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Lucas is a character who makes a one-time appearance in the Season 2 episode titled "Inn at the End of the Road".


Lucas is a member of a terrorist gang led by Steele. They are professional assassins, offering their services to the highest bidder and have accepted a 10 million dollar contract to kill Lord Killebrew. The first part of their mission involves a raid to seize the "Loki" flight computer from the Sandex Corporation. Lucas is assigned the simple task of looking after the getaway car. Unfortunately Lucas is clumsy and trigger-happy and he endangers the mission from right from the beginning. When a security guard approaches him to tell him he can't park the car in front of the building, he pushes the guard away, pulls out his pistol and shoots him. The guard returns fire just as the rest of the gang is getting into the car and fellow gang member Roper is wounded.

Next, while driving the getaway car, Lucas crashes it into another car and they are forced to switch cars, taking the car of the person they collided with. This car soon runs out of water and the engine overheats leaving them stuck somewhere in the Halonan National Forest.

The gang leader, Steele, decides that Roper needs medical attention. They abandon the car and make their way to the Golden Otter Lodge where they hold the people there hostage and force Jason "Doc" Gifford to treat Roper. During the night, Lucas falls asleep when guarding the hostages and "Doc" almost manages to seize his pistol. Elena, a fellow gang member intervenes in time, to save Lucas from what Steele calls his second mistake.

The gang forces "Doc" to fly them to an abandoned radar station where they have kept an armed Hughes 500 helicopter hidden. After "Loki" is fitted into the helicopter, they are ready for the assassination so Steele orders Lucas to get rid of "Doc". However Lucas carelessly allows "Doc" to escape. "Doc" manages to find Hawke and Dominic. So Airwolf is able to intervene just when the "Loki" helicopter is going to shoot down Lord Killebrew's aircraft. The "Loki" helicopter turns to pursue Airwolf and fires a rocket at it. Dominic cuts the engines and the rocket overshoots, hitting and killing the entire terrorist gang which has been watching in a nearby Jetranger.

Portrayed By

Lucas is played by Alan Woolf.[1]