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At a fairground

WOMAN: Come along, ladies. It's still not too late to enter your pies and cakes in the baking contest.

CHESTER: Step right up! There's always room for one more! There's nothing to worry about! Bring the wife and kids! Safe as a buggy ride! Don't forget, it's all for charity. Yes, siree. That's a modern-day bicycle up there.


WINTER: Kevin!

WINTER: Kevin, I'm gonna die if you don't stop.

KEVIN: What's the matter? Don't you like it?

WINTER: No, I love it! It's outrageous!

WINTER: Oh, my gosh! I've never done anything like this in my life!

KEVIN: Hey, wait till you get a load of this one.


KEVIN: Hey, watch this. No hands.

WINTER: Oh, my God! Oh, Kevin, do you have your seatbelt on?


WINTER: Oh, my gosh!


WINTER: Kevin! Kevin! Kevin!

DOMINIC: String, chopper, dead ahead!

HAWKE: Yeah, I got it.

KEVIN: Whoa! What was that thing?

WlNTER: What?

KEVIN: Whoa! Some big, black huge thing.

WINTER: Kevin, don't try to scare me.

KEVIN: Oh, man!

DOMINIC: Phew, that was close.

HAWKE: Yeah, we gave him a stiff one on that flyby, Dom. Let's go back and check it out.

DOMINIC: You're the teacher.

WINTER: Oh, my God! I mean gosh.

KEVIN: Who are those guys?


KEVIN: Oh, man, oh, man, oh, man. You should have seen it, Uncle Chester. I was about to do a side roll when out of nowhere this incredible chopper....

CHESTER: I've seen plenty and so have them people over there. I had to give back 60 bucks worth of tickets.

REV. CLEMENTS: And you, young lady, that's the last time you're ever going up in one of those things.

WINTER: Dad, that's not fair. Kevin was always in control, even when he was flying with his feet.


CHESTER: Damn it, boy. We would've taken in well over 200 dollars today. And half of that would've been ours. That showboating of yours is gonna get you in serious trouble some day.

KEVIN: But if you only saw what I saw up there....

CHESTER: I don't wanna hear it!

KEVIN: I'll get you next time.

Hansen Helicopters hangar

CHESTER: Do you have any idea why I paid down on this place?

KEVIN: Yeah, sure. It's like you said. "You can't barnstorm all year long, son. You got to have a place to hold up in, come wintertime."

CHESTER: Yeah, a person needs a permanent place. But that's not the real reason. The real reason is you. I ain't done right by you, son.

KEVIN: Sure you have. What are you talking about? Nobody's had a better life than us. Barnstorming, air shows, county fairs.

CHESTER: Anywhere the wind blows is all right for an old air gypsy like me. That's why I'm telling you, flying ain't everything.

KEVIN: Wait a minute. That's not...

CHESTER: Just hold on. Don't disturb me. Flying ain't everything. People are. And you're gonna have to start paying attention.

CHESTER: Well, what kind of attention? Kev, you are the best damn natural-born pilot I ever saw in my life. It's a God-given gift. You sure as hell didn't get it from me. Why, you're twice the pilot I am now or ever was. You're the best. But along with that comes responsibility, too. First, the safety of the people's lives that's in your hands. Yesterday you violated that trust, and that's why I'm grounding you.

KEVIN: For what? You can't tell me what to do.

CHESTER: Your wings are clipped until I say otherwise. Now, take this in the back and soak this unit one more time.


CHESTER: Hansen Helicopter. Sure, I know the name. Yeah, you tell O'Donnell the answer's the same now as it was then. It's a flat no and no discussion. Oh, he's coming up? That's fine. Then I'll tell him in person.

KEVIN: Look, Unc, I'm sorry about all that stuff before. And I thought about what you said and everything. Well, I'm not saying this because you grounded me or anything. And, well, I'll be more careful next time.

CHESTER: Mmm-hmm.

KEVIN: So.... Well, you think I can still take the chopper up to Pine Lake this weekend?

CHESTER: Boy, you're good at a lot of things, but when it comes to being a con artist, you're Texas league all the way. Now you get your sorry butt into town, pick up the lug nuts at the express office.

KEVIN: Yeah, but you said at least two weeks minimum on those.

CHESTER: Humor me. I'm an old man.


In town

KEVIN: Damn. Winter.

WINTER: Kevin, we need to talk.

KEVIN: Well, if it's about this weekend, I think I can still pull it off. My uncle...

