Airwolf Wiki

At an outdoor concert venue

(UPBEAT COUNTRY MUSIC PLAYING) ROXY: (SINGING) Well, it came out of the sky/ landed just a little south of Moline/ Jodi fell out of the tractor/ Couldn't believe what he'd seen./ Landed on the ground and shook/ Fearing for his life/ Then he ran all the way to town/ Screaming, it came out of the sky....

NICK: And cue to space man.

DOMINIC.: Ground control has taken over. It's lowering its way.

HAWKE: All right, Dom. You're right on the mark.

DOMINIC: Hey, hey, hey. All the way. From Pluto to Pasadena, we always hit our mark.

ROXY: Well, a crowd gathered 'round/ And the scientist said it was Martians/ City council came/ And made a speech about building a monument/ Preacher man said the Devil had come/ Hollywood rushed out an epic film/ Boys down at the mill said it was a Communist plot.

CAITLIN.: Look at that thing, String. It's incredible.

HAWKE: Out of this world.

CAITLIN: Look, swing around to starboard. I'll get a better angle.

CAITLIN: Yeah, this is just the shot Mr. Desoto wants.

RUSTY: No! Not that one, Rox.


HAWKE: Hey, Dom, something's wrong. Get some altitude so we can see what's going on.

DOMINIC: You got it.

NICK: Roxy. Get somebody over here. Hey, you okay? You hurt?

ROXY: What happened?

NICK: You all right?

RUSTY: I'll tell you what happened. You used the mike stand instead of the rubber wand.

ROXY: Wand?

RUSTY: Yeah, the rubber wand. The UFO picks up an electrostatic charge from the chopper blades, remember? You grounded yourself with the mike stand.

NICK: Okay, okay, okay.

RUSTY: Look, how many times do we have to rehearse this?

NICK: That's why we do rehearsals. We'll do it one more time. She'll get it...

ROXY: Nick, I'm going back to the hotel.

NICK: Wait a minute, wait a minute. Let's just finish it. Do the rehearsal...

ROXY: You finish it, Nick. And tell this toadie-roadie to get it straight, otherwise, I'm not doing the concert.

RUSTY: Oh, absolutely, Miss Roxy. I'll be glad to change the laws of physics for you. You just say the word!

NICK: Don't talk to her like that! Now she's a superstar. You respect her. Come on.

AIR TRAFFIC CONTROLLER: Santini, come in. Pick up Miss Roxy and take her back to the hotel.

DOMINIC: You pick her up, String. Cate and me will go back to the hangar.

HAWKE: With pleasure.

ROXY: Nick, I know he told me to use the wand. It's just that I was so....

NICK: You were tired. You were tired. I understand. But you're a pro. You'll come through. You always have.

ROXY: I know. But sometimes I wonder who I'm doing these shows for. Am I doing it for them, for me, for you, for your 20%?

NICK: Don't take shots at me, Roxy. That 20% don't make up for losing you. And I'd give it back in a minute. Stay with me tonight.

ROXY: Oh, Nick, please don't start that again.


NICK: What do you want?

HAWKE: I'm standing by to take her back to her hotel if you're done with your rehearsal.

NICK: Okay. Take Roxy back to the hotel. Take it easy. Special handling, all right? And this time, will you stay up in the sky until I tell you to come down like nice flyboys, okay?

HAWKE: Yeah. That's what us flyboys do best.

ROXY: I'll be ready to go in a minute.

HAWKE: I'll wait for you outside.

Onboard a Jetranger


HAWKE: Are you all set?

ROXY: What's that in the back? Is that a camera?

HAWKE: Yeah. We're going to shoot some footage for the concert.

ROXY: Gonna make me look good?


HAWKE: Wouldn't have to do much to make you look good.

ROXY: Thank you.

HAWKE: I saw your concert last year. You looked good even from the last row.

ROXY: What were you doing in the last row?

HAWKE: Don't even ask. The thing was a sell-out, so I had to buy some scalper's tickets.


HAWKE: Cost me, but I just had to hear you sing Curse of Love.

