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Major Mustafa Ben-Kamal[1]
Airwolf character

Frank Annese as Major Mustafa Ben-Kamal

First appearance Shadow of the Hawke
Last appearance Shadow of the Hawke
Portrayed by Frank Annese


Gender Male
Nationality Libyan


Moffet and his crew then fly Airwolf to Libya. The Libyan government caters to Moffet's sadistic desires in exchange for Moffet's use of Airwolf to strike at Libya's enemies. Two Mirage, he was the one who said for exotic dancing girl, Gabrielle Ademaur, sink an American destroyer with all hands. Shadow of The Hawke


From Airwolf (1984) (TV)

Major Mufta Ben-Kamal: [Major Ben-Mufta and Dr. Moffet are watching a scantily clad dancer in a nightclub] I don't understand what you Westerners see in women with such skinny bodies, in the desert a body like this would wither and die in a matter of hours.
Dr. Charles Henry Moffet: After a few hours with such a body, what would it matter?
Dr. Charles Henry Moffet: [watches the dancer intently] I want her...
Major Mufta Ben-Kamal: Ah... That will be difficult, we believe she is an American spy.
Dr. Charles Henry Moffet: Perhaps I can question her for you...
Major Mufta Ben-Kamal: I could do that... Of course, Brother Kadafi was most pleased with your exploits this afternoon against the French on behalf of our beleaguered freedom fighters in Chad. Your destruction of two French Mirage fighters will be told about in the camps of our people until the desert sand turns to water...
Dr. Charles Henry Moffet: But that's still not enough to pay for her?
Major Mufta Ben-Kamal: [laughs] There are many women here who are just...
Dr. Charles Henry Moffet: [snaps] What is?::

Major Mufta Ben-Kamal: An American Destroyer...