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Peter MacGregor Moore is a character who makes a one-time appearance in the Season 1 episode titled "Echoes From The Past".


Peter MacGregor Moore is an English mercenary who, according to Marella, offers his service to anyone with ready cash regardless of their politics. At the beginning of the episode, he flies a Stearman over Hawke's cabin telling him he has news about Saint John Hawke and wants to meet.

Hawke flies a chopper to the rendezvous and Moore passes a photo over. Talk costs money he says, and he wants a $1000 for his expenses. Hawke agrees. The photo shows a POW camp in North Vietnam and he adds a lot of detail to prove to Hawke the information is genuine.

Unknown to Hawke, Moore is working in the pay of a group of East German agents who are after Airwolf. It turns out that Moore has coated the photo with a chemical which makes Hawke pass out shortly after taking off in his chopper.

Hawke thinks he has crashed but in reality Moore had rigged Hawke's chopper to land it safely by remote control. Hawke is then taken to hospital where the East German agents pose as hospital staff and trick Airwolf's location out of Hawke.

Moore then serves as the pilot for the East German gang, flying a C-130 Hercules to the Valley of the Gods and then forcing Hawke to fly Airwolf out of the lair and load it into the transport. The C-130 then takes off heading for Libya. Once clear of US territorial airspace, it links up with a fighter escort provided by Cuba. Moore thinks he has succeeded but Dominic had hidden in Airwolf and together with Hawke, they get Airwolf extracted from the cargo hold by means of a drogue chute. Airwolf goes straight into a dogfight with the Cuban MiGs. In the ensuing tangle, Hawke leads a missile launched by a MiG straight into the C-130, killing Moore and the rest of the East German gang.

Portrayed By

Peter MacGregor Moore is played by Michael Halsey,[1] who will later play Dunkirk, a fairly similar character in Season 2's HX-1 (episode).