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Dominic: Yeah, I'd better before I knock somebody on her $2 million fanny.
Dominic: Yeah, I'd better before I knock somebody on her $2 million fanny.
Rivera: In the old days, we didn't argue amongst ourselves.
Dominic: In the old days, we didn't argue amongst ourselves.
Dominic: Come on.
Dominic: Come on.

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[File A56-7W briefing]

A beach on Cuba

[man speaking Spanish on radio] [speaking in Spanish] [seagulls crying] [helicopter whirring]

Sergeant Diaz: [speaking in Spanish]

Fernandez: [Speaking in Spanish]

Dominic: (on loudspeaker) Uh-uh! It's show and tell time, buddy. You go first.

Fernandez: Diaz.

[speaking in Spanish] [men chattering]

Fernandez: Welcome to Cuba.

Dominic: Yeah. To tell you the truth, I'll be happy when I leave here. Can I talk to them?

[speaking in Spanish]

Fernandez: In a minute.

Dominic: Can you untie their hands and then--then take those guns out of their faces?

Fernandez: Is it all here?

Dominic: Yeah, it's all there. All $2 million of it. Go ahead and count it if you want.

Fernandez: Oh, si, si, si, I intend to.

Dominic: Those men could be in better shape.

Fernandez: They are no longer young. Besides, we don't baby our criminals here. Senor Santini, perhaps you don't...

[helicopter comes over and attacks] [guns firing] [speaking in Spanish]

Fernandez: Did you think you could get away with this?

Dominic: What do you mean?I had nothing to do with that chopper. I delivered my end.

Fernandez: Delivered what? Bullet holes in the sand? You delivered nothing.

Dominic: Look,I came to take those prisoners, and I'm gonna take them back with me.

Fernandez: I have executed men for less than what you have just done. Those prisoners cost you $2 million before. Now they cost $3 million. Take that message back to United States.

Dominic: And what if I tell you to go to hell?

Fernandez: Then you will die. Here, now. And I will find another way to deliver my message. Do you want to die for nothing?

Dominic: Of course not.

Fernandez: Get out of my country.

Dominic: Come on up, sweetheart.

Hawke's cabin

Hawke: Well, just what do you mean, Santini is down?

Archangel: One of our listening posts in southern Florida picked up a distress call yesterday at 1900 hours. He heard the words Santini Air and called it in.

Hawke: To the Coast Guard?

Archangel: No, to me.

Hawke: Does that mean no search pattern has been started?

Marella: He was, uh, over land when he radioed in. We have a rough position.

Hawke: You know, anything can go wrong in a forced landing. Why the hell haven't you called out the troops?

Archangel: Because his course triangulates back to Cuba. He filed no flight plan and reported his altitude as 100 feet. If the authorities get to him first, the first thing they'll do to him is hand him his Miranda.

Marella: You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be held against you.

Archangel: What the hell is Santini doing in Cuba?

Hawke: Why don't you ask him?

Archangel: I will. He's a man who knows the location of Airwolf, and when he starts junketing off to the land of rum and fine cigars,I get a little concerned about him.

Hawke: I'm goin' after him. I'll tell him how you care.

Archangel: Do that.

Marella: There is another serious factor which might shorten your time.

Hawke: Who created this serious factor?

Marella: Only God can create a hurricane.

On board Airwolf

[thunder clapping] [electronic buzzing]

Hawke: Get it said, Michael. I'm a busy man.

Archangel:[onboard Angel 1] What's your position, Hawke? Where are you sitting it out?

Hawke: At 500 feet.

Archangel: Are you out of your mind?

Hawke: Well, Airwolf's holding up fine, but I think there's better designs for chasing hurricanes.

Archangel: Set down immediately. That's an order, do you hear?

Hawke: You gotta be kiddin'.

Archangel: All right, it's not an order, it's a request. Make it a plea for sanity.

Hawke: No to all three.

Archangel: Hawke, the storm will be over in a couple of hours.

Hawke: Don't let that angel title go to your head. Only God can make the weather.

At a cocktail bar

[sighing] [Airwolf lands] [dog barking]

Dominic: Larry, let me have another. Hey, String, how'd you find me?

Hawke: Dom, you all right? You're not hurt?