ROXY: That old thing? It's the first thing Nick and I ever did. I was 18.

HAWKE: Yeah? Are you going to record another album soon?

ROXY: I will if I stay with Nick Desoto. He's got to be on the charts all the time.

HAWKE: Hey, listen, I'm sorry if I interrupted anything personal.

ROXY: Oh, no, no. You didn't. Nick and I have that discussion about eight or nine times a week. You see, we're divorced, but both of our names are on the business contract so it's just like we're married. It gets pretty confusing, and I know it's got to change, but that's the Curse of Love.


ROXY: Hi. How ya'll doing?

ROXY: Hawke, how did they get up here?

HAWKE: Come on, I'll help you out.

HAWKE: Excuse us please. Come on, guys, let the lady through. Excuse me.

Roxy's room

ROXY; Come on in, Hawke. These aren't bad, as far as hotels go. And believe me, I know a lot about hotels.

HAWKE: Where do you live?

ROXY: Hotels. I'm sorry. Make yourself a drink if you want one.

ROXY: Two more weeks.

HAWKE: Two more weeks, and then what?

ROXY: Well, then the tour is over. The recording sessions are done and then it's Roxy's time to play.

HAWKE: Play. What's your favorite game?

ROXY: It's called superstar in Paris. I shop, go to the clubs, stay up late and do anything I want.

HAWKE: And live in hotels.

ROXY: Yeah.

ROXY: And what do you do, Mr. Hawke? I mean, to relax.

HAWKE: I've got a little cabin up in the mountains. I'm going up there tomorrow.

ROXY: What are you, some kind of hermit?

HAWKE: No, I've got a couple of friends going with me. I'll be back in time for your technical rehearsal. And I was thinking.... Well, it is a four-place chopper.


ROXY: Hello. Yes. I'll tell him.

HAWKE: I know. They want me to get my machine off the roof, huh?

ROXY: Uh-huh.

HAWKE: Just kind of lost track of time. I'll see you in a couple of days, huh?

ROXY: Maybe. Maybe sooner.

Back at the concert venue

RUSTY: Look, I don't know what to tell you, pal. He's not here.

ENFORCER: It's not worth breaking you in half to find out. Just remind Desoto about his weekend in Vegas. He lost. And he owes.

TECHNICIAN OVER SPEAKERS: 1,2,3. Can you hear that okay?

RUSTY: Those guys don't scare me.

NICK: Not your hide they're after.

RUSTY: 100,000? Easy off the next album's budget.

NICK: Rusty, she's flaking out on us. She may not do the album or anymore shows.

RUSTY: Well, then you've got to get control of her again, Nick.

NICK: I know that. I've been trying everything I can think. Nothing works. I've got to talk to her.


NICK: Look at me. I'm less worried about getting my legs broke than losing her.

RUSTY: Nick, suppose I could guarantee her co-operation, at least as far as finishing the tour?

NICK: How?

RUSTY: Just something I saw on television. It might work.

NICK: Try it.

Next morning, Nick's office

NICK: What? Are you sure? I can't believe it!

RUSTY: Nick.

NICK: Rusty, she split. She flew off to the woods with those jerks from Santini Air. I mean, I can't believe she would do that to me.

RUSTY: It doesn't matter. It's okay. It's gonna work out. Watch. Come on in.

NICK: Amazing.

RUSTY: And the audience will never know.

NICK: Might work.

NICK: You remind me of someone I used to need.

Hawke's cabin

ROXY: Boy, when you said mountains you weren't kidding, were you?

HAWKE: No. It's worth it, coming up here. I saw a pregnant doe when I was here last week. It might have foaled by now.

ROXY: When are we going to see something?

HAWKE: Well, sometimes we come up here and we don't see anything at all. Are you bored?

ROXY: I don't know what I am. It's the first time in five years that I've been away from Nick. Boy, you wouldn't catch him doing something like this. Everything he does is fast and furious.

HAWKE: Yeah, well, you can't keep a pace like that up forever.

ROXY: Try telling Nick that.

HAWKE: Have you ever tried telling Nick that?