WINTER: Kevin, you're not letting me talk. My father says that I can't go out with you anymore.

KEVIN: What, because of that little stunt at the church fair?

WINTER: Not just that, Kevin. He thinks you're too wild and too reckless.

KEVIN: And what do you think?

WINTER: That you're too wild and too reckless. But I still like you, anyway. A lot.

KEVIN: Come on, you know I never do any stunt unless I've practiced it at least 100 times before. Let me talk to your father, all right?

GIRL: Winter. Hey, we got to get going.

WINTER: Call me.

GIRL: He's so cute.

WINTER: No, I'll call you. Bye.

Wolf's Lair

DOMINIC: Doggone it. Our generators are just fine for a few light bulbs, but I need a precise cycle to fix that radar image.

HAWKE: Can't fix it, huh?

DOMINIC: Not here. And we're really blind flying at turbo speed without it.

HAWKE: Well, how about back at the hangar? Could you fix it there?

DOMINIC: Sure, piece of cake. In and out, overnight.

HAWKE: Let's hope so.

Hansen Helicopter hangar

(HELICOPTER LANDING) O'DONNEL: You've come a long way, Chester. Yes, sir. A long way from some of those days down in the Yucatan.

CHESTER: No thanks to you, Jake.

O'DONNEL: I never told you it was gonna be a party.

CHESTER: No, you never told me about the Mexican brown, either, did you?

O'DONNEL: There's money in that powder. There was then, and there is now.

CHESTER: Look, you tricked me into running that poison once. I ain't about to do it again. You know where the door is.


O'DONNEL: Would you look at that? You weren't so choosy in the old days. Some good times after the war.

CHESTER: Crossing the border with a load of cigarettes is one thing. But drugs, heroin, that's another. I draw the line.

O'DONNEL: You're gonna like the new operation, Chester. We've moved on to bigger and better things. Two years, you can retire to a Swiss lake. And a man your age should be thinking about that.

CHESTER: You ain't hearing me, Jake. The answer's no.

O'DONNEL: It wasn't a question. You know too much about us, Chester. And I never leave loose ends, so give me your final answer.

CHESTER: So long, Jake.

O'DONNEL: So long, Chester.


Outside the hangar




PILOT: Yeah, yeah, I'm approaching the fire now. Looks like I've got an injured man down here. Let's get a medical unit out here right away.

KEVIN: I'll take care of you. You'll be all right. It's okay.

KEVIN: Come on! Hurry! Help him. Come on, help him!

PILOT: This looks like a gunshot wound. There's nothing I can do. He's gone. I'm sorry. Is there anyone left inside?

PILOT: Is there anyone left in there?

KEVIN: They killed him, they did.


PILOT: Hey! Hey, what the hell are you doing? Hey!

In the air

SHECTER: We've got company, 3 o'clock. We can outrun him.

O'DONNEL: Yeah, but we can't outrun his radio.



Outside Winter's House

WINTER: I was so worried about you. The police were here. Everybody's been looking for you. After what happened, nobody can blame you, Kevin. You have to turn yourself in.

KEVIN: `I can't! I got to find the ones who did this.

WINTER: But you don't even know anything about them.

KEVIN: Maybe I do know something about them.

WINTER: Kevin, talk to my father. He'll know what to do.

REV.CLEMENTS: Winter, come down here. I want you to see something.

KEVIN: I got to go. And just remember, if you hear bad things about me....

WINTER: Just come back. Please be careful.

Van Nuys

KEVIN: Thanks for the ride, sir.

MECHANIC: Before my time, kid. You better go see Dominic Santini down at Santini Air. He's been around since the Wright brothers.

KEVIN: Thank you, sir.


KEVIN: Excuse me, sir.

DOMINIC: Yeah, what do you want?

KEVIN: I just...

DOMINIC: Well, come on, son, speak up.

HAWKE: How can he when you're bellowing like that? You about to get this thing fixed?

DOMINIC: Well, I'm working on it.


DOMINIC: What now?

CAITLIN: Dom, I've got that ad executive on the phone. He wants a third chopper, you know, to give this aerial ballet the size it requires for his product.

DOMINIC: What product? It's a bathtub detergent. Mamma mia, now he wants three choppers plus a Stearman. What does he think I am, an airline?

CAITLIN: Dom, I think this guy wants to talk to you.

KEVIN: I'll just come back when you're not so busy.

DOMINIC: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Come on back later when I'm not so busy.

KEVIN: Thanks, man.