Dominic: Oh, I'm fine. I'm fine. I was just too down to want to see anybody, but you're the exception. Sit down. Sit down. Hey, give him a drink, will you?

Dominic: Aren't you gonna drink those?

Dominic: Well, no. You know I don't like the taste of booze.

Hawke: [chuckling] Well, then why'd you order them?

Dominic: 'Cause in the movies when the, uh-- When the world crashes in, the hero goes down to the bar and orders drinks. I respect tradition.

Hawke: Does it work?

Dominic: Not yet. Give him another drink. Have another drink?

Hawke: Oh, sure, I don't like the stuff, either. How was the weather in Cuba?

Dominic: But how-- How did you know? Oh! Archangel.

Hawke: Yeah, one of his listening posts picked up your mayday.

Dominic: String, in the last 24 hours, I've been shot at, ripped off, forced down, and stuck in the middle of a hurricane. Uh, let me have another drink, will you? Him, too.

Dominic: See, back in 1960, I was a member of a unit that was sent down to Central America to train Cuban nationals for the invasion.

Hawke: Oh, yeah, that set up for the Bay of Pigs. You told me about that once.

Dominic: Yeah. String, those Cuban people were the greatest. I mean, they weren't mercenaries or killers. These were the best teachers, doctors, lawyers, even priests. They were patriots. A bunch of anti-Castro patriots got together, raised enough money to buy a couple of old-timers from a corrupt colonel. You know that some of them have been down there for over 20 years? String, I knew those men, and I almost had them out.

Stella: Almost is not good enough, Mr. Santini.

Ivan Rivera's residence

Rivera: You must tell me where the money is.

Dominic: I told you. We were ripped off. Don't you understand? We were robbed. So that Col. Fernandez wouldn't turn the men loose.

Stella: I don't believe it. You stole it.

Rivera: $2 million can take someone a long way.

Dominic: Then why did I come back at all?

Rivera: This money is the very soul of this community. Widows and children sent nickels and dimes to free those people. This house has more mortgages then roof tiles.

Hawke: Dominic didn't steal your money.

Stella: One lies for the other.

Rivera: I suggest we lower our voices. Uh, volume is not going to bring any truth into this.

Hawke: Dom, why don't you take a walk? Let me try and talk to these people.

Dominic: Yeah, I'd better before I knock somebody on her $2 million fanny.

Dominic: In the old days, we didn't argue amongst ourselves.

Dominic: Come on.

Hawke: Why'd you choose Dom in the first place?

Stella: These are the men he was after. Father Gomez, who spoke against Castro on the steps of the cathedral in Havana. Ramon Collarzo, publisher, writer, and my father.

Hawke: Dominic trained these men. When he called them friends, he meant it.

Stella: We chose Mr. Santini because he could recognize them, regardless of their physical condition.

Rivera: If Mr. Santini stole the money, he has condemned my son to die in Cuba.

Hawke: Look, that collection was no secret. The money was headed for Cuba. All a thief would have to know is when and where.

Stella: Impossible. Our people would never do it.

Hawke: Your people are so pure there's none you worry about? Not even the Marielitos?

Stella: They are not our people.

Hawke: They're Cubans.

Stella: You have no idea what you're talking about. The Marielitos are too busy fighting among themselves to plan or organize.

Rivera: Sanchez is organized.

Stella: What are you saying, Grandfather?

Rivera: Something I should have told you, but didn't. Come here. You must know the truth.

Rivera: We needed $2 million to save these people.

Stella: And we raised it.

Rivera: We raised $1 million. $1 million I borrowed from Sanchez.

Stella: What? How could you do this? Do you know what you've made us?

Rivera: My granddaughter burns with a bright flame. There's a generation of Cubans who have never known Cuba, Mr.Hawke. For them, it is the old country. But now, with our heroes back from Castro's jails, our cause could grow young again, and flourish. We could easily raise and pay back $1 million. This was my plan.

Hawke: You know, politics is a hard game.

Rivera: A game for old men not bright flames.

Outside in the garden

Stella: He has no idea what he's done.

Hawke: I think he does. I have a great deal of respect for the man.

Stella: But to deal with Sanchez, a ruthless killer, drug smuggler, God knows what else. There isn't a man that works for him that doesn't have marks.

