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Mr. Longwood is a character who makes a one-time appearance in the Season 2 episode titled "Dambreakers".


Longwood is the leader of a "back to nature" religious community which emphasizes traditional values and rejects modern technology. However, a terrorist gang led by Johann Rector is planning an attack on a nearby hydroelectric dam using a B-25 Mitchell bomber. They need a place to prepare for the strike and Longwood's commune happens to be built on an old abandoned World War 2 airfield. So Rector's gang moves in and take Longwood and all his followers hostage.

However, Longwood's daughter, Sara had earlier written to a TV station KWWT suggesting a story about her community. Longwood had given approval for the interview and so KWWT sends the reporter Kelly Dayton who is flown in by Hawke. Rector's gang do not want to give the game away so they pose as members of the community. Rector takes over as the leader, with the name "Brother Jebediah". Longwood's wife Estelle is forced to pose as his Rector's wife. The adults are forced to take part in sham religious services and carry on farming as normal. Meanwhile Longwood and the children are kept locked up. But not for long. Kelly and Hawke become suspicious of the unnnatural behavior of some community members and soon stumble on the truth. With the help of Airwolf, the B-25 bomber is shot down and the community freed.

Longwood's character has many lines and significant screentime but is surprisingly not credited. During a segment where Hawke has sent Sara to call Dominic for help, Longwood leads his community in a prayer for deliverance. At the end of the episode, Hawke offers some of the children a ride in his JetRanger. They are hesitant, saying that it wouldn't be right. However Longwood chimes in and reassures them, saying that once wouldn't hurt. He thanks Hawke for teaching them that not everything that comes from outside is to be feared. In return, Hawke tells him that they have a wonderful life and they ought not be in a hurry to change it.

Portrayed By

The character of Mr. Longwood is not credited.