ROXY: We climbed to the top together. It's hard to forget that. Even when the love is gone.



ROXY: You were right.

CAITLIN: Anybody else want some more of this coffee?

ROXY: No, thanks. That was the best meal I've ever had.

DOMINIC: Well, you see, the fresh air titillates the taste buds. Especially with fresh caught fish.

CAITLIN: Not to mention my skill with the cast iron skillet.

DOMINIC: Ho, ho, ho. Let's not forget.


ROXY: Silence. It's a pretty strange sound.

HAWKE: That's how you tell good friends. When you can be quiet together.

ROXY: I keep hearing the echo of cheering fans.

HAWKE: A couple of weeks out of the city, you can hear the crickets.

ROXY: Might take a lot longer in my case. I've got a lot of noise to forget.

DOMINIC: Oh, well, I've had it. Good night.

CAITLIN: Yeah, me, too. Listen, you guys bring in the coffee pot.

ROXY: Good night.

HAWKE: Hasta la noche.

ROXY: This is so beautiful. Where have I been all my life? Where have you been?

HAWKE: Back in the last row, scalping tickets.

ROXY: Hawke, I'm not going back there. Nick is through.

HAWKE: What are you going to do about your last concert?

ROXY: Let the scalpers take the loss.

Nick's office


NICK: See you later.

RUSTY: Nick Desoto, Mickey, Sal. I've used them before. They're good.

NICK: Did you explain the job?

SAL: If you give the word, we'll detain the lady for you.

NICK: I don't want her hurt, and it's got to be done discretely.

MICKEY: Discrete is the only way we do kidnapping, mister, seeing as how it's a felony.

NICK: It may never come to that, but this, this is standby money.

At a restaurant


ROXY: That was wonderful. I've never seen so much open country before.

HAWKE: Get ready for some of the best soul food home cooking you've ever had.

TRUCKER 1: That's Roxanne Marvel. Yeah, I'm telling you. That's Roxanne Marvel. I'm gonna go... I'm gonna go check it out.

ROXY: Hawke, I don't want a mob scene. Can we get out of here?

TRUCKER 1: Roxanne Marvel. I knew it. I knew it.

ROXY: That's right. How you doing?

TRUCKER 1: How am I doing? You kidding me? With Roxy Marvel in my favorite little honky-tonk?

TRUCKER 1: Hey, girl, you ever dance a two-step with a real mountain man?

ROXY: No, I don't think....

TRUCKER 1: Come on, come on with me.

HAWKE: Don't you think you're just being a little rude with the lady?

TRUCKER 1: I think you're making a big mistake.

HAWKE: Look it, cowboy, I don't want any trouble with you.


ROXY: (SOBBING) Stop. Please, stop, stop.

TRUCKER 2: I'm sorry about my friend. He's drunk. He should've known better.

HAWKE: Look. You see? You are respected and you're admired.

ROXY: They want a piece of me. Everybody wants a piece of me.

HAWKE: You give them a piece of you every time you sing a song. Roxanne, it's your life, but you have a different kind of life. You have a professional and a personal life, and they have to be separated. It's in your blood, isn't it? Singing.

ROXY: I know it's in my blood. Singing is my first love. But I'm just burned out from overdoing it, from having Nick push me too hard.

HAWKE: Like I said, it's your life. If it were me, I'd finish the tour, and I'd fire Desoto. Of course, you're always welcome to come back up to the cabin and stay as long as you want. But you have to go out like a pro.

At the concert venue


CAITLIN: Hey, Dom, it looks like they're going to start the technical rehearsal.

DOMINIC: Holy cats! We better hightail it back to the hangar and pick up that other camera. They want film of all the rehearsals. I forgot it was at 2:00 today. Come on, String, let's go.

HAWKE: Yeah.


Nick's office

ROXY: Nick?

SALLY: Hello, Ms. Marvel.

NICK: Sally, would you wait outside for a moment please?

SALLY: Okay.

ROXY: Nick, what the hell is going on here?

NICK: Won't you ever learn to knock?

ROXY: Nick?

