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Camera truck on the road

(File A56-7W briefing)

Sayes: Hold that truck at 60! That idiot is going to run out of road. Vinnie, you're running out of time.

(chopper crashes)

Sayes: Vinnie. Vinnie, are you all right?

(background voices: He dropped right here. Come on, guys, let's go see if he's all right.)

Sayes: Hey! Hey! Vinnie, you all right? Vinnie!

Vinnie: Yeah. At least I'm in one piece. This thing can't be done.

Sayes: Come on. Help him out. Come on.

Maurice: Hello, Simon. I see you have succeeded in failing again.

Sayes: I'm sorry, Mr. Maurice, but I don't really think that stunt can be done.

Maurice: The script was approved and budgeted. You agreed to it, Simon. There'll be no changes.

Sayes: Vinnie is one of the best pilots in the business. He did the flying in the Green Cloudburst film.

Maurice: Who's the best, Simon?

Sayes: Santini Air, but that won't be easy.

Maurice: I'll only deal with legitimate organizations.

Sayes: Well, they're legitimate, all right. It's, uh, just that they're a lot more expensive.

Maurice: Mr. Sayes, I discovered you at the bottom of the barrel of used-to-be directors. I've given you the opportunity to become a wealthy man if this film is successful. Do not pinch pennies on my behaIf or yours. Now, do you understand?

Sayes: I think so.

Maurice: No, don't think, Sayes. Just listen and do.

Sayes: Yes, sir.

Hawke's cabin

(eagle screeching)

Dominic: What have you got against rich?

Hawke: I don't know. I never did it.

Dominic: Ah, "Rich" ain't an "it," it's an "is."

Hawke: That's lousy English.

Dominic: Well, I'm talking money, not pronunciation.

Hawke: I don't need any right now.

Dominic: Ah, ah, but I do.

(classical music)

Hawke: So I'm supposed to land on a truck going 60 miles an hour?

Dominic: No. I'm going to. I need you to work ground control.

Hawke: You want me to work ground?

Dominic: Yeah, you. Why, what's the matter?

Hawke: Nothing, Dom. Is the money really all that important?

Dominic: What are you trying to say? Come on, spit it out, String. You're chewing on something and not swallowing.

Hawke: I don't think you ought to do this stunt.

Dominic: What, are you saying I can't do it? You think I'm washed up?

Hawke: Dom, I can't run the 100 in 10 seconds anymore. And I can't stay up for three days and bounce back with four hours' sleep. And sometimes, when it's real damp and cold, the man-made cracks in these bones of mine ache like hell. I try to remember that when I take one of these jobs.

Dominic: Well, maybe you're the one that's getting old. But I'm not ready to retire yet. I'm flying this stunt with or without you.

Saye's Office

Maurice: Stringfellow Hawke? Is the name for real?

Dominic: It's for real. Only he won't be doing the flying. I will.

Maurice: Oh. Great stuff, huh? I just might consider investing in an orchard. Hey, Simon?

Maurice: Gentlemen. To the test run late this afternoon.

Dominic: There'll be no test run.

Maurice: I believe I'm covering the cost of the test in the overall deal.

Maurice: Look, Mr. Santini, I just want to make sure that you can do it, that's all.

Dominic: Oh, I'm sure. Because I'm not planning on killing myself.

Maurice: Well, then why not do the practice run just to satisfy me?

Dominic: Mister, I've got 30 years of practicing under my belt. I don't think I need any more. Besides, it's gonna take me a couple of days just to rig the helicopter, do some figuring on the weights. And he said there wasn't much time.

Sayes: From what I hear, this, uh, this Stringfellow Hawke does most of the flying.

Dominic: I'm Santini Air. I decide who flies my equipment, or who uses my equipment. I'll deliver, or you don't have to pay a red cent.

Maurice: Without this stunt my film doesn't work. Are you willing to pick up the cost if you fail?

Dominic: Yeah.

Maurice: You could lose your whole business.

Dominic: It's my business to lose, isn't it?

Maurice: Mr. Santini, you've got yourself a deal. Welcome aboard.

[Maurice and Santini shake hands]

Maurice: Oh, by the way, Mr. Sayes will handle everything.

Dominic: Gentlemen.

