This is one of the more common handguns found in the Airwolf episodes. Dominic uses it frequently as does Archangel.

Appearances on Airwolf episodes


Hawke with his M1911A1. Notice Hawke is wearing the shoulder insignia of the 1st Cavalry Division.

M1911-Archangel-fallen angel

Archangel, under hypnotic control, fires his M1911A1 at Zeus. He will later use the weapon to shoot Dr. Karl Kruger.

  • HX-1 (episode) - Mace Taggert points one at Hawke. Dunkirk tells him to kill Hawke but he recalls how Hawke had saved his life once and he tells the gang to abandon him in the desert instead.

Nice close up of the M1911 in the hands of Mace Taggert. The manufacturer name "Colt" can be seen.

Rayco-M1911-random target

Rayco shooting at Annie with his Score Master.

M1911-Dominic-inn at the end of the road

Dominic with the M1911A1.

Browning 1911-jeopardy

Cullen Dixon reaching for his Browning. The presence of the grip safety suggests that this is a Browning rather than a Star Model B which is also commonly used in films.

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