HAWKE: Hey, hold on. Hey, Dom, what if he's a messenger bringing you a dividend check for those olive oil futures you bought last year, huh?

DOMINIC: Now, why did you have to say that, huh? You know, you have a real talent for reminding me of things that I don't wanna be reminded of!

CAITLIN: Don't mind these two. They just get started like that in the morning. Now, what can we do for you?

KEVIN: Well, I was looking for any of these men here.


DOMINIC: What? Oh, the old Skyways Inn. Yeah, the great times there after the war.

HAWKE: Yeah, was that the Spanish-American or the Boer War?

DOMINIC: What are you looking for these guys for?

KEVIN: My uncle worked with them once. He wanted me to look them up.

DOMINIC: Oh. Sorry, kid, I can't help you.

HAWKE: What did your uncle want you to look them up for?

KEVIN: A job. I could use some work.

DOMINIC: Yeah, well, good luck, kid.

KEVIN: Thanks.

CAITLIN: That kid looks like he hasn't eaten for a week.

HAWKE: Yeah. Hey, son. We could probably use some help around here.


HAWKE: Our maintenance man didn't show up, you know.

DOMINIC: Maintenance man? I'm the...

HAWKE: (CLEARING THROAT) Yeah. We could use the office swept out, a few things like that. You think you can handle it?

c/Well, come on, I'll show you where everything is.

HAWKE: Get him started, will you? Yeah.

DOMINIC: Now, look, String, I got a soft spot just like the next guy, but we are not running a handout service for every kid that comes down the pike.

HAWKE: Well, if he earns it, it's not a handout.

DOMINIC: Uh-huh.

HAWKE: Besides, if I know you, he'll earn it.

Santini Air hangar


DOMINIC: Don't forget to get those iron filings down there by that workbench.

KEVIN: I already got them.

DOMINIC: All right, drop what you're doing and come on over here.

DOMINIC: Here you go. Now wrap yourself around that.

CAITLIN: Hey, this is pretty special. It's not every day the boss makes lunch.

HAWKE: You can say that again.


DOMINIC: Mamma mia.

DOMINIC: Hello, Bert!

BERT: Santini, you did get my message?

DOMINIC: Oh, yes, and I've been meaning to answer it and... Well, I'll tell you, I came up with something. We can use two choppers.

BERT: No, no, no, darling, you're off concept. Three. When Wiley jumps from the first copter, I want to have two others up there for maximum film coverage.

HAWKE: He's gonna jump?

BERT: Wiley's our product spokesman. It's in his contract. We have a contract, too, don't we, Dom?

DOMINIC: Three, three helicopters. And I'll get you some local talent.

MARCIA: I know he can be a little difficult, but such an artist. He's too good for commercials, he really is.

CAITLIN: Is she serious?

WILEY: Of course. And I am the next Olivier. Ta-ta.

KEVIN: Mr. Santini.

DOMINIC: Oh, yeah, I owe you for that cleaning. Is 10 bucks all right?

K/That's fine, Mr. Santini. Hey, you ever see one of these before?

DOMINIC: Yeah, but I guess String would know more about them than I do.

DOMINIC: Come on, Cate. Let's clean up, huh?

HAWKE: The Huey 1J. We used to see plenty of these over in Nam, but they're pretty rare in commercial use. There is one company that uses it from time to time.

KEVIN: Well, you know the name of that company?

HAWKE: No, I can't say I do. You got a place to stay tonight?

KEVIN: Yeah, sure.

HAWKE: Why don't you take that thing home with you? Bring it back with you in the morning when you come to work.

KEVIN: In the morning?

HAWKE: `Yeah, things are getting kind of hectic around here. We could use an extra hand.


CAITLIN: Good night, Kevin.

KEVIN: Good night. See you all tomorrow.

DOMINlC: Yeah, good night.


DOMINIC: You know, I used to know a kid like him once.

CAITLIN: Yeah? Who?

DOMINIC: Stringfellow Hawke. Who else?


Another hangar

GIBSON: I'm finished. This was a rush job, you know, but it's primo work.

O'DONNEL: Great. Now, let's see it.

GIBSON: You got an eight round magazine, and there's a trigger on the stick.

MAN: Okay?

O'DONNEL: Oh, yeah, it's good. And after our little encounter with that police chopper the other day, I like the extra protection. Pay the man.

GIBSON: Yes, sir. These are dangerous times we live in. My little conversion piece is getting to be a real popular item.