[Dominic leaves]

Sayes: What if he doesn't pull it off?

Maurice: The man is betting everything he owns on his ability.

Sayes: He could still be wrong.

Maurice: I know. That's why I want you to contact this, uh Stringfellow. Whatever.

In a car on the street

Maurice: Good morning, Edward.

Stoner: Morning. I can't drink coffee anymore. Gets my nerves raggedy.

Maurice: I know that. Take it. It's orange juice.

Stoner: You know, if I didn't know you better, Mr. Maurice, I'd swear my mother sent you. God rest her soul.

Maurice: What do you say we hold the services for later, all right?

Stoner: Sorry, Mr. Maurice. I'm just a little nervous.

Maurice: I think this should calm you down.

Stoner: I--I won't be able to have the final schedule until tomorrow.

Maurice: Tomorrow will be fine.

Stoner: What if I'm not on duty?

Maurice: Make sure you're there.

Stoner: Yeah, but you see, it doesn't work that way, Mr. Maurice.

Maurice: Mr. Stoner, you telling me that you might be unable to deliver?

Stoner: No. No. I'll come through.

Maurice: I'm sure you will.

Stoner: You don't have to worry about me, Mr. Maurice.

Maurice: I have to worry about everything, Ed. You only have to worry about your health.

In a restaurant

Hawke: You seem to have gone to an awful lot of trouble contacting me by radio just to see if Dominic Santini can fly.

Maurice: Well, I know he can fly, Mr. Hawke, but can he do it as well as you?

Hawke: He taught me.

Maurice: How long ago?

Hawke: Dominic is one of the best chopper pilots in the business.

Sayes: (laughs) I hear that you're the best.

Maurice: Mr. Santini has given us a completion guarantee that will either make him a great deal of money or lose him his business.

Maurice: What's important is that if he fails, my film fails.

Hawke: What's important is that if he fails, he could lose his life.

Maurice; Yes. It would be a shame. Naturally. And apparently, it concerns you as much as it does me.

Hawke: The only thing that seems to concern you is your film.

Maurice: Well, I believe we can satisfy all our purposes if you fly the stunt for me.

Hawke: It's Dominic's company. I can't tell him what to do.

Maurice: What is it? The money? I'm sure I can sway your thinking.

Hawke: It's not the money.

Maurice: Of course. I'm sure you'd like to keep him hale and hearty.

Maurice: Here's my offer. I'll disregard the completion guarantee if you'll fly the stunt sequence. And, win or lose, your friend Mr. Santini gets the best of it. His health and a sizable profit.

Hawke: I can't tell Dominic what to do. He's his own man.

Maurice: Think about it. But I want an answer by tomorrow noon.

Hawke: I can give you one right now. There's no way that I'm going to undercut Dominic.

Maurice: Even if you could save his life?

Santini Air

Hawke: You know, junk food will kill you.

Dominic: What, you think my stomach's too old to take it? You're going to tell me how to eat now, too?

Hawke: I didn't mean it like that. I was just kidding.

Dominic: Some things aren't funny.

Hawke: Sorry, Dom.

Dominic: Okay. Accepted. What are you doing here at this hour?

Hawke: I changed my mind.

Dominic: About what? The stunt?

Hawke: Yeah. I'd like to do it with you.

Dominic: Ahhh, I knew you'd come around. Now, now, String, this stunt is not as tough as it seems. All we need is a quarter-mile of straight road and for the truck to go a steady 60, right? Now, I'll make a flying approach lined up on the road. The critical part is the last 6 inches. You'll call them up from the camera ship. Huh? Once I touch down, we're rich. What's the matter? Oh. Oh, I forgot. You don't know from rich, huh?

Hawke: Dom, I meant I'd fly the stunt for you. Hey, come on, Dom, why are you being so stubborn?

Dominic: Because I'm not an old man ready for the rocking chair! I'm a pilot and a good one. I taught you, remember?

Hawke: Yeah. You taught me how to survive, too.

Dominic: Evidently, I didn't teach you well enough. Because you're still standing there.

Hawke: Hey, Dom....

Dominic: I mean it, String!

[Hawke walks out]

Hawke's cabin

Archangel: I was on my way to an international conference on terrorism and you get me here for this?

