Airwolf Wiki

On board the Airwolf simulator

HAWKE: Dom, we got any signal yet?

DOMINIC: They can't bend radar around corners, String.

HAWKE: Hang on. We'll climb up where they can see us.

DOMINIC: There it is. Bearing 295, in that itty-bitty canyon, l'll bet.

HAWKE: Weapons to combat mode.

DOMINIC: Combat mode.

HAWKE: Turbos.

DOMINIC: String, that canyon ain't wide enough for a couple of burros to walk side by side.

HAWKE: We'll make it if we get those burros out of our way.



DOMINIC: String, you hit the bull's-eye. All right, let's climb out of it.

HAWKE: Dom, she's still awful mushy.

DOMINIC: Canyon walls coming up.

HAWKE: This thing's lost all of its delicacy. I got to muscle it.

DOMINIC: You can't! We're gonna pile into those walls!

HAWKE: Can't help it. We got to try.

DOMINIC: Oh, my God!



DOMINIC: Saint Peter, I presume.

ARCHANGEL: Sorry, just your run-of-the-mill Archangel.

DOMINIC: Oh, great jumping Jehoshaphat!

WINCHESTER: Well, what's your appraisal, Mr. Santini?

DOMINIC: Are you kiddin'? Man, that's amazing. I forgot it was a game.

WINCHESTER: It's not a game, it's a simulation. But we're pleased you find it so realistic.

DOMINIC: Yeah, you just sit in there and you--you swear it's the real thing.

HAWKE: Well, not quite. The stick's way too loose. And there's too much yaw. The real Airwolf would have made it.

WINCHESTER: Well, maybe next time, when you're more familiar with....

HAWKE: There won't be a next time. I came and I flew this overgrown video machine like you asked. I told you what's wrong with it. Now I'm goin' home.

(woman on PA system) Simulation is now complete. All banks show recycle mode.

HAWKE: I'll be outside when you're ready to fly us back to the cabin.

ARCHANGEL: Hawke, Dr. Winchester has a report he'd like you to fill out.

HAWKE: I forgot my pen.

DOMINIC: Well, I'd sure like to know how you do it.

DIANA: Well, come with me.

DOMINIC: All right.

WINCHESTER: His reaction was unexpected and totally uncalled for.

ARCHANGEL: He claims it didn't fly like Airwolf.

WINCHESTER: Well, I'm not saying it's perfect, Archangel. It's only Phase One. Phase Two requires Airwolf and Hawke. You must deliver him.


DIANA:The simulation is controlled from the main terminal and several smaller terminals. We installed this large screen so visitors could view the action more easily.

DOMINIC: Huh. You could see what was happenin' in there?

MARELLA: Oh, yes. And I must confess that when Airwolf crashed, I felt a little shiver.

DOMINIC: Huh. I didn't know you cared.

DIANA: We know what Airwolf looks like, of course. And we have a pretty clear idea of its capabilities.

MARELLA: Even the classified ones.

DIANA: It's just a matter of putting performance and appearance together in a given scenario at computer speed. The graphics computers we're making even three years ago were cave drawings compared to these.

DOMINIC: What about other aircraft?

DIANA: Oh, we have quite a library. How about our Hughes 500 meeting its fate?

MARELLA: Very impressive. Well worth the Firm's investment.

DIANA: Thank you.

DOMINIC: I want to tell you, you put some g-forces in that simulator, and nobody will be able to tell the difference.

Hawke's cabin

HAWKE: I could. Flying is flying and games are games.

ARCHANGEL: That's not very helpful.

MARELLA: Could you put a percentage on how realistic you thought it was?

HAWKE: It's not exactly a perfect ten.

ARCHANGEL: Dr. Winchester would be the first to admit that. That's exactly why he needs your participation.

HAWKE: That's another thing. How come Robert Winchester's in this program? He's a pilot, not a scientist.

MARELLA: It is possible to be both.

HAWKE: Well, Winchester was one of the original bunch of Airwolf pilots. Back when you were gonna make a fleet.

ARCHANGEL: His computer skills made him more valuable on the ground.

HAWKE: Well, I heard he washed out. He's great on instruments but had no natural ability. Now he's supposed to teach me to fly Airwolf?