Hawke: Marks?

Stella: Tattoos. Inside the lip, near the tongue. It's a code from the Cuban prisons. Three dots is a robber, four is a killer.

Hawke: And what is one dot? A political prisoner.

Stella: I put it there in sympathy. It's what my father wears.

Hawke: [sighing] Where would one find this Sanchez?

Stella: He has a camp on an island in the Keys. He has his own private army, arms, and training. Things that we would love to have, but can't afford.

Hawke: Helicopters?

Stella: Yes, probably. But why would Sanchez rob Mr. Santini? Half the money was his.

Hawke: Half wasn't.

Stella: You'll do anything to save your friend, won't you? I'm still not sure Santini didn't make up this whole story.

Hawke: If you knew him like I do, you'd believe him.

Stella: It gets harder and harder to believe in anything, except someday, my father will be set free.

Hawke: You just have to keep trying. The only thing I can offer is that I understand. I really do. [sighing]

Back inside Rivera's residence

Hawke: Stella told me the approximate location of the camp, but I still think some pointed questions are in order.

Rivera: You would go there unarmed?

Hawke: Well, not exactly. And not alone, either. I need Mr. Santini.

Stella: No.

Rivera: Stella, please. Mr. Santini has been involved in my life for almost as long as you. I'm not convinced he's a thief.

Onboard Airwolf

Hawke: Do you see anything yet?

Dominic: Oh, yeah. Mansions, swimming pools, Jacuzzis. No unpopulated islands yet.

Hawke: I'm gonna cover the east quadrant. Then I'll swing around for a north-south scan.

Dominic: I'll sure miss the view of expensive real estate.

Hawke: There's one ahead of us. You see anything yet?

Dominic: Sand and coral. No, hold it, String. [electronic whooshing] (Dominic) We have a couple of blips.

Hawke: You sure it's not a heated pool?

Dominic: I'm sure because the lifeguard is carrying a .50 caliber on his dune buggy.

Hawke: Let's go take a look.

On Sanchez's island base

[speaking Spanish]

Sanchez: I am showing you the newest of hand-launched, heat-seeking missiles, and you want to know can it blow a bank vault? Estupido.

[speaking in Spanish]

[Airwolf comes overhead] [men speaking in Spanish] [Hawke speaking Spanish] [men chattering]

Hawke: That's U.S. equipment they're playing with.

Dominic: Is that supposed to make me feel better?

[missiles firing] [shouting in Spanish] [men shouting] [battle] [Airwolf lands][speaking in Spanish]

Hawke: Didn't I say I came to talk?

Sanchez: What do you want?

Hawke: Ivan Rivera and I would like some answers.

Hawke: From the looks of your equipment, I can see where $2 million would go.

Sanchez: That's not how I paid for these weapons.

Hawke: It is, till you prove different.

Sanchez: Can I call that jeep here?

Hawke: Yeah, just tell him to keep it in low gear.

[speaking in Spanish]

Sanchez: If you don't know how to use one, I'll be glad to show you.

Hawke: [sighing] [beeping] Archangel.

Archangel: [onboard Angel 1] Hawke? What are you doing on this channel?

Later on Sanchez's island base

Archangel: We spend months establishing Camp Freedom, and you and Airwolf waste it in 10 minutes.

Hawke: Camp Freedom. You really are amazing, Michael. You give a bunch of criminals sophisticated weaponry and you call it Camp Freedom?

Archangel: Hawke, you've got to tune into the bigger picture.

Marella: These men were being trained to combat communist insurgents in Central American trouble spots.

Hawke: Well,I guess I'm just not sophisticated enough to judge the morality of using a bunch of pirates to fight Uncle Sam's battles. I'm sure the newspapers will give you a better shake.

Archangel: You're not serious?

Hawke: And the White House doesn't know anything about this, I'll bet. They shouldn't hold a grudge against the Firm for more than a couple of budget years.

Marella: You're talking about blackmail.

Hawke: Not until I ask for something.

Archangel: What are you asking for?

Hawke: $3 million, cash.

Archangel: [scoffing] You're insane.

Hawke: Anybody got the number of The Washington Post?