Outside at the concert venue

NICK: Okay. Watch your step. Watch the wires. Would you get ready for some playback for me, Rusty? Yeah, yeah. Out of the Sky, all right? Here's your microphone, sweetheart, right there... Oh, don't hold it by the antenna.

NICK: Hold it right here. Hey, Rusty, let's have some playback. Okay?

SALLY: Okay.

RUSTY: Playback coming up.


NICK: Okay, back up. That's it. Here we go!

NICK: That's it. Just a little bit. Just be comfortable. Just move the way you want to. That's it! Just make sure you keep the microphone in front of your lips all the time. That way if you don't know the words, they won't know the difference. Go!

NICK: You have to keep it in front of your mouth.

TAPE PLAYBACK: ....Moline.....

NICK: That's it, big smile! That's right.

NICK: That's it, now. Cover your mouth.

SALLY: I don't know if this is going to work.

NICK: You're doing great. You're doing great. Believe me.

NICK: Do that. That's it. That's it. You're going to be great!

DOMINIC: All right, Cate, stand by. We're coming in to position.

CAITLIN: Okay. Drop down 100 feet, String, so I can get a lower angle.

DOMINIC: All right, make your run.

HAWKE: Start your camera rolling.

HAWKE: We can't fly over the crowd. I'll swing around the other side.

CAITLIN: Hold her steady, String.

DOMINIC: Stay on the stage area, Cate.

CAITLIN: Great. She really shines down there.

CAITLIN: Oh, wait.

HAWKE: I say zoom in at the end of the verse. Cut to the musicians.


CAITLIN: Okay, yeah, I think we got it.



NICK: Hey, you're going to be great. Take a bow for your millions of fans. Big bow. Keep your face up. That's it. Big bow! All right, Roxy! Come on.

Santini Air

HAWKE: Okay, go ahead and roll that thing, Dom. Let's have a look at these test shots.

HAWKE: We're going to have to watch our f-stop when we're filming tonight or we'll end up underexposed.

DOMINIC: Hey, not bad, huh?

HAWKE: Yeah, that's fine. It'll work real good.

DOMINIC: Hey, good stuff, Cate. It's gonna make a great video.

CAITLIN: You know, she's really very photogenic.

CAITLIN: What was... Hawke, I think I saw something.

HAWKE: Hey, Dom, roll it back.

DOMINIC: Hey, look at those two guys.

CAITLIN: Yeah, what are they doing?

HAWKE: Looks like they're hassling somebody.

HAWKE: Freeze the frame.

CAITLIN: You know, Dom, I must have taken this when I leaned back on the camera to talk to you.

HAWKE: Can anybody make out that license number?

CAITLIN: That's Roxanne! They kidnapped Roxanne!

DOMINIC: Oh, they couldn't have. She was on the stage all the time.

Concert venue, Roxy's cabin


SALLY: Who is it?

HAWKE: It's Hawke.

SALLY: Here you go.

HAWKE: Well... Well, it's like I told you before, I'm not after an autograph.

SALLY: Look, you're all dolls and I love you, but I got a show to do, okay? Hey.

HAWKE: Listen, I'd just like to know if Desoto's giving you trouble or not.

SALLY: You want me to call security?

HAWKE: I guess she's still got the sound of those cheering fans ringing in her ears.

RUSTY: Hey, what are you people doing back here?

HAWKE: We came to see Roxanne.

RUSTY: I'm sorry, nobody backstage. Mr. Desoto's orders.

HAWKE: Yeah, you know, I'd like to talk to Mr. Desoto.

RUSTY: Do you understand English? Nobody backstage.

DOMINIC: Come on, String, it's not worth it. Come on, come on.

Nick's office

NICK: You can't be serious. It was 100,000, not 125,000.

ENFORCER: That is the problem with borrowing from our institution, Nicky, the interest rates float.

NICK: Well, I'll need some more time.

ENFORCER: Look, the way we figure it, you got only one asset. And the word is getting out that you are losing control of her. You fix it so that one asset stays put. Either that, or liquidate it.

NICK: Liquidate it? What the hell are you talking about?

ENFORCER: Hey, you are the man with a dozen hits. You figure it out.