ARCHANGEL: But that's not what they're sayin', String. No one can fly Airwolf the way you do. And that's the problem. We have no backup, and no way to train them. What happens if you go for a hike one day and don't come back? What happens when your flying skills begin to erode? With Winchester's equipment, we can get a computer-perfect profile not only of Airwolf, but of how Stringfellow Hawke, in his prime, flies Airwolf.

MARELLA: Some of the major-league baseball teams are using similar techniques to profile the perfect swing.

DOMINIC: I read about that. Pete Rose will live forever.

HAWKE: I'm not gonna take Airwolf any place the Firm can get its hands on her.

ARCHANGEL: Each night you can fly it away to any hiding place you choose.

HAWKE: Yeah, I'll think about it.

Wolf's Lair

DOMINIC: [SIGHS] No matter how many times I see it, she still takes my breath away.

HAWKE: Yeah.

HAWKE: How much food we got?

DOMINIC: About five days' worth. Hey, if we run short, we can always set down in the parking lot of the local market, you know.

HAWKE: You're lookin' forward to this, aren't you?

DOMINIC: Well, yes, I am. If we can help the next generation, why not?

HAWKE: You're tellin' me you're doin' this for the next generation?

DOMINIC: Hey, when you get to be my age, sonny, you'll see that it's important to leave somethin' behind.

HAWKE: Yeah, you and Pete Rose, you're gonna live forever.

DOMINIC: Ah, come on, nobody lives forever. No, it's--it's just that I--I just love the idea, that's all. Hey, 20 or 30 years from now, when you're sittin' on that cabin porch of yours, and I'm flying charter for you-know-who, [LAUGHS] some pilot will be sittin' in that simulator. They'll be flyin' combat against you and me.

HAWKE: We'll be kickin' their butts.

DOMINIC: Hey, they'll be chasin' our smoke all over the sky [LAUGHS] and they'll be sayin', "Who the hell are these guys Hawke and Santini?"

HAWKE: If I don't stuff this big bird in the ground first.

DOMINIC: Oh, come on, don't worry about that. It was just a fluke.

HAWKE: I guess every pilot goes through it. Seems like when you hit the backside, you start to lose your reflexes.


HAWKE: Maybe this thing came along at just the right time.

DOMINIC: Uh-huh. Yeah, but listen, you ain't on your backside yet, not by a long shot. Now, come on, give me a hand with the rest of these groceries.

Airwolf simulator

DIANA: Target is destroyed. You have 30 seconds to get out of the canyon.

DIANA: Twenty-five seconds.

DIANA: Twenty seconds.

DIANA: Fifteen seconds.

DIANA: Ten seconds. Nine, eight, seven, six five. Pull up. Pull up!

DIANA: You did it! Hawke crashed it, but you did it!

WINCHESTER: Yeah. Yeah, I pulled it out.

DIANA: You are the best, Robert. You are. You really are.

At the FIRM test site


DOMINIC: It's not exactly downtown USA, is it?

WINCHESTER: The telemetry pod will record your position, speed, and so on, anywhere on the range.

HAWKE: I'm not going to be responsible if that thing tears off at Mach 1 .

WINCHESTER:Oh, it'll stay on all right. We've hooked them up to F-15s and pushed to Mach 3. No problem.

HAWKE: You got any F-15s out here today?

WINCHESTER:No. No, not today. We have to work our way up the ladder, you know. We have to see Airwolf crawl before she can run.

HAWKE: It's the 1984 model Airwolf taking on Detroit's more demanding torture test engineered like no other Airwolf in the world.

WINCHESTER: Let's do it again. The fine movements are just as important as the high-speed ones, Mr. Hawke. Thank you for your help. You're doing fine.


WINCHESTER: Very good, Airwolf. Now, let's see if you're as good against a moving target.

HAWKE: That's the way it is in combat, Winchester. Things move.

WINCHESTER: Of course, you won't be using live ammunition this time. The machines can tell if you hit or missed.

DOMINIC: Missed? Mister, you do got a lot to learn about the Airwolf.

HAWKE: Chain guns.

DOMINIC: Chain guns.

HAWKE: Well, how'd did I do?

DIANA: We'll tally up at the end of the day, Mr. Hawke.

ARCHANGEL: Beautiful.