Archangel: [sighing] Okay, you got it.

Marella: It is still blackmail.

Hawke: But Marella, you're just not seeing the bigger picture.


Rivera's residence

Stella: Red Star? Red Star, this is Venus. Come in. Red Star? This is Venus. Come in, please. Red Star, this is Venus. Come in. They're not answering.

Hawke: Try it again.

Stella:Red Star, this is Venus. Come in.

Fernandez: [over on Cuba] This is Red Star. Go ahead.

Stella: Arrangements have been completed on this end. We are waiting for your instructions.

Fernandez: We will be expecting shipment at 1200 hours.

Stella: Message confirmed.

Fernandez: This is your last chance.

Stella: Confirmed. Out. [sighing]

Fernandez: [laughing]

Hawke: What's that for?

Stella: For making it possible to bring my father home.

Hawke: He's not home, yet. I'll get Dom and we'll make the transfer.

Stella: You won't be making the delivery.

Hawke: That's a joke, right?

Stella: It is no joke. We want to make sure that nothing goes wrong this time.

Hawke: Meaning Dominic? You can't do that. You have no right to take the moment from him.

Stella: We have every right. We want this to be an all-Cuban operation. This has nothing to do with you.

Hawke: Yes, it does.

Stella: We can't take the chance.

Hawke: What are you gonna trade for your father, an IOU?

Stella: You'd withhold the money?

Hawke: No, I simply trade for trust.

Rivera: My apologies, Mr. Hawke, but the committee's decision is final. We hired a pilot. Now, if you will just deliver the money.

Hawke: I don't think so.

Rivera: You are forcing our hand.

Hawke: To do what? Shoot me? If that's the case, you'd better add three dots to your lower lip and go to work for Sanchez. If I've got to gamble on people, I'd just as soon it was you. You're not killing anybody.

Rivera: You win, Mr. Hawke.

Hawke: No, you win, Mr. Rivera.

Rivera: Would you at least take one of us along to satisfy our people?

At the cocktail bar

Hawke:[exhaling] [men chattering] [choking] [exclaiming] Best bottle of wine in the house.

Marella: You'd think with $3 million on the seat between us, a vintage Bordeaux would be more appropriate.

Archangel: With $3 million on the seat between us, not advertising it would be appropriate.

Hawke: Well, they don't look too dangerous to me.

Marella: Only to some species of marine life.

Archangel: I suppose it would be pointless of me to ask to what end this exorbitant outlay of cash is intended.

Hawke: That's right. Pointless.

Archangel: I figured.

Dominic: All set, String. Ah! All we need now is the money. Here, let me help you. This is one kind of baggage I enjoy handling.

Stella: Stringfellow, who are these people? Why are they being so generous?

Archangel: Good question.

Hawke: They, uh, represent a firm that makes covers to keep things under wraps.

Archangel: You're enjoying this, aren't you?

Dominic: Uh, we'll be back in about three hours. I think you'll enjoy what your money brings back. [chuckling] You ready? Come on.

Hawke: Listen, you take it easy.

Dominic: Hey.

Hawke: No kick the tires, lighting fires stuff.

Dominic: Milk run.

Hawke: Okay.

Archangel: He's on his way back across the straits to Cuba, isn't he?

Hawke: You know, I think the next bottle of wine we buy better be a cheap one. I'm broke.

Enroute to Cuba

Dominic:[sighing] (Dominic) We're on our way back. You still think I'm a thief?

Stella: We've got about a hundred miles to go and I'm watching the compass all the way.

At the cocktail bar

Archangel: How much longer?

Hawke: Michael, they just took off. Give them a little time.

Archangel: It's been 30 minutes. You could've been to Havana and back in Airwolf. Santini's not flying Airwolf, is he?

Hawke: Of course not, Michael.

Archangel: Thanks.

Hawke: Listen, will you excuse me just a moment?

Outside the cocktail bar

[dog barking] [car engine starting] [tires screeching]

Marella: Should we try and find him? No.

Archangel: If he wants to play this without our help, we'll just let him. [exhaling]

Hawke: Why don't you say something? What's the matter with you?

Sanchez: There is nothing the matter with them. They are loyal to me, andI do the talking. I hope we'll be able to talk as one military man to another. We do work for the same firm, after all.

