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Maria von Furster is an East German intelligence agent who made a one-time appearance in the Season 2 episode titled "Fallen Angel".


Maria von Furster was a East German intelligence agent whom Archangel met in Stockholm 20 years before the events in the episode. They had become lovers and apparently he had tried to turn her--he told a mutual acquaintance Dr Karl Kruger that he would have taken Maria with him if she would have come. Kruger, also a East German agent and later also her lover, said he would have shot them both if he had the chance.

In the run-up to the episode, Archangel receives news that Maria had been put on the KGB "whitelist", some kind of hit-list which was issued monthly. He enters East Germany to try to rescue her on a private operation codenamed "Angel of Mercy" but ends up being captured--it is all part of a ruse by Kruger to get Archangel into his power for brain-washing purposes.

After Hawke, Dominic and Caitlin enter East Germany to rescue Archangel, Hawke contacts Maria and asks her to help them. She locates the castle where Archangel is locked up and agrees to take Hawke there if he promises not to hurt Kruger, who is also her lover--otherwise she will kill him herself.

The rescue of Archangel from a castle is successful and Archangel is extracted by Airwolf. Maria is, however, shot just as she steps on board and has to be left behind. Later, after Airwolf departs, she gets up again--indicating that it had all been part of a ruse by Kruger to let Archangel escape after programming him to kill Zeus and the rest of the F.I.R.M. committee.

But Hawke sees through the ruse because the rescue has been too easy. Archangel does shoot Zeus but Hawke had loaded the gun with blanks. Shortly thereafter, Airwolf returns to the castle in East Germany, this time to get Kruger's brainwashing serums and research files. Kruger surprises Archangel and Hawke in his lab but Archangel shoots him before he can raise the alarm. They try to leave but Maria now arrives and threatens to shoot Archangel. Archangel does not really believe she will do it but she does--she shoots him. Almost at the same momemt, Hawke shoots her. She misses but Hawke doesn't and she is killed.

On board Airwolf during the egress, Archangel soberly reflects that Maria had been on the other side all along. He tells Hawke that killing her was something which couldn't be helped.

Portrayed By

Maria von Furster is played by Camillia Sparv[1]

Coincidentally, Camilla Sparv was born in Stockholm and she was 42 at the time the episode was made.


Maria with Hawke, rescuing Archangel

Maria's computer readout on Airwolf. "Maria's pretty cute for an older woman," says Caitlin.