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Mrs. Taggert is a character who makes a one-time appearance in the Season 2 episode titled "HX-1".


Mrs. Taggert is the mother of Mace Taggert. When the HX-1 helicopter is stolen and Hawke is asked to find it, he studies the raid and sees that the thieves used a helicopter tactic which only his brother Saint John Hawke, Mace Taggert and Colonel Martin James Vidor employed. The latter two are dead. And so, Hawke thought, was Mace. In search of clues, Hawke goes and looks up Mace Taggert's parents.

With Mr. Frank Taggert and his wife, Hawke talks a little about the old times in Vietnam. They look at some old photos and Mrs. Taggert tells Hawke that they know every step Mace took during the last two weeks before he died. Hawke tells them about the HX-1 raid and how it used a tactic which only Saint-John or Mace could have pulled off.

Mrs. Taggert is instantly excited. At last she thinks someone else supports her in her belief that her son is still alive. She believed it all along. But Frank Taggert will have none of it. He thinks Hawke only wants to find Mace to comfort himself that he didn't leave Saint John and Mace to die. Mr. Taggert proceeds to throw Hawke out of the house, but Mrs. Taggert persists. She tells Hawke to continue in his search. There is a very good reason why they haven't come forward, she says. When Hawke finds Mace, she wants Hawke to tell him that she understands.

Hawke does find Mace later, but never got round to passing the message.

Portrayed By

Mrs. Taggert is played by Peggy McCay,[1]