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Mad Over Miami was the eighth episode of Airwolf season 1. It first aired on March 24, 1984.

This episode is notable for being directed by David Hemmings, who played Charles Henry Moffett.[1]


Dominic accepts a hush-hush mission sponsored by refugee Cubans to ransom two political prisoners in exchange for two million dollars. He has been chosen for the flight because the prisoners had worked with him in his younger days and were people he could recognise. But during the exchange: the money is hijacked, the prisoners returned to captivity and a frustrated Dominic returns to Florida minus the ransom money and the prisoners. Things get rapidly more complicated. Dominic runs out of fuel on his way home and force lands. Hawke has to fly through a hurricane to look for him. The Cuban refugees think he has cheated them, and it turns out the hijacker of the money is the leader of a group of rebels bankrolled by Archangel!

Episode summary

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Dominic and Stella fly off to Cuba to deliver the ransom money. But Sanchez is not just sitting idly. It emerges that he is also working on his own account and in league with Colonel Fernendez for a share of the ransom money. But now he wants something more. He takes Hawke prisoner and demands that he hand over Airwolf, otherwise he will instruct Fernendez to terminate the ransom operation and take Dominic and Stella prisoner instead. When Hawke refuses, Sanchez calls Fernendez to tip him off and wants Fernendez to arrest Dominic and Stella when they arrive. Fernendez is not too keen. He much prefers the money.

Sanchez forces Hawke to open the door of Airwolf. Hawke tells him to stand clear as the cabin is pressurized. Hawke slams the door against Sanchez, breaks free and lifts off.

Over at Cuba, Dominic and Stella land, only to find that Fernendez is going to doublecross them. But Hawke arrives in Airwolf, scattering Fernendez's troops and shooting up any resistance. Stella gathers the two prisoners and piles them into the Jetranger. Fernendez tries to grad the suitcase of money but Dominic plugs him and takes it back.

Sanchez arrives on the scene in his Hughes helicopter but Hawke isn't going to stand for this and blows it up with a missile.

Dominic's Jetranger and Airwolf are on their way back to the U.S. but they are not out of danger yet. Fernendez summons a flight of MiGs to intercept. Hawke decoys their missiles away from the Jetranger and then shoots down a few, putting the rest to flight.

Back in the U.S. for celebratory drinks, Archangel tells Ivan Rivera that the FIRM had always considered Rivera's organisation a vital link. They now look forward to working together more closely. However Archangel stutters incoherently as to why he had supported Sanchez and not Rivera earlier on.

Story locations

  • Cuba
  • Somewhere in Florida
    • residence of Ivan Rivera
    • cocktail bar
  • Sanchez's base in the Florida Keys

This cocktail bar features strongly in the plot but unfortunately we don't know the name or its location.

Aircraft seen

Firearms seen

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