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Appearances on Airwolf episodes

Season 1

M16 and Winchester Model 70 seen lying against the wall of Vidor's office.

Season 2

  • Firestorm (episode) - used by General Sandower's guards. During their escape, Dominic uses one which Hawke had taken off a guard. Judging by the triangular grip, the lack of a rib around the magazine release and the lack of a forward assist, the weapon is an M16SP1 although the flash suppressors appear to be that of the later M16A1.
  • HX-1 (episode)
    • used by various US troops during Hawke's flashback to the Vietnam War. Mace Taggert and Saint John Hawke are seen with it. String uses one to shoot a Viet Cong sniper in a tree and save Mace Taggert's life. Mace remembers this and decides to spare String's life later
    • Handley, one of the mercenaries working for Dunkirk, is also seen practicing with one at a shooting range. Again it looks like an SP1.
  • Once a Hero (episode) - used by Hawke, Kearns, Charmaine and Wallace during the raid on the prison camp. Like the others above, the weapons here look like SP1s with A1 flash suppressors. The weapon used by Wallace has a movie-prop M203 grenade launcher fitted. He uses it during the raid and firefight but never fires any grenades. He boards the truck with it during the egress, but somehow, when they are ambushed by an Browning M2 emplacement, he has a regular M16. Which is a pity because the grenade launcher might have been useful in taking out the machine gun nest.

Luis with his M16. Note the absence of the forward assist and triangular hand guards characteristic of the SP1. But the muzzle brake is a later M16A1 pattern.

Season 3

One of Horn's soldiers engages Airwolf with his M16.

One of Horn's men defends Horn's ship with his M16.