Santini Air

HAWKE: I got you some coffee and rolls.


HAWKE: You know, if we can get those commercial shots by dusk, we can sneak our lady in here tonight. No moon.

DOMINIC: All right. All right.

KEVIN: Good morning, Mr. Santini, Mr. Hawke.

DOMINIC: Hey, Kevin. I got some rolls and coffee over here if you want some.

KEVIN: No, thanks. I already had a big breakfast.

CAITLIN: Hey, Dom, you're not gonna believe it. Not one name on this list is available. I mean, every pilot from Cupertino to Oxnard is either working or out of town.

DOMINIC: If I don't have a pilot by one o'clock, that Bert guy is gonna be all over me like a 3 dollar suit.

KEVIN: Say, Mr. Santini, I can fly.

DOMINIC: Yeah, you can fly. You can what?

KEVIN: Fly. Helicopters. I'm a licensed pilot.

Onboard the Santini Air JetRanger

KEVIN: Okay, we got air speed, altimeter, fuel tanks one and two, turn and bank and artificial horizon indicator.

HAWKE: Yeah, I know. You can go up and down.

HAWKE: What are you trying to prove, Kevin?

KEVIN: Guess I did get a little carried away, didn't l?

HAWKE: Look, I know you can fly. I'm just trying to figure out if you can handle responsibility or not.

KEVIN: I'll be careful, I swear. I won't do anything. I won't budge even one little inch unless you or Mr. Santini tells me to, I promise.

HAWKE: All right, try it again. But, Kevin, don't let me down.

KEVIN: I won't.

Van Nuys and later in the air

BERT: All right, Wiley, you're a clown. Now, sell it to me. I want it all.

(SANTINI AIR JETRANGER LIFTS OFF) KEVIN: Sorry, we're taking a little detour, Mr. Beecham.

DOMINIC: Kevin, what's going on up there? You're supposed to wait for us to get in position for the finale.

BERT: Where's he going?

DOMINIC: Who, Kevin? That good old boy. Well, he's going up there to double check his safety system, that's all. Isn't that right, String?

BERT: You get him back here this instant, or you and your guys are off the job!

FIELDS: Hey, check our 6 o'clock.

SHECTER: He's overtaking us. Considering our cargo, I think I'll open her up.

WILEY: Hey, where in the script does it say anything about this? My agent is responsible for this!


WILEY: Thanks, kid. That was the most real thing I've done in years.

HAWKE: All right, Kevin, what the hell happened up there?

DOMINIC: You just cost us our jobs.

KEVIN: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to lose the job for you. I'll pay you back, every penny.

KEVIN: I don't know how, but I will, as soon as I....

HAWKE: As soon as what?

KEVIN: I wish I could tell you, but I can't. I just can't.

HAWKE: Son, I want you to go home, and you think about this. You've got three friends here, and we talk to you straight, and we expect you to talk to us straight. Okay?

CAITLIN: That kid's been hurt real bad, Hawke, somewhere, somehow.

Wolf's Lair and then enroute to Van Nuys

DOMINIC: Now, stay as close to my bird as possible so we will show only one image on that tower radar, will you?

HAWKE: Dom, I'll be two inches off your tail.

DOMINIC: And watch my wake turbulence or we'll have more than a radar overhaul, you understand?

HAWKE: All right.

DOMINIC: Van Nuys tower, this is 4-4 Charlie. I'm five miles out. Request a lock-heat approach to Santini Air. Over.

AIR TRAFFIC CONTROLLER.: 4-4 Charlie, you are clear to land. The wind is from the northeast, 10 knots. Use runway four. Over and out.

HAWKE: Checking out heat sources. There's not a soul in sight, Dominic.

HAWKE: (SIGHING) Lady is secure, Dom. I'm beat. How about we get something to eat before we start work?

DOMINIC: Sure thing. See you out front.

Santini Air

KEVIN: (WHISPERING) Oh, man. I don't believe it. Man.


HAWKE: You know, Kevin, if you'd told us a little sooner, it would've been a whole lot easier on you.

KEVIN: Yeah, well, I was afraid you'd call the police, and they'd try and stop me from finding who did it.

HAWKE: You know, you're gonna have to learn that you can't do everything alone.

KEVIN: That's just what my uncle said.

HAWKE: Let's check it out. You got that book?

HAWKE: This can't be that tough.

HAWKE: Even we got a big brother.

