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Major Mufta Ben-Kamal is a character who makes a one-time appearance in Season 1 during the pilot Shadow of The Hawke (episode).


Major Mufta Ben-Kamal is a Libyan military officer. After Moffet stole Airwolf and brought it to Libyan, Kamal is assigned as Moffet's minder. It's his job to look after Moffet's needs and ensure the security of the helicopter. He responds and supplies whatever comforts Moffet and his men need. In addition, he conveys the instructions of the Libyan government to Moffet, for example, when they want a demonstration of Airwolf's capabilities or supporting Libyan forces. Hence he sends Airwolf to shoot down a French Mirage in Chad and blow up a U.S. navy destroyer. Handling the mercurial Moffet can be exasperating but Kamal manages to maintain his cool surprisingly well. We do not know what happened to him at the end but it can be assumed that he received some punishment for losing Airwolf.

Portrayed By

Major Mufta Ben-Kamal is played by Frank Annese.[1] This is his only appearance on Airwolf.