P. J. Soles

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P. J. Soles was born Pamela Jayne Hardon in Frankfurt, Germany. Her mother was American while her father was a Dutch insurance executive. Growing up, P. J. moved around various countries as her family followed his father's postings while working for an international insurance company. She took up acting at the age of 17 in 1967.

Her significant appearances include Carrie, Halloween, and Rock and Roll High School. She would appear in a military uniform twice before Airwolf, in Private Benjamin and Stripes so one should not have been surprised to see her again in uniform in the Airwolf episode HX-1.

After her appearance on Airwolf, she would have the chance to star alongside Jan-Michael Vincent again in the science fiction thriller movie Alienator (1990). She continues to be active in various acting roles.[1]


HX-1 (episode)

Character Played

In HX-1, P. J. Soles played the part of Ellie, Saint John's girl friend while they were in Vietnam. Hawke has a number of flash backs involving her and his brother. He later visits her to catch up and seek clues as to the whereabouts of his brother and his old squadron mates.


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