Hawke: Dominic means a lot more to me than a "this".

Archangel: Okay. Grounding his entire operation just so that he won't fly a stunt could be considered overkill.

Hawke: Yeah, and if he crashes, you call it underkill?

Archangel: You sure you're not being overprotective?

Hawke: No. Listen, at his age, his reflexes have slowed enough that a stunt like this just could kill him.

Archangel: I could get the FAA to pull his license.

Hawke: That would kill him a whole lot quicker.

Archangel: Do you want my help or don't you?

Hawke: Yeah, I want your help, but not by pulling his ticket. There's got to be some other way.

Archangel: You sure don't make it easy.

Hawke: Well, that's why I called for the best.

Archangel: Please, Hawke, don't try flattery. You do it so badly. Maybe, maybe I could get the State to pull the film permit just long enough for Dominic to calm down.

Hawke: That's a good idea. Thanks.

Archangel: Don't be grateful until you find out what it's gonna cost you.

Hawke: What is it going to cost me?

Archangel: I'll think of something. What's the name of that production company?

Hawke: Bear Trap Productions. Some guy named Philip Maurice. What's the matter?

Archangel: Why don't you fly this stunt?

Hawke: I told you: Dominic won't let me.

Archangel: It's the production company's decision, not Dominic's.

Hawke: If I fly it, I'd lose a friend.

Archangel: You'd be saving his life.

Hawke: You said you'd help. Now you're crawfishing on me. How come?

Archangel: Oh.... Philip Maurice. He's one of those brilliant minds that has the ability to function totally without conscience in a deadly manner. He masterminded a raid on a diamond mine in South Africa. Hijacked uranium from a defense plant in England. He stole a MiG-21 from Red China. You name it, Mr. Maurice has done it.

Hawke: Then every law enforcement agency in the world ought to be after him. Why don't you just grab him and save us both a problem?

Archangel: It's not that simple. What he's done and what he can be charged with are two different things.

Hawke: Michael, there's something you're not telling me.

Archangel: 1978. He offered a KGB decoder to the highest bidder.

Hawke: I take it that wasn't you.

Archangel: No, the Russians bought it back.

Hawke: You got outbid, eh?

Archangel: You remember Sonia?

Hawke: No.

Archangel: She'd only been with me about a year when she went to East Berlin to bid on that decoder. When the Russians picked it up, they also got her. I can't prove that Maurice turned her over to them, but I know he did. Just as sure as I know the sun will rise in the morning.

Archangel: I want him, Hawke. And this movie he's making is probably a front for something I can nail him on.

Hawke: You know what you're asking me?

Archangel: If her name were Gabrielle instead of Sonia, what would you do then?

Hawke: I'll let you know.

On board Airwolf

(Hawke has flashbacks)

Dominic: What, are you saying I can't do it? You think I'm washed up?

Hawke: At his age, his reflexes have slowed enough that a stunt like this just could kill him.

Dominic: I'm flying this stunt with or without you.

Dominic: I'm not an old man ready for the rocking chair! I'm a pilot and a good one.

Hawke: There's no way I'm going to undercut Dominic.

Maurice: Even if you could save his life?

Sayes' Office

Sayes: You'll fly the stunt?

Hawke: That's what I said.

Sayes: Mr. Maurice will be very pleased.

Hawke: I'd like to see him.

Sayes: He's out of town right now, but I can sign the agreement.

Hawke: There's nothing to sign. I'll do the flying, you pay Santini Air.

Sayes: (laugh) Why do I get the feeling Mr. Santini knows nothing about this?

Hawke: I don't know, but whatever the reason, it's none of your business.

Sayes: Okay, no problem.

Hawke: So when and where are we gonna shoot this stunt? We'll be filming on several locations around the world.

Sayes: Your sequence will be shot in Northern California within five days.

Hawke: When and where, exactly?

Sayes: What difference does it make?

Hawke: Wind, weather, atmospheric conditions, fuel supply, spare parts.

Sayes: Not your problem, we'll handle it.

Hawke: I'd like to know exactly how you're handling that.

Sayes: This isn't our first production.

Hawke: Mine, either.

