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(File A56-7W briefing)

Sayes: Hold that truck at 60! That idiot is going to run out of road. Vinnie, you're running out of time.

(chopper crashes)

Sayes: Vinnie. Vinnie, are you all right?

(background voices: He dropped right here. Come on, guys, let's go see if he's all right.)

Sayes: Hey! Hey! Vinnie, you all right? Vinnie!

Vinnie: Yeah. At least I'm in one piece. This thing can't be done.

Sayes: Come on. Help him out. Come on.

Maurice: Hello, Simon. I see you have succeeded in failing again.

Sayes: I'm sorry, Mr. Maurice, but I don't really think that stunt can be done.

Maurice: The script was approved and budgeted. You agreed to it, Simon. There'll be no changes.

Sayes: Vinnie is one of the best pilots in the business. He did the flying in the Green Cloudburst film.

Maurice: Who's the best, Simon?

Sayes: Santini Air, but that won't be easy.

Maurice: I'll only deal with legitimate organizations.

Sayes: Well, they're legitimate, all right. It's, uh, just that they're a lot more expensive.

Maurice: Mr. Sayes, I discovered you at the bottom of the barrel of used-to-be directors. I've given you the opportunity to become a wealthy man if this film is successful. Do not pinch pennies on my behaIf or yours. Now, do you understand?

Sayes: I think so.

Maurice: No, don't think, Sayes. Just listen and do.

Sayes: Yes, sir.

Hawke's cabin

(eagle screeching)

Dominic: What have you got against rich?

Hawke: I don't know. I never did it.

Dominic: Ah, "Rich" ain't an "it," it's an "is."

Hawke: That's lousy English.

Dominic: Well, I'm talking money, not pronunciation.

Hawke: I don't need any right now.

Dominic: Ah, ah, but I do.

(classical music)

Hawke: So I'm supposed to land on a truck going 60 miles an hour?

Dominic: No. I'm going to. I need you to work ground control.

Hawke: You want me to work ground?

Dominic: Yeah, you. Why, what's the matter?

Hawke: Nothing, Dom. Is the money really all that important?

Dominic: What are you trying to say? Come on, spit it out, String. You're chewing on something and not swallowing.

Hawke: I don't think you ought to do this stunt.

Dominic: What, are you saying I can't do it? You think I'm washed up?

Hawke: Dom, I can't run the 100 in 10 seconds anymore. And I can't stay up for three days and bounce back with four hours' sleep. And sometimes, when it's real damp and cold, the man-made cracks in these bones of mine ache like hell. I try to remember that when I take one of these jobs.

Dominic: Well, maybe you're the one that's getting old. But I'm not ready to retire yet. I'm flying this stunt with or without you.

Saye's Office

Maurice: Stringfellow Hawke? Is the name for real?

Dominic: It's for real. Only he won't be doing the flying. I will.

Maurice: Oh. Great stuff, huh? I just might consider investing in an orchard. Hey, Simon?

Maurice: Gentlemen. To the test run late this afternoon.

Dominic: There'll be no test run.

Maurice: I believe I'm covering the cost of the test in the overall deal.

Maurice: Look, Mr. Santini, I just want to make sure that you can do it, that's all.

Dominic: Oh, I'm sure. Because I'm not planning on killing myself.

Maurice: Well, then why not do the practice run just to satisfy me?

Dominic: Mister, I've got 30 years of practicing under my belt. I don't think I need any more. Besides, it's gonna take me a couple of days just to rig the helicopter, do some figuring on the weights. And he said there wasn't much time.

Sayes: From what I hear, this, uh, this Stringfellow Hawke does most of the flying.

Dominic: I'm Santini Air. I decide who flies my equipment, or who uses my equipment. I'll deliver, or you don't have to pay a red cent.

Maurice: Without this stunt my film doesn't work. Are you willing to pick up the cost if you fail?

Dominic: Yeah.

Maurice: You could lose your whole business.

Dominic: It's my business to lose, isn't it?

Maurice: Mr. Santini, you've got yourseIf a deal. Welcome aboard.

Maurice: Oh, by the way, Mr. Sayes will handle everything.

Dominic: Gentlemen.

Sayes: What if he doesn't pull it off?

Maurice: The man is betting everything he owns on his ability.

Sayes: He could still be wrong.

Maurice: I know. That's why I want you to contact this, uh Stringfellow. Whatever.

In a car on the street

Maurice: Good morning, Edward.

Stoner: Morning. I can't drink coffee anymore. Gets my nerves raggedy.

Maurice: I know that. Take it. It's orange juice.

Stoner: You know, if I didn't know you better, Mr. Maurice, I'd swear my mother sent you. God rest her soul.

Maurice: What do you say we hold the services for later, all right?

Stoner: Sorry, Mr. Maurice. I'm just a little nervous.

Maurice: I think this should calm you down.

Stoner: I--I won't be able to have the final schedule until tomorrow.

Maurice: Tomorrow will be fine.

Stoner: What if I'm not on duty?

Maurice: Make sure you're there.

Stoner: Yeah, but you see, it doesn't work that way, Mr. Maurice.

Maurice: Mr. Stoner, you telling me that you might be unable to deliver?

Stoner: No. No. I'll come through.

Maurice: I'm sure you will.

Stoner: You don't have to worry about me, Mr. Maurice.

Maurice: I have to worry about everything, Ed. You only have to worry about your health.

In a restaurant

Hawke: You seem to have gone to an awful lot of trouble contacting me by radio just to see if Dominic Santini can fly.