HAWKE: She is, uh, better appreciated from a distance, Michael.

ARCHANGEL: I'm a man of my word. You're helping us, and I appreciate it. I've doubled security at the perimeter.

MARELLA: You're safer sleeping here than out in the middle of nowhere.

HAWKE: I like nowhere, especially the middle section.

DIANA: An excellent day, Mr. Hawke. Excellent.

WINCHESTER: We have an almost perfect readout of Airwolf against ground targets. What do you mean almost perfect?

DIANA: Well, 100% would be perfect. You got 87.


WINCHESTER: Well, you missed a couple. Surely you know that.

HAWKE: We didn't miss.

DOMINIC: Each pass looked right on the money to me, Doc.

WINCHESTER:You were sitting in the back, Mr. Santini. The computer had the best seat in the house.

HAWKE: It was wrong.

WINCHESTER: The machine has no reason to lie, Mr. Hawke, unlike the pilot.

HAWKE: Come on, Dom.

At an outdoors bivouac with Airwolf

DOMINIC: If I say something, you won't get teed off, will you? Huh? Sometimes, I just don't understand you, String. Before, you used to talk about how stupid and artificial this thing is. But when it gives you less than a perfect score, you--you act like you lost a war or somethin'. Hey, lighten up on yourself, will you?

HAWKE: We hit those targets ten for ten.

DOMINIC: Yeah, sure looked that way to me, too. But so what if the computer has a few bugs in it? Don't take it so personally.

HAWKE: Well, Winchester sure is. He's really enjoyin' crackin' the whip and making me jump through those hoops.

DOMINIC: How well do you know that guy?

HAWKE: I said hello to him on the flight line, across the room at parties. He was closer to Moffett than anybody.

DOMINIC: Moffett? The guy who invented Airwolf?

HAWKE: Yeah. They sort of spoke the same language.

DOMINIC: Huh. Well, it won't hurt us none to play trained pony for a couple of more days.

HAWKE: Yeah. Yeah, I guess not.

DOMINIC: Besides, it's nice to be outside the city for a while, huh?



HAWKE: What kind of a lame coyote is that?

DOMINIC: Lame? I suppose you can do better.


DOMINIC: Coyote! That's the kind that paints his own fingernails.

HAWKE: You're calling my coyote a sissy? [HOWLING] [BOTH LAUGH]

At a restaurant


DIANA: You're really feeling your oats tonight.

WINCHESTER: Well, why not? In just a couple of days....

DIANA: You won't need another couple of days. Hawke's madder than sin now. Didn't you see his face?


DIANA: He won't be able to resist the challenge. Another bad score and he'll be ready for anything.

WINCHESTER: What was his real score today?

DIANA: Perfect. It's nearly impossible to miss a ground target from Airwolf.

WINCHESTER: Yes, but air-to-air, that's somethin' else, right?

DIANA: Exactly.


DIANA: How they could pass up a superb mind like yours in favor of some rudder-jockey like Hawke is beyond me.

WINCHESTER: Yeah, well, that's the way it is. What a person knows, what a person can do, or make, or create, they forget all that. All goes by the board, when the kid with the great right arm shows up. The natural talent.

DIANA: And Hawke was always that kid, wasn't he?


DIANA: I hope you fly him into the ground.

WINCHESTER: You know, I never could've done any of this, if it wasn't for you.

DIANA: Don't be ridiculous. You designed the simulator.

WINCHESTER: Yeah. But without your encouragement, I never would've got this close to taking Hawke on. I love you. Mmm.

DIANA: Mmm. Oh, I'm sorry.

WINCHESTER: That's all right. It's okay.

DIANA: You'd better run some cold water on that right away.

WINCHESTER: Cold water, huh?

DIANA: In the men's room. Go on.


PROVOV: That was fortuitous.

DIANA: No, I spilled it.

PROVO: [SNICKERING] What is your progress?

DIANA: If all goes well, the machine will be in your hands tomorrow. I'll contact you with the details.

PROVOV: But Airwolf must have defenses against theft.

DIANA: Which I will neutralize. Once we have access to the on-board computer, there will be no problem.

PROVOV: Your control over Winchester seems good.

DIANA: It is absolute. He thinks this is all designed to provide a moment of truth between him and Stringfellow Hawke. He knows nothing of the larger plan.

