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Appearances on Airwolf episodes

FIRM security guards open fire on Alexi Provov's attacking Hughes 500 with their M60.

  • Firestorm (episode) - seen mounted on one of General Sandower's jeeps. Dominic and Eddie steal the jeep during their escape from Sandower's missile base.

Nice profile view of the M60 mounted on a jeep.

  • HX-1 (episode) - seen during the arms display which Dunkirk puts up for potential customers at Red Rock Flats.

The M60 is on the ground in front of the table.

  • Natural Born (episode) - used by Jake O'Donnel on board his UH-1J to shoot down the police Longranger piloted by Kevin Hansen.

Best available view of the M60. The man in the center is about to pass the M60 to Jake (left) who wants to shoot Kevin Hansen down.

  • Jennie (episode) - Colonel Ross uses one of these, hand held. Earlier, a sentry in the camp was holding one.

Colonel Ross fires the M60 at the escaping Hawke, Keith and El Gato.