NICK: How did those guys get in? Where have you been?

RUSTY: Those guys from Santini Air have been snooping around.

NICK: Damn!

RUSTY: Hey, I told you. I got a chopper license. I should be flying that UFO.

NICK: Who's going to film the concert?

RUSTY: I don't know.

NICK: Videos are important to album sales. We got to stick with Santini now.

NICK: Those guys just walk right on in here. We got to have some kind of protection around here.

RUSTY: Mickey and Sal got a little sideline going.

NICK: Mickey and Sal?

RUSTY: Arms for the serious investor, if you know what I mean.

NICK: What kind of stuff?

RUSTY: Heavy enough to bring down a chopper, if it comes to that.

Onboard Airwolf


DOMINIC: I'll admit there's something fishy back there, but I don't see what you hope to find out there in the desert.

HAWKE: It looks like the limo was headed toward Barstow.

DOMINIC: There's been nothing but high winds and sandstorms out here for the last week. You won't find anything.

HAWKE: Let's kick in that matrix scanner.

DOMINIC: Coming on.

HAWKE: Is that going to work?

DOMINIC: Hey, if the space shuttle can spot 1,000-year old river beds using this technique, we ought to be able to... Bingo! There's a cluster of old miner's shacks.

HAWKE: A mill settlement? The last miner pulled out of there 30 years ago.

DOMINIC: You probably couldn't even find a lizard moving down there right now.

HAWKE: I've got an abandoned vehicle down there, Dom.

DOMINIC: Hey, it's an old Lasalle. My uncle had one just like that before the war.

HAWKE: Which war?


HAWKE: We're coming up on that DC-3.

DOMINIC: Boy, what a haul that would make for an old desert rat.

DOMINIC: Me and my big mouth. There it is.


DOMINIC: Hey, it's got the same license number.

HAWKE: Yeah, but where's Roxanne? There's no tracks leading away from that limo. They could be anywhere in any direction.

In a house somewhere

MICKEY: You want something to drink, honey?

MICKEY: We're going to be spending a lot of time together.

SAL: Come on, honey.


SAL: Hey, don't do that! We just want to party with the famous star.

MICKEY: Yeah. We even got one of your records here. Let's give it a spin. See what it sounds like.



SAL: Your biggest fan is here to see you.

NICK: Give me a minute.

ROXY: My biggest fan.

NICK: I am. I always have been. How many ways can I tell you, Roxy? I still...

ROXY: You still love me? You just had me kidnapped!

NICK: Listen, damn it! For one time, just listen. We can go back. It's not too late. It can all be like it was in those first years, Roxy.

ROXY: I still care about you. But I just want out.

NICK: If you cared about me, you wouldn't just leave me flat like this!

ROXY: Nick Desoto will never be flat. You'll rebound. You made me and you can do it again. With another Roxanne Marvel, a better one!

NICK: I won't rebound, Rox. I'm broke. And I owe gambling debts.

ROXY: Maybe I can help you out.

NICK: I don't want your damn charity! I just want a share in what's mine!

ROXY: You do share, Nick! 20% of everything goes to you. It's not my fault if you gambled it away.

NICK: 20% of the old songs is 20% of nothing.

ROXY: They're hits!

NICK: They're oldies. Oldies!


ROXY: All right, I'll tell you what I'll do. I'll slit my wrists. I'll fo off to country heaven with Elvis and Hank and then your 20% will be gone!

NICK: Shut up!


NICK: Sal, Mickey! Get in here, you guys!

NICK: Did you see her?

MICKEY: What are you talking about? She was with you.

NICK: She must have gone out back.

NICK: I don't want to see her again!

Onboard Airwolf

DOMINIC: I've picked up a mobile telephone on VHF.

HAWKE: Dom, let's check it out.

NICK: (ON PHONE) Rusty, I just said goodbye to my ex-wife. We got a whole new plan.

RUSTY: I got the firepower if those Vegas creeps coming around.

NICK: Forget them. They're as good as paid off.

HAWKE: It came in over a dirt road.