Sayes: I'll get you a copy of your action sequence and I'll get in touch with you about the rest of the detaiIs in the morning, okay?

Hawke: Yeah.

Sayes: Mr. Santini, this is Sayes from Bear Trap Productions.

Hawke's cabin

(JetRanger approaches and lands)

Dominic: I didn't expect it from you. Not you.

Hawke: I'm sorry, Dom, I had to do it.

Dominic: To make me feel like a useless old man?

Hawke: Well, that's not why I'm doing it.

Dominic: Oh, you got a better reason?

Hawke: Yeah, if you'll listen.

Dominic: Oh, I'm all ears.

Hawke: Archangel knows Maurice. He's a killer and a thief. He's pulled off dozens of hi-tech robberies all over the world. His movie stunt is probably a cover for another caper. Archangel wants to nail him. He asked if I'd help.

Dominic: I'm supposed to believe this fairy tale?

Hawke: Dom, it's the truth.

Dominic: Okay, supposing it is, then why are you still flying this stunt instead of me?

Hawke: I told you. Archangel asked me to help.

Dominic: Then do it from the ground. Probably give you a better position, anyway.

Hawke: Damn it, we've been through this.

Dominic: Yes, we have. You think I'm over the hill, ready for the boneyard.

Hawke: No, I just think this one particular stunt might be just a little too risky.

Dominic: And if I can't cut it, then I want to know.

Hawke: Even if it kilIs you?

Dominic: Yeah, kid. Even if it kilIs me.

Hawke: Look, Dom.... ugh!

Dominic: Come on. Come on. Won't you even fight me like I'm still a man?

Hawke's cabin

(eagle screeching)

Archangel: So now you're to land a raiding party on the boxcar of a moving train, cut a hole in the roof, rescue the girl, and then take off to the strains of a symphony orchestra?

Hawke: Yeah I know. Sounds like a bad TV movie to me, too.

Archangel: Or the perfect cover for The Great Train Robbery.

Hawke: What is it that could be shipped by a train that would be worth all Maurice's efforts?

Archangel: Well, not everything goes by plane, Hawke.

Archangel: There's still a whole world out there in constant contact with the ground. Precious metaIs, computer parts, weapons, cash transfers, art. It could be any one of a thousand things.

Hawke: So what you're saying is it could be something shipped by a train in the neXt five days through the San Joaquin valley.

Archangel: I'm afraid so. I could run a computer check on all government shipments, but that would still leave out corporate transfers and private citizens.

Hawke: It's a start.

Hawke: And what's wrong now?

Archangel: I can't use the Firm's computers. The committee would find out what I'm up to and want to take over the operation.

Hawke: Maybe that's not such a bad idea.

Archangel: No, for two reasons. In the past, Maurice has always been able to catch on to our operations. I think he has a tap inside the FIRM.

Hawke: You said two reasons.

Archangel: I want him personally. Besides, I've thought of another way to get the information. A little risky, perhaps, but I'm sure it will work.

Hawke: You know, you blow this, the Committee is gonna bust your butt. There's not much use for ex-deputy directors on the street these days.

Archangel: Well, I can always buy an ice-cream truck with one headlight.

Maurice's car

Stoner: Here's the final schedule.

(drops a package)

In a restaurant

(piano music)

Sayes: I've done it all, sweetheart. I've shot film in every part of this world, under every possible condition.

Meryl: Did you direct any of the famous stars?

Sayes: All of them, at one time or another.

Meryl: Like who?

Sayes: Flynn. Wayne. Fonda. All of them.

Meryl: That's wonderful. Who's in the picture you're making now?

Sayes: Unknowns. I'm creating new ones.

Meryl: Into stars?

Sayes: (laughs) Into millionaires.

Meryl: Oh, you're just fabulous, Mr. Sayes.

Sayes: Hey, hey. Call me Simon.

Meryl: Tell me some more about the picture you're making now.

Hawke's cabin

Archangel: Tons of it. The treasury department transfers it every year at this time from regional depositories to Fort KnoX. By train? Train, plane, truck, whatever. It's low-profile versus show-of-force. Different type of security, but it works. Government's been using it for years. They've got it down to an effective system.

Hawke: Obviously, so does Maurice.

Archangel: I told you he was good.

