Mind of The Machine (episode)

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Plot synopsis

Hawke resents Robert Winchester's implications that the Airwolf simulator will register pilot error so that young, more able pilots can be trained. Hawke's abilities to fly Airwolf are put to a severe test that finds him in a standoff with Winchester, a former ace, now a scientist. Using computer games in the experiments testing Airwolf's capabilities, neither Robert Winchester nor Hawke are aware that the lovely Diana is more than just a lab assistant. She convinces Winchester to undermine Hawke's confidence and to give him low scores on the simulated games. Under the guidance of the Soviet spy, Alexei, Diana almost succeeds in ferreting out all of Airwolf's secrets -- which eventually leads to their grand plan to steal Airwolf.[1][2]

Episode summary

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Story Locations

  • Un-named test facility

Aircraft seen

Firearms seen

Research Notes

Guest stars/Recurring cast

  • David Carradine as Dr. Robert Winchester
  • Sondra Currie as Gloriana/Diana Norris
  • Harvey Jason as Alexi Provov
  • Deborah Pratt as Marella


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