DOMINIC: Yeah, but, look. It breaks up and goes all over the canyon.

HAWKE: Well, the heat source from his car engine says it was that one right there.

The Rescue of Roxy



DOMINIC: We got gunfire bearing 0-8-5.

HAWKE: Combat mode.

DOMINIC: Combat mode.






ROXY: He tried to kill me. He thought if I died, that my recordings would become classics.

HAWKE: You know, you've got a double back at the concert. Dead ringer for you.

ROXY: Yeah, I saw her.

HAWKE: If you die in public, it would be an even bigger splash.

At the concert venue



MAN ON P.A. SYSTEM.: Ladies and gentlemen, your attention please. No one is allowed to use flash cameras, video recording devices or any audio recording devices.

RUSTY: The guys from Santini Air never showed.

NICK: Just as well. We don't need any stray film of the accident. You fly the copter. I'll be there with you. I'll run the cable. I only trusted myself with my ex-wife's safety and look what happened. Ha! Tragic.

NICK: Oh! Honey, tonight you are the star.

SALLY: Well, I'll try to do my best.

CAITLIN: Hey. You can't just take over. My boss leased that chopper.

RUSTY: Yeah, and my boss is his boss so pack it up and go home, lady.

CAITLIN: No way. It's a tricky stunt, and I'm gonna do it.


At Roxy's hotel

ROXY: Don't go too far away.

HAWKE: No, we'll be real close by. You call security and you stay in your room.

ROXY: Hello, security, this is Roxanne Marvel, I.... I need an escort to the concert.

At the concert venue and above it

DOMINIC: We're approaching the concert.

DOMINIC: Hey, but who's flying the UFO?

HAWKE: It's gotta be Caitlin. Caitlin, this is Hawke. I'm about a mile east of the concert area. You copy? Caitlin?

RUSTY: Hey, that's Hawke and Santini. They're nearby, man.

NICK: Forget them. We're almost up to the cue.



(TAPED SINGING): Well, it came out of the sky/ Landed just a little south of Moline/ Jodi fell out of the tractor....

CAITLIN: Hawke! Hawke, this is Caitlin. I'm on the stage manager's channel.

DOMINIC: String, I've got Caitlin on a walkie-talkie.

HAWKE: Caitlin, we got you. We're in the lady.

CAITLIN: Hawke! Crawford's in the chopper. Desoto's up to something.

(TAPED SINGING): Screaming, it came out of the sky./ Well, a crowd gathered 'round....

NICK: Farewell to a legend.

(TAPED SINGING): City council came And made a speech about building a monument/Preacher man...


DOMINIC: I've got his remote frequency.

HAWKE: Jam it.



HAWKE: Bring it down, Desoto. Gently.

RUSTY: Nick, it's not going to work. Come on, let's get out of here!



NICK: Okay, let's go. Come on.



ROXY: (SINGING) Well, it came out of the sky/ Landed just a little south of Moline

NICK: Back off, Hawke. I'll cut this cable. I'll drop this thing right in the middle of a shopping center.

DOMINIC: That snake. He'd do it, too.

HAWKE: Dom, we've got to cut that saucer loose. It's full of explosives.

DOMINIC: Hey, wait! lf we do it now, we'll take out a whole city block.

RUSTY: Nick, the box!

NICK: No! What is this stuff?

RUSY: Hey, you told me to get some heavy artillery, man.

NICK: You're out of your mind?

RUSTY: Hey, we're out of time. Blow them out of the sky.


HAWKE: Listen, Dom, we've got to do something. Every one of those rockets is doing damage below.

DOMINIC: But there's no place to take them out. It's all city as far as the eye can see.

DOMINIC: Wait! Straight ahead. There's a big city park. No heat sources, with air speed....


DOMINIC: Hold her steady, String.

HAWKE: How far to that park, Dom?

DOMINIC: Steady. Steady. Now!


ROXY: (SINGING) Landed on the ground and shook/Fearing for his life/Then he ran all the way to town/Screaming, it came out of the sky!


ROXY: Thank you. Thank you. I love you all. It's great to be here, and I'll be back!