Meryl: There are six train shipments scheduled out in the next four days that touch on that 500 mile fuel radius you specified, Mr. Hawke. Now Sayes dropped the name Stoner, we're checking him out. If he works on one of those runs or is a dispatcher, he's their inside man. It might tell us which train Maurice is planning to hit.

Hawke: Two O Nine out of Bakersfield.

Meryl: They're all possibilities, Mr. Hawke. I mean, that is, unless you possess some sort of ESP.

Hawke: No. I possess a 4:00 a.m. call. That's the only gold train out of Bakersfield.

Meryl: I'll arrange for air surveillance and a strike force.

Archangel: No. Every time I've set a trap for Maurice, he's managed to slip it. I have to limit knowledge of this operation to the people in this room, at least until he hits the train. We'll fly cover.

Hawke: No offense. I've got someone else in mind.

Meryl: Who?

Santini Air

Hawke: You're up late.

Dominic: That's what it takes to run a business.

Hawke: What's wrong with it?

Dominic: Anything over 120 knots, she starts to vibrate like a Hotel Street chippie.

Hawke: Hotel Street?

Dominic: Honolulu. Where I once flew combat with your father. In World War 2, remember?

Hawke: Yeah, I remember.

Dominic: What do you want?

Hawke: I want to talk, not duck punches. Are you gonna listen?

Dominic: To what, a list of old age homes?

Hawke: I need your help.

Dominic: To gas your chopper, wash your windows?

Hawke: To back me up on this job.

Dominic: I'm not gonna follow you around with a fuel truck either.

Hawke: How about an Airwolf?

Maurice's JetRanger

Sayes: All set?

Hawke: Yeah. As soon as your little army here unloads their weapons.

Sayes: They're blanks.

Hawke: If one goes off, it'll still start a fire.

Sayes: They got 'em on safety.

Hawke: Good. Unload 'em.

(guns unloading)

Hawke's cabin

(eagle screeching)

Archangel: Oh, thanks.

Meryl: We could fly cover, too, sir. Hawke wouldn't know until it was over.

Archangel: No. He risked losing his only friend to do this job for me. I've got to let him play it out on his terms.

Meryl: I thought you and Hawke were friends.

Archangel: Hawke and I? (chuckles) No, we just use each other. I wouldn't call us friends.

Meryl: No, sir.

Onboard Maurice's JetRanger

Hawke: Is that the track our train's on?

Sayes: (laughs) Yeah, that's it.

Wolf's Lair

Dominic: Okay, baby. It's just you and me.


(Airwolf engines start and spin up. Music.)

Onboard Maurice's JetRanger

Hawke: There's a train about 10 miles down there. Is that the one?

Sayes: (laughing) That's the one.

Hawke: Where's the camera ship?

Sayes: (laughing) Where's the camera ship?

Hawke: What's so funny?

Maurice: Mr. Sayes has a very juvenile sense of humor, Mr. Hawke. Drop down 50 feet and fly a heading of 180. Now, Mr. Hawke.

Onboard Airwolf/Hawke's cabin

Archangel: (on radio) Dominic, do you read me?

Dominic: Loud and clear.

Archangel: You didn't report on station.

Dominic: I'm sorry. I didn't know I was still in the military.

Archangel: Do you have them in sight?

Dominic: Negative. But I got the train spotted.

Archangel: They should be there by now.

Dominic: Well, they're not.

Archangel: Are you sure it's the right train?

Meryl: (at Hawke's cabin) did he really call you that?

Onboard Maurice's JetRanger

Sayes: There it is. Right on time.

Sayes: That's your target, Mr. Hawke.

Hawke: If he slows down or speeds up, we'll all be dead.

Maurice: Then let's hope he doesn't.

Onboard a truck

Stoner: (voice on radio) Express One, this is Stoner. You still on schedule?

Truck driver: That's a 10-4. Just entered the Mojave straightaway.

Stoner: I wasn't sure. Our speedometer here shows you're down to 42. You know your alarm goes off at 40 miles an hour.

Truck driver: Something's wrong. My speedometer is reading 55.

Stoner: Probably needs recalibration. I'll tell you what. Why don't you nail it to 60 for the next couple of minutes and hold it steady?