PROVOV: Such a brilliant and inventive mind to be swayed by the most basic passions: jealousy and lust.

DIANA: The machines get smarter. Men never change.

At the test range

HAWKE: Rocket fire, rocket fire.

HAWKE: How am I doin'?

WINCHESTER: We don't analyze maneuvers one at a time, Mr. Hawke. The next run....

HAWKE: You tell me if that was a hit or a miss, or I'm vectoring out of here right now.

WINCHESTER: You missed him.

HAWKE: Winchester, I want to talk to you right now. Alone.

HAWKE: That bird was square on line with the target box.

WINCHESTER: Maybe you clutched at the last minute.

HAWKE: I didn't clutch.

WINCHESTER: Look, Hawke, it's not my fault you keep missing the targets. We recalibrated this morning. The machine is perfect.

HAWKE: The machine is screwed up. I've had Airwolf in combat. I know her. You don't.

WINCHESTER: I know her.

HAWKE: Then why aren't you flying her instead of throwing the clay pigeons.

WINCHESTER: Bureaucratic stupidity.

HAWKE: It's too bad they didn't make two of them.

WINCHESTER: I can simulate two. Airwolf versus Airwolf, full on dogfight.

HAWKE: With you pushing the buttons?

WINCHESTER: No tricks. I wanna beat you even odds.

On board Airwolf, flying to the test range that night

DOMINIC: Come on, String, let's forget the whole thing and go home. It's not a game anymore. You're like a couple of gunfighters heading for a showdown. Besides, I don't like anybody messin' around with these electronics.

HAWKE: Aren't you curious to know who's best?

DOMINIC: I never lost so much as a fingernail flyin' with you. That's good enough for me.

HAWKE: There's the lab. How many heat sources have you got?

DOMINIC: Just two. Outside.

DIANA: It's here.

PROVO: [ON THE PHONE] We are on our way.

WINCHESTER: This is the prototype of the laser frame. We've kept it in storage just in case. It works just the same as the other one.

HAWKE: How do I know that?

WINCHESTER: Well, we can trade ships, if you want to.

HAWKE: No, thanks.

WINCHESTER: You can't see the lasers now, but once you get inside, with the frosted glass, the program will appear.

DOMINIC: You see what I mean? This is exactly what I was worried about. How do we know what's happenin' in there?


WINCHESTER: Ready for test? Put him in the canyon, doing 100 knots.

DIANA: You got it.

WINCHESTER: Does the feel seem okay? We don't want it mushy, do we? Set him back down.

DIANA: He's on the ground.

WINCHESTER: Ready, Hawke?

HAWKE: Ready.


HAWKE: After you.

Outside the test range

MAN: How much further?

PROVOV: Beyond the perimeter fence, one mile.

The Airwolf dogfight and Provov's raid

WINCHESTER: Is that the best you can do, Hawke?

WINCHESTER: You can't lose me that easy, Hawke.

HAWKE: I'm not trying to lose you. I'm just giving you a flying lesson.


VOICE ON PA: Alert! Alert! Security breach. Sector 11B. Alert! Alert! Security breach. Sector 11B.

DOMINIC: What is it?

HAWKE: The perimeter alarm. Security's been breached.

WINCHESTER: Get the doors open! We have to get Airwolf out of here.



HAWKE: What's going on, Dom?

DOMINIC: I've got a firefight 2 clicks east.

HAWKE: Let's go have a look.


Aftermath at the test range

ARCHANGEL: And a wonderful time was had by all. The funds for this project did not include an allocation for self-indulgence, Mr. Hawke, Dr. Winchester. This was totally uncalled for and very nearly tragic. Fortunately, my beefed-up security prevented the evening from ending on a sour note. Such as Airwolf in the hands of criminals.

WINCHESTER: Is that what they were?

ARCHANGEL: I was hopeful you could tell us who they were.

WINCHESTER: I don't know.

ARCHANGEL: Only the four of you knew that Airwolf would be here last night.

DIANA: This is a large laboratory complex. I'm sure there are other projects around here someone might like to steal.

ARCHANGEL: This project is officially shut down.

WINCHESTER: You can't.

ARCHANGEL: I am. What's more, you and Miss Norris are under house arrest in this lab until I can straighten this out.