ARCHANGEL: Good morning, Hawke. We've processed your request. Only three companies import that particular model of helicopter. The only one servicing your area is Blue Stone Flight Service. It's an up-scale shuttle for executives and movie people, the kind of company Santini wishes he were running.


DOMINIC: Big deal.

ARCHANGEL: The FBl has had Blue Stone under surveillance for drug trafficking for some time. They've been using a UH-1J. That's a rare one, gentlemen. Mind if I ask why you're interested in Blue Stone?

HAWKE: We're really not sure yet. But if anything else comes across your computer, you give us a call, okay?

CAITLIN: Blue Stone Aviation? Well, that's just a couple of miles down the road. I could go down there right now and check it out.

DOMINIC: Now, wait a minute. As long as you're working on my time, I'm not gonna have you walking around into I don't know what.

HAWKE: Look, we'll finish the repairs, then we'll all go down there together.

CAITLIN: Fine. I have an idea. Why don't you finish the repairs, and I'll take those film canisters back to the ad agency?

DOMINIC: Good idea.

HAWKE: Kevin, why don't you go with her? And don't worry. We'll get to the bottom of all this.

CAITLIN: Come on.

Blue Stone Aviation

KEVIN: You mean you were a real cop?

CAITLIN: Yeah, and a damn good one, too, even if they seem to forget it.

CAITLIN: Okay, you're my backup on this. If I'm not back in 10 minutes, you use this.

KEVIN: Okay.

RECEPTIONIST: We're very booked up for the next few months. Perhaps, if you could be more specific about the kind of service you require.

CAITLIN: I'd like to take a party of six to Big Bear for the weekend for a business meeting.

RECEPTIONIST: Let me get my group rate carrier chart. I'll have this figured for you in a flash.


O'DONNEL: You're not the law.

CAITLIN: That's what you think. In about three minutes this place is gonna be crawling with blue shirts.

O'DONNEL: Somehow, I doubt that. Anyway, in three minutes, we won't be here.

KEVIN: We got to stop him. He's the one who killed my uncle. You killed him! I know you did! Kevin! You did! He tried to tell me!

O'DONNEL: Put them both in the transport.

FIELDS: But, Jake, the delivery.

O'DONNEL: Yeah. Well, we'll just have to drop them off along the way.

The search for Caitlin and Kevin

HAWKE: Yeah.

HAWKE: Caitlin and Kevin never showed up at that ad agency.

DOMINIC: Oh, no. You don't think they went over to Blue Stone?

HAWKE: Let's get over there.

DOMINIC: Plenty aircraft down there, but no Huey 1J.

DOMINIC: Wait a minute. Radar has one listed 10 miles out.

HAWKE: Okay, I see it. I'm on my way.

FIELDS: Schecter, what's going on over there? Schecter! There's no response.

KEVIN: Caitlin, help! Help!

O'DONNEL: It's got to be the kid. He's got the controls.

FIELDS: You see that? How's he flying? We tied his hands. What are we gonna do?

O'DONNEL: We're gonna force him down. That's what we're gonna do.

O'DONNEL: All right, listen, kid, I know you can hear me over the speaker. Now I want you to put that chopper down where I tell you.

KEVIN: You can go to hell.

O'DONNEL: Well, here's a little warning, kid.


O'DONNEL: One more time, kid. Put her down or I'll finish you now.


HAWKE: He's using Kevin's chopper for cover. I can't get at him.

DOMINIC: Well, you better do something quick. Kevin's bird is losing power fast.

KEVIN: Something's wrong, Cate. I can't keep altitude. Come on, you got to help me. I can't control it without two hands.

KEVIN: Hurry!

CAITLIN: I'm trying, Kevin.

KEVIN: Hurry, help me! I need you now!

Santini Air

HAWKE: Well, Reverend, that's quite a hot-shot kid you're getting there. You think you can handle him?

REV. CLEMENTS: Oh, I think we'll make out just fine.

WINTER: They ought to give him a medal for breaking up that drug ring.

DOMINIC: And you did a nice piece of flying, too.

CAITLIN: Only next time I'd like to see you do it with your hands untied.

KEVIN: Thanks, you guys. Thanks for everything.

HAWKE: Hey, Kevin, your uncle would've been real proud of you.

KEVIN: Bye-bye.

CAITLIN: Think we'll ever see him again?

DOMINIC: Come on, come on, come on. We got work to do. Let's go.

HAWKE: I don't know. In the next 100 years, we might get another one of those toilet bowl detergent commercials.