Truck driver: That's a 10-4.

(Jetranger lands on the truck. Sayes holds up drivers with his gun.)

Sayes: Okay, boys.

Hawke's cabin

Archangel: They've got to be there.

Dominic: (on radio) Well, come up here and see for yourseIf.

Meryl: Sir, Stoner isn't with any railroad.

Archangel: Meryl, we've got a slightly larger problem than locating Maurice's inside man.

Meryl: But, sir, he is a dispatcher with Hi-desert Trucking. They ship gold for the government, too.

Onboard Maurice's JetRanger

Vinnie: I got her, Mr. Maurice.

Maurice: Then we no longer need you, Mr. Hawke.

(pistol shots)

Maurice: He's got to be dead.

Vinnie: Don't worry. I can fly her off of here.

Maurice: I'm betting our lives on that, Vinnie.

Onboard Airwolf

Archangel: (on radio) You've got to get there faster.

Dominic: I'm flying her as fast as I can.

(at Hawke's cabin) Archangel: What's your air speed, Dominic?

Meryl: He's not using the turbo thrusters.

Archangel: He can't, he'd never be able to control AirwoIf.

(on Airwolf) Dominic: Oh, what the hell, you only live once.

(Airwolf lands) Hawke: Well, you sure took your sweet time getting here.

Dominic: Sweet time? Ha. You're lucky I got here at all. You were supposed to be robbing a railroad, remember? If Archangel hadn't found out about some guy named Stoner working for Hi-Desert Trucking Company, I'd still be following a train to Bakersfield.

Hawke: Hey, Dom.

Dominic: Yeah?

Hawke: Nice landing.

Dominic: Hmm.

Hawke: Give me full power, both turbos. We got some catching up to do.

Dominic: You got it.

(turbos engage)

Onboard Maurice's JetRanger

Vinnie: That's it, Mr. Maurice. We can't lift off with any more.

Maurice: Vinnie, how much do Sayes and Miller weigh?

Vinnie: About 8 to 10 bars.

Maurice: Let's make it 10.

Onboard Airwolf

Dominic: I got a blip 5 miles ahead.

On the truck

Sayes: Just a few more minutes, guys and you can pull over to the side of the road of the road and throw up if you want to. (laughs)

(JetRanger lifts off) Sayes: Hey! Hey, you can't leave me here!

Maurice: (on the JetRanger) I believe Mr. Sayes had an accident, Vinnie.

At Stoner's office

(speed alarm of the truck goes off)

(door opens)

Marella: Aren't you gonna notify the authorities, Mr. Stoner.

Onboard JetRanger/Airwolf

Vinnie: Two minutes ahead of schedule.

Maurice: Very nice. Very nice, indeed.

(Airwolf roars past)

Vinnie: What the hell was that?

(on Airwolf) Dominic: You want chain guns?

Hawke: No.

(On JetRanger) Maurice: Vinnie!

(Maurice fires a rifle)

Vinnie: He's crazy! He's going to kill us.

Maurice: Do something.

Vinnie Sure, I will. I've had enough.

(On Airwolf) Hawke: Give me the chain guns. Now.

Dominic: Hawke, you can't.

Hawke: Chain guns.

Dominic: You got it.

(Airwolf fires guns)

Maurice: (on the ground) Come on!

Dominic: String, don't do it.

Maurice: (on the ground) No! Please don't! That's enough!

(Airwolf fires a rocket. JetRanger explodes)

Hawke: Michael, I've got Maurice and a friend, packaged and ready for you.

Archangel: (on radio) Good job. Shall I pick 'em up, or will you bring 'em in?

Hawke: We only gift-wrap. We don't deliver.

Hawke's cabin

(sawing wood) Hawke: What's the rush?

Dominic: Too much for you?

Hawke: Supposed to be exercise. We already had the war.

Dominic: Come on, come on, this old man ain't done yet.

Hawke: Did I ever call you that?

Dominic: No, but you made me feel like it.

Hawke: Now, Dom, you made yourseIf feel like that.

Dominic: Uh? What, are you quitting on me?

Hawke: Maybe.

Dominic: And maybe not. (laughing)

Hawke: You know, Dominic, you've always been younger than me.