DIANA: You can't do that. What gives you the right?

MARELLA: How does "national security" sound to you?

HAWKE: What about Dom and l?

ARCHANGEL: I'd like nothing better than to have you both safely back wherever you hide Airwolf.

DOMINIC: Well, I never thought I`'d hear you say that.

ARCHANGEL: However, you two are the only ones who got a look at the assault team. I may need you.

HAWKE: We'll be in the neighborhood.

HAWKE: You know, Archangel's basically a pretty fair man. When he clears you, you'll be back in business.

WINCHESTER: What makes you so sure I'm innocent?

HAWKE: I saw you when the alarm went off. Save Airwolf. That's all you wanted to do. I'm sorry it had to end like that.


HAWKE: It was quite a duel, wasn't it?

WINCHESTER: Did you really think so?

HAWKE: Yeah.

WINCHESTER: You had me.

HAWKE: You never know. You were pretty tough.

WINCHESTER: Hey, tell me the truth, Hawke. Is the simulator anything like the real Airwolf.

HAWKE: Pretty doggone close. After all this blows over, I'd like to come back for another demonstration. It's a hell of a machine. And maybe afterwards, we can take a spin in mine.

WINCHESTER: That's a deal.


In the simulator lab


WINCHESTER: What are you watching?

DIANA: I'm not watching, I'm running a blow-by-blow analysis. I still think you're as good as he is.

WINCHESTER: Oh, come on, honey, you saw that last maneuver. He got me. He's a superb pilot.

DIANA: The only thing he's got on you is experience. If you knew his bag of tricks, you would've won.

WINCHESTER: What am I supposed to do, read his mind?

DIANA: Not his mind. The mind of the machine.

WINCHESTER: What do you mean?

DIANA: I noticed when we were hooking up for the simulation that Airwolf has a rather extensive memory. When it goes into a combat mode, the memory clicks on.

WINCHESTER: Of course. A complete record of every air combat Airwolf has ever been in, right in there, waiting to be studied.

DIANA: I don't think they know it has this capability.

WINCHESTER It would be fascinating to look at it.

DIANA: I placed an interface in the central processor and tied it to Airwolf's SSB.


DIANA: Let's try it.

WINCHESTER: I don't know.

DIANA: Hawke's been having adventures that should've been yours. Aren't you just a little curious?




WINCHESTER Look at those tanks. They look Russian to me.

DIANA: What's wrong?

WINCHESTER: Nothing. I was just thinking of something Dr. Moffett said.

DIANA: Who's Moffett?

WINCHESTER: The designer of Airwolf. He's dead now. We were at a party one night, and he got this funny grin on his face. He said: "Robert, Airwolf is very much a living thing. More than you can imagine."

DIANA: What did he mean?

WINCHESTER: I'm just beginning to understand.

WINCHESTER: My God. Inside its computer, Airwolf contains its own design, just like a living creature. The complete information as to how to recreate itself. Fantastic.

DIANA: We have to copy this out. I'll transfer it.

WINCHESTER: Oh, wait a minute. Maybe we shouldn't.

DIANA: Robert, think a minute. Deliver this to Archangel, he'll forgive everything. And when he builds a new Airwolf, he'll need someone to fly it.



Morning at the test range and at Provo's helicopter site

(WOMAN ON PA SYSTEM) Attention. Maintenance team to Building 5. Maintenance team to Building 5.

DIANA: (EXERCISING, SPEAKING SECRETLY INTO A RADIO) Escape Plan South. Special equipment. 1600 hours. End.

PROVOV: Yes, standard route, drop site to Mexico City and home. End.

PROVOV: Is it ready? Will it take the tapes?

MAN: [a computer buzzing] Yes, sir.

Airwolf's outdoor bivouac

DOMINIC: Ah, String, I'm dreaming sweet daydreams of cool, dry air at 30,000 feet.

HAWKE: [GROANING] You know, Michael will be calling soon.

DOMINIC:[radio beeping] Now he can hear radio waves coming in, too.


MARELLA: Fruit juice?

HAWKE: No, thanks.

DOMINIC: Hey. This is the life. [WHOOPING]

ARCHANGEL: I haven't had any luck trying to find the men who breached the perimeter the other night. Thought maybe one of these faces would ring a bell. [BEEPING]

HAWKE: That's one of them there. The leader.