Hawke: I work for myself.

Sanchez: And you built that combat helicopter all by yourself out of, uh, old tractor parts? I would like such a tractor myself.

Hawke: Sorry, I'm fresh out.

Sanchez: Then will you lend me the one you drive? Just for a few years?

Hawke: Long enough for you to overthrow the small country of your choice, huh?

Sanchez: We think alike.

Hawke: No chance.

Sanchez: Your friend and, uh, the Rivera girl will soon be entering Cuban air space. I could let my colleague in Cuba go through with his original plan, and you will never see them again. Or, they can come home with the prisoners.

Hawke: What hold have you got over that Cuban colonel?

Sanchez: He needs me. What he is doing is against Cuban law. He needs my support, my helicopters. [scoffing] And to think at one time he was my jailer. Now we both work on the same side, as you and I will.

Hawke: I'm afraid not.

Sanchez: Then your friend will spend andI assure you, it will be hell on earth.

Enroute to Cuba

Dominic: We'll be in Cuba in 10 minutes. I hope you're convinced now thatI didn't steal your $2 million.

Stella: I guess so. Did you really know my father?

Dominic: I did, and a braver man I never knew. I have met some daughters just as brave, though.

At Airwolf on the ground

[Sanchez speaks in Spanish on radio] [Fernandez, over on Cuba, responds in Spanish.]

Sanchez: Now open the hatch if you please, Mr. Hawke. We are waiting, Mr. Hawke.

Hawke: The cabin's pressurized. You have to back up a little.

[men shouting in Spanish][Sanchez shoots at Airwolf]


Dominic: [on loudspeaker] Yeah, yeah, okay, Colonel, we've been through this before. Now show us the men.

[speaking in Spanish] [speaking in Spanish]

Fernandez: So good to see you again, senor Santini.

Dominic: Likewise, I'm sure. There. Go ahead, count it.

Fernandez: I see you have brought a beautiful senorita with you this time. I'm sorry I cannot do the same.

Fernandez: All I have are [speaking in Spanish]

Dominic: You're a slimy, lying piece of garbage!

Fernandez: [laughing]

[Airwolf swoops over][exclaiming] [men shouting] [shouting in Spanish][battle]

Hawke: Let's go home.

Fernandez: [speaking in Spanish on radio] Ataque.

[jet fighters]

Hawke: Come on, move that donkey cart. Going to be a long 90 miles.

Dominic: You just cool your tail rotor there, hotshot. Besides, without me and that ship to keep you out of trouble, it's you I'm worried about.

Dominic: I take it back, String. It's me I'm worried about.

Cuban pilot: [speaking in Spanish] Eleccion. Cero. Tres.

Hawke: He popped a Sidewinder.

Dominic: Radar guidance or infrared?

Hawke: I don't know. I can't see it from here.

[explosion] [speaking in Spanish]

Dominic: String, get this thing off my tail, will you?

Hawke: Hang on, Dom. I'll be your decoy. [explosion]

Dominic: [laughing] Not bad, String. You wrote your own flight manual, there. [laughing]

Dominic: Ladies and gentlemen, the captain has put on the no smoking sign. Please fasten your seat belts as we prepare for our landing in los Estados Unidos, in Norteamerica. [laughing] [speaking in Spanish]

At the cocktail bar

Archangel: No, not at all, Mr. Rivera. We at the Firm have always considered your organization to be a vital link in our Latin American effort.

Rivera: Then why did you arm Sanchez and not us?

Archangel: [stuttering]

Stella: Of course, now that our heroes are home, things have changed.

Archangel: Absolutely, and we would like to work with you a lot more closely.

Rivera: Perhaps. Let us examine your proposal.

Dominic: [laughing] Say, String, didI ever thank you for bucking that hurricane to find me?

Hawke: Nope.

Dominic: Did I ever thank you for bailing me out with the Riveras, not to mention the MiG?

Hawke: No.

Dominic: Well, hell, then I owe you about three more drinks. Larry, three more rounds. Attaboy.

Hawke: Well, these beers are going to end up costing us $30 each.

Dominic: Easy come, easy go. [laughing]

[Airwolf flies off into the sunset]