Maurice: Well, I know he can fly, Mr. Hawke, but can he do it as well as you?

Hawke: He taught me.

Maurice: How long ago?

Hawke: Dominic is one of the best chopper pilots in the business.

Sayes: (laughs) I hear that you're the best.

Maurice: Mr. Santini has given us a completion guarantee that will either make him a great deal of money or lose him his business.

Maurice: What's important is that if he fails, my film fails.

Hawke: What's important is that if he fails, he could lose his life.

Maurice; Yes. It would be a shame. Naturally. And apparently, it concerns you as much as it does me.

Hawke: The only thing that seems to concern you is your film.

Maurice: Well, I believe we can satisfy all our purposes if you fly the stunt for me.

Hawke: It's Dominic's company. I can't tell him what to do.

Maurice: What is it? The money? I'm sure I can sway your thinking.

Hawke: It's not the money.

Maurice: Of course. I'm sure you'd like to keep him hale and hearty.

Maurice: Here's my offer. I'll disregard the completion guarantee if you'll fly the stunt sequence. And, win or lose, your friend Mr. Santini gets the best of it. His health and a sizable profit.

Hawke: I can't tell Dominic what to do. He's his own man.

Maurice: Think about it. But I want an answer by tomorrow noon.

Hawke: I can give you one right now. There's no way that I'm going to undercut Dominic.

Maurice: Even if you could save his life?

Santini Air

Hawke: You know, junk food will kill you.

Dominic: What, you think my stomach's too old to take it? You're going to tell me how to eat now, too?

Hawke: I didn't mean it like that. I was just kidding.

Dominic: Some things aren't funny.

Hawke: Sorry, Dom.

Dominic: Okay. Accepted. What are you doing here at this hour?

Hawke: I changed my mind.

Dominic: About what? The stunt?

Hawke: Yeah. I'd like to do it with you.

Dominic: Ahhh, I knew you'd come around. Now, now, String, this stunt is not as tough as it seems. All we need is a quarter-mile of straight road and for the truck to go a steady 60, right? Now, I'll make a flying approach lined up on the road. The critical part is the last 6 inches. You'll call them up from the camera ship. Huh? Once I touch down, we're rich. What's the matter? Oh. Oh, I forgot. You don't know from rich, huh?

Hawke: Dom, I meant I'd fly the stunt for you. Hey, come on, Dom, why are you being so stubborn?

Domnic: Because I'm not an old man ready for the rocking chair! I'm a pilot and a good one.

Dominic: I taught you, remember?

Hawke: Yeah. You taught me how to survive, too.

Dominic: Evidently, I didn't teach you well enough. Because you're still standing there.

Hawke: Hey, Dom....

Dominic: I mean it, String!

Hawke's cabin

Archangel: I was on my way to an international conference on terrorism and you get me here for this?

Hawke: Dominic means a lot more to me than a "this".

Archangel: Okay. Grounding his entire operation just so that he won't fly a stunt could be considered overkill.

Hawke: Yeah, and if he crashes, you call it underkill?

Archangel: You sure you're not being overprotective?

Hawke: No. Listen, at his age, his reflexes have slowed enough that a stunt like this just could kill him.

Archangel: I could get the FAA to pull his license.

Hawke: That would kill him a whole lot quicker.

Archangel: Do you want my help or don't you?

Hawke: Yeah, I want your help, but not by pulling his ticket. There's got to be some other way.

Archangel: You sure don't make it easy.

Hawke: Well, that's why I called for the best.

Archangel: Please, Hawke, don't try flattery. You do it so badly. Maybe, maybe I could get the State to pull the film permit just long enough for Dominic to calm down.

Hawke: That's a good idea. Thanks.

Archangel: Don't be grateful until you find out what it's gonna cost you.

Hawke: What is it going to cost me?

Archangel: I'll think of something. What's the name of that production company?

Hawke: Bear Trap Productions. Some guy named Philip Maurice. What's the matter?

Archangel: Why don't you fly this stunt?

Hawke: I told you: Dominic won't let me.

Archangel: It's the production company's decision, not Dominic's.

Hawke: If I fly it, I'd lose a friend.

Archangel: You'd be saving his life.

Hawke: You said you'd help. Now you're crawfishing on me. How come?

Archangel: Oh.... Philip Maurice. He's one of those brilliant minds that has the ability to function totally without conscience in a deadly manner. He masterminded a raid on a diamond mine in South Africa. Hijacked uranium from a defense plant in England. He stole a MiG-21 from Red China. You name it, Mr. Maurice has done it.

Hawke: Then every law enforcement agency in the world ought to be after him. Why don't you just grab him and save us both a problem?

Archangel: It's not that simple. What he's done and what he can be charged with are two different things.

Hawke: Michael, there's something you're not telling me.

Archangel: 1978. He offered a KGB decoder to the highest bidder.

Hawke: I take it that wasn't you.

Archangel: No, the Russians bought it back.

Hawke: You got outbid, eh?

Archangel: You remember Sonia?

Hawke: No.

Archangel: She'd only been with me about a year when she went to East Berlin to bid on that decoder. When the Russians picked it up, they also got her. I can't prove that Maurice turned her over to them, but I know he did. Just as sure as I know the sun will rise in the morning.

Archangel: I want him, Hawke. And this movie he's making is probably a front for something I can nail him on.

Hawke: You know what you're asking me?

Archangel: If her name were Gabrielle instead of Sonia, what would you do then?

Hawke: I'll let you know.