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Margo Brewster is a character who makes a one-time appearance in the Season 2 episode titled "Santin's Million".


When Carl Barron dies, his will leaves his real estate and 60% of his assets to Margo Brewster, his granddaughter, who will thus take over the controlling interest in his company, Barron Technology Services. James Graydon, Barron's number two man has been romancing Margo, intending to consolidate his power. He has been making proposals of marriage which she has turned down but he tells her he does not give up easily. Barron's death is his big chance if he can win over Margo.

Margo might have been underestimated by everyone because they think she is only a pre-school teacher. But she soon breaks all these illusions when she firmly overrules Graydon at the board meeting and sides with Dominic.

Outside the board meeting, Dominic encourages Margo in continuing with what the job Barron left her. He tells her she has "Barron blood" in her and will bring the "heart" which every corporation needs at the top.

Later that day, Margo is asked to meet Dominic at a Santini Air JetRanger in the parking lot. But it turns out to be Carl Barron! He takes her to an abandoned geology research lab to have a talk.

Margo had never been close to her grandfather and they drifted apart even more after the death of her parents in a car accident. At first she is angry with Carl Barron for playing the deception on her. "He was always good at messing up people's lives," she had earlier said. But Carl Barron apologies to her and explains that he now realized that retreating from life and his family was a mistake.

Graydon has however stumbled upon the fact that Barron is alive and arrives with a fleet of armed helicopters intending to blow Barron and Margo up, Fortunately Airwolf intervenes in time and saves the day.

Back from the dead, Barron announces that, while he will stay with the company, the day to day operations will be left to Margo.

Portrayed By

Margo Brewster is played by Lory Walsh.[1]