a while. I think we're gonna need some family around us.

HAWKE: Well, they're awful good people. They'll help you through this.

[baby gurgling]

DOMINIC: Say, look… on my weekends off, do you mind very much if I…

RAINY: Anytime you like. You have an open invitation.

RAINY: Besides, little Greg cannot miss seeing his favorite Uncle Dom.


[Dominic speaking gibberish]

DOMINIC: There he is. Hey!