Mickey is a character who makes a one-time appearance in the Season 2 episode titled "Out of the Sky".


Singer Roxy Marvel wants to quit and that gives her manager/ex-husband Nick de Soto a problem because he needs her for his 20% commission. The solution he and assistant Rusty Crawford work out is to introduce a "ringer" or double to lip-synch her songs. But first they need to get rid of Roxy, so they hire Mickey and his partner Sal to kidnap her. The job must be done discreetly. Mickey assures Nick, "Discreet is the only way we do kidnapping ... seeing as how it's a felony."

Mickey and Sal take the contract and kidnap Roxy and keep her in a cabin in the woods. Roxy escapes and Mickey and Sal pursue her, shooting at her, more to scare her into surrendering than to hit her. Hawke and Dominic go in search of Roxy in Airwolf and they turn up just in time. The two thugs take off in their jeep. Mickey fires a M72 LAW at Airwolf but misses. Fortunately for them, Hawke seems to be in a forgiving mood. He is satisfied with just driving them off and turns to pick Roxy up.

Album-out of the sky.jpg
Interesting touch of realism. Mickey tells Roxy he has on of her albums. This is the one that has the song she sings in the episode. He suggests that they play it but he flings the disc at her to threaten her instead.

Portrayed By

Mickey is played by Joe Unger.[1]


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