DOMINIC: Sure is.

ARCHANGEL: Alexai Provoff.

HAWKE: Russian?

MARELLA: Just like caviar from fish.

ARCHANGEL: Top Soviet agent. He's the one who stole our swing-wing technology. Ruthless. Can fly anything.

HAWKE: Which means they were definitely after Airwolf the other night.

ARCHANGEL: Which means one of our two friends in the lab is in league with him.

HAWKE: I just can't believe that Robert Winchester would turn over.

MARELLA: We better get back there.

ARCHANGEL: Right. The main thing is for you to get Airwolf out of the area and back to its hiding place.

DOMINIC: With pleasure. Come on, kid.

HAWKE: All I'm asking is, give him the benefit of the doubt.

ARCHANGEL: Innocent until proven guilty. We try traitors the same way we try pickpockets.

At the test range


(VOICE ON PA SYSTEM) Alert! Alert! Security breach. Sector 11B. [ALARM BLARING]

WINCHESTER: Good idea, we'd better hide the tapes.

DIANA: No, Robert, I'm taking them with me.

WINCHESTER: What? Where?

DIANA: I want you to come, too. To my country. With these, our engineers can--

WINCHESTER: You You used me!

DIANA: Robert, please, stop!


DIANA: You didn't have to shoot him.

PROVOV: Did we need him?


PROVOV: It's not like you to be sentimental, Gloriana. Shall we go?


PROVOV: I can take out the limo.

DIANA: In 20 minutes, we'll be in Mexican airspace.

PROVOV: There is Airwolf.

DIANA: Don't worry about Airwolf.

At the test range


ARCHANGEL: I know. What did they get?

WINCHESTER: Designs of Airwolf. Every detail. They plan to build another one.

ARCHANGEL: [ON RADIO] Hawke. Hawke, do you read? Diana is the agent. She's stolen the tapes on Airwolf. Winchester's been shot. Can you help me?

HAWKE: I'm on my way.


HAWKE: I'm already heading south. How's Robert?

ARCHANGEL: Not great.

HAWKE: Somebody's gonna pay for that.

Air combat sequence

DIANA: Here he comes.

PROVOV: If you control their computer, why not just scramble their radar, and let us get away?

DIANA: Because if we destroy him, ours will be the only Airwolf.

DIANA: He's slowing down. Here he comes.

HAWKE: Airwolf to unidentified helicopter. You are ordered to land.

DOMINC: [BEEPING] Where'd he go?


DOMINIC: He's staying right with us! He must have that chopper souped-up. You want turbos?

HAWKE: No, let's see how hot a pilot he is. We'll play this one out even.

DOMINIC: I don't believe this guy. It's like trying to run from your own shadow.

DIANA: The instant he moves his controls, his computer tells ours, and we match it. Based on his usual patterns, he'll turn and come back here.

DIANA: Fire!


HAWKE: They nearly got us with that rocket.

DOMINIC: When will we start shooting back, String?

HAWKE: Weapons to combat mode.

DOMINCI: Negative function, combat mode.

HAWKE: Guns?

DOMINIC: Negative.

HAWKE: ADF rockets?

DOMINIC: They won't deploy.

HAWKE: Then give me turbos.

DOMINIC: Somebody pulled our teeth.

DIANA: Another rocket.


DOMINIC: We got nothin' goin' for us, String.

HAWKE: Can we deploy the guns manually?

DOMINIC: I can try. Look out, rocket coming in!

WINCHESTER: (AT THE TEST RANGE) Tell Hawke ... fly cold.

ARCHANGEL: Airwolf, Archangel here. Dr. Winchester says fly cold.


HAWKE: Pull the plug back there. They're into our electronics.

DOMINC: Everything?

HAWKE: Every last microchip. It's Orville and Wilbur time!


At the test range and after

ARCHANGEL: I've already got an ambulance chopper coming.

HAWKE: What could be faster than Airwolf?

HAWKE: Have I got full power?

DOMINIC: Full power. You want the turbos?

HAWKE: I don't think so. It might hurt him.

HAWKE: You got it. All yours.

WINCHESTER: I got it. I